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83 Possible Causes for Acute Subdural Hematoma, High Fever

  • Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

    The authors experienced a patient showing diffuse SAH caused by traumatic mechanism with acute subdural hematoma (ASDH).[]

  • Meningitis

    An infant presented to our hospital with high fever and irritability, as well as refusal to walk.[] Acute non-traumatic idiopathic spinal subdural hematoma: radiographic findings and surgical results with a literature review.[] Be on the lookout for these signs in you or your family: Stiff neck that sometimes makes it hard to touch your chin to your chest Headache, which can be severe High fever[]

  • Subdural Hematoma

    Increased awareness and high degree of clinical suspicion is needed among clinicians for timely diagnosis of this extremely rare complication of dengue fever.[] Repeat CT showed an acute right subdural hematoma, and he underwent an emergent right decompressive hemicraniectomy.[] BACKGROUND: Delayed acute subdural hematoma (DASH) is a subdural hematoma which is detected later.[]

  • Acute Subdural Hematoma

    Kumar et al. reported 5 case-patients with dengue hemorrhagic fever and intracranial bleeding.[] This study reports a rare patient of a rapid spontaneously resolving acute subdural hematoma.[] The overwhelming majority of cases of acute subdural hematoma in the forensic setting occur as a result of head trauma.[]

  • Dengue Fever

    He just came back home from a travel to Southeast Asia 1 week ago and had presented with chill, high fever (temperature, 39.6 C), arthralgia, myalgia, and skin rash a few[] Acute spontaneous spinal subdural hematoma (SSDH) is extremely rare but should be kept in mind in patients with dengue hemorrhagic fever.[] Dengue fever begins with a sudden high fever, often as high as 105 F (40.5 C), 4 to 7 days after the infection.[]

  • Head Injury

    Drowsiness, high-grade fever, severe headache, left ocular pain with marked periorbital swelling, and paralysis of extraocular eye movements developed.[] Traditional wisdom is that a substantial impact is required to cause an acute subdural hematoma.[] A sudden stop in therapy can result in serious baclofen withdrawal symptoms, such as high fever, changed mental status, muscle stiffness, and in rare cases, may result in[]

  • Atropa Belladonna

    Conditions that belladonna can make worse include: acid reflux fever rapid heartbeat gastrointestinal (GI) tract infections high blood pressure constipation urination problems[] But no cases of acute subdural hematoma resulting from such poisoning have been reported so far.[] WARNINGS: In the presence of a high environmental temperature, heat prostration can occur with belladonna alkaloids (fever and heatstroke due to decreased sweating).[]

  • Traumatic Brain Injury

    […] rigidity, high blood pressure, coma, or death.[] A 67-year-old woman became comatose following evacuation of bilateral acute subdural hematomas with concurrent respiratory failure.[] subdural hematoma (ASDH) who were treated in a single center under a uniform protocol.[]

  • Hypotension

    Call your doctor right away and go to the nearest emergency room if you develop these signs and symptoms: high fever, stiff muscles, movements that you cannot control, confusion[] CASE DESCRIPTION: A 67-year-old woman became comatose following evacuation of bilateral acute subdural hematomas with concurrent respiratory failure.[] Toxic shock syndrome – sudden onset of high fever, severe hypotension, multiorgan failure.[]

  • Cough Headache

    Symptoms associated with this condition include high fever, headache and stiff neck, as well as nausea, confusion and sleepiness.[] Alternative causes of CH include posterior and anterior fossa tumors, Chiari malformation, acute sphenoid sinusitis, intracranial cysts, subdural hematoma, cerebral aneurysms[] The first symptoms are usually a very high fever, shaking, chills, body aches and headaches.[]

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