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109 Possible Causes for Acute Subdural Hematoma, Hyponatremia

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  • Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

    Other complications of SAH include subdural hematoma, left ventricular systolic dysfunction, myocardial infarction, and seizures.[] […] rate of complications in the NPM-SAH group was higher than in the PM-SAH group, including early hydrocephalus, delayed cerebral ischemia, clinical vasospasm, pneumonia, and hyponatremia[] In addition, triple-H therapy may carry significant medical morbidity, including pulmonary edema, myocardial ischemia, hyponatremia, renal medullary washout, indwelling catheter-related[]

  • Craniopharyngioma

    Emergent computed tomography demonstrated a right acute supratentorial subdural hematoma with impending cerebral herniation.[] Reports of severe hyponatremia as a presenting manifestation of a craniopharyngioma and hyponatremia-induced myopathy are rare.[] […] sodium (SNa) 158 mmol/l) caused by free water polyuria (electrolyte-free water clearance, EWC 0.104 ml/s), NT-proBNP 350 pg/ml; 2/ cerebral salt wasting (CSW) onset on day 7, hyponatremia[]

  • Mannitol

    "Improving Clinical Outcomes from Acute Subdural Hematomas with the Emergency Preoperative Administration of High Doses of Mannitol: A Randomized Trial".[] This may cause pulmonary edema, hyponatremia, dilutional metabolic acidosis and hyperkalemia [ 4 ].[] Annu Rev Nutr. 1981;1:437-75. [ PubMed:6821187 ] Cruz J, Minoja G, Okuchi K: Improving clinical outcomes from acute subdural hematomas with the emergency preoperative administration[]

  • Traumatic Brain Injury

    A 67-year-old woman became comatose following evacuation of bilateral acute subdural hematomas with concurrent respiratory failure.[] However, hyponatremia recurred after ipragliflozin withdrawal due to a urinary tract infection.[] Chronic subdural hematomas may require surgical drainage but much less urgently than acute subdural hematomas.[]

  • Gastric Adenocarcinoma

    Dural metastasis from primary gastric adenocarcinoma has been rarely reported, and its prognosis is very poor because it frequently leads to acute subdural hematoma.[] His adrenal, thyroidal, and renal functioning were normal, and the hyponatremia improved following removal of the tumor.[] […] with inappropriate antidiuretic hormone syndrome due to an ectopic antidiuretic hormone-producing advanced gastric adenocarcinoma manifested with overt serum hypo-osmolar hyponatremia[]

  • Cardiac Amyloidosis

    A diagnosis of acute subdural hematoma was made, and an emergency operation with general anesthesia was scheduled.[] A diagnosis of mild dilutional hyponatremia was made, and he was treated with furosemide and fluid restriction. No abnormal cardiac signs were noted at this time.[] Extensive fluid replacement and blood transfusion in cases 2 and 4, and hypervolemia as suggested by dilutional hyponatremia in case 3, might lead to an increase in the myocardial[]

  • Diabetes Insipidus

    subdural hematoma in right temporo- parietal region.[] We present the case of a boy with craniopharyngioma who had hyponatremia due to cerebral salt wasting preoperatively, developed diabetes insipidus (DI) intraoperatively and[] One serious adverse event (desmopressin-induced hyponatremia that resulted in hospitalization) occurred during the water-deprivation test.[]

  • Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus

    Acute subdural hematoma (SDH) is a rare but disastrous complication after lumboperitoneal shunt placement.[] Described is a patient with hydrocephalus and a gait disorder with associated prolonged fever and hyponatremia.[] Shunt malfunction (20%), subdural hematoma (2-17%), seizure (3-11%), shunt infection (3-6%) and intracerebral hematoma (3%) are the most common complications .[]

  • Bleeding Diathesis

    Intracerebral hematoma (ICH) (n 4) and acute subdural hematoma (n 1) were confirmed on radiological investigations.[] Celiac crisis is rare but well known complication of celiac disease presenting with various systemic and metabolic manifestations like hypokalemia, hyponatremia, shock and[] There have been a few reports of hyponatremia and seizures, mostly in children.[]

  • Dialysis Disequilibrium Syndrome

    […] hyponatremia Acute hypoglycemia Acute hypercalcemia Acute hypocalcemia Uremic encephalopathy Cerebrovascular accident (ischemic or hemorrhage) Acute subdural hematoma Malignant[] […] with conventional-dose mannitol in hospitalized patients with ACUTE SUBDURAL HEMATOMA, based on a randomized, controlled trial (n 178).[] These are the same disorders to be ruled out in diagnosing uremic encephalopathy: 3 electrolyte imbalance (water intoxication, hypocalcemia, hyponatremia, hypomagnesemia)[]

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