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242 Possible Causes for Acute Tubular Necrosis, Lactic Acidosis

  • Status Epilepticus

    We present a rare case of pentobarbital infusion causing propylene glycol-induced lactic acidosis, during refractory status epilepticus treatment in a 66-year-old man without[] Aspiration pneumonitis Cardiovascular Arrythmias Tachycardia Hypotension / Hypertension Other Lactic acidosis Rhabdomyolysis Hyperglycaemia Hypoglycaemia Management Benzodiazepines[] Treatment may also be needed for cardiac dysrhythmia, lactic acidosis (if severe), rhabdomyolysis, or cerebral oedema (in late status).[]

  • Acute Liver Failure

    Kidney failure is common, present in more than 50% of ALF patients, either due to original insult such as paracetamol resulting in acute tubular necrosis or from hyperdynamic[] Several patients with lactic acidosis and glucose levels below 1.7 mmol/l who were not in a coma have been reported.[] Renal and metabolic The aetiology of renal dysfunction is a mixture of functional or hepatorenal failure and acute tubular necrosis.[]

  • Hypovolemic Shock

    Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) Kidneys: Acute tubular necrosis resulting in acute renal failure Heart: heart attack (myocardial infarct) Brain: seizures (in hypovolemic[] This can produce acute kidney injury and complications of gut ischaemia. In obstetric shock, acute tubular necrosis can occur.[] Haemorrhagic shock causes a significant lactic acidosis; once the mitochondrial PO 2 is less than 2 mmHg, oxidative phosphorylation is inhibited and pyruvate is unable to[]

  • Septic Shock

    Unfortunately in some cases urine output cannot be evaluated (for example, in patients with acute tubular necrosis or chronic renal failure).[] Acidosis: Recognition, Kinetics, and Associated Prognosis; Venous blood gases: What Can They Tell Us About the State of the Circulation; Noninvasive Assessment of Cardiac[] Acute kidney injury (AKI)—previously termed acute renal failure (ARF)—with remarkably little overt tubular necrosis but markedly impaired renal function often accompanies[]

  • Cardiogenic Shock

    Besides the severity of lactic acidosis there were no strong predictors of early death.[] Adrenaline can provide similar improvement however it tends to increase heart rate, which increases work done by a sick heart and lactic acidosis(3).[] acidosis.[]

  • Toxic Hepatitis

    Hepatic-failure and lactic-acidosis due to fialuridine (fiau), an investigational nucleoside analog for chronic hepatitis B.[]

  • Heat Stroke

    Seven patients developed acute kidney injury, all eight had lactic acidosis and rhabdomyolysis.[] In heat stroke the patient is shocked, this mechanism is less efficient, and restoration of the circulating volume may lead to worsening lactic acidosis as skeletal muscle[] acidosis may occur even as a normal response to severe exertion, but lactate is rapidly cleared by the liver and converted to glucose.[]

  • Acute Kidney Failure

    Kidney Tubular Necrosis, Acute [Disease/Finding] , acute tubular necrosis , acute renal tubular necrosis , acute necrosis tubular , Lower nephron nephrosis , Acute Tubular[] Metformin associated lactic acidosis (MALA) is a serious complication occurring especially in elderly patients given high doses of the drug.[] Severe metabolic acidosis, often with marked elevation in the anion-gap may develop, as a result of underlying systemic disease, such as lactic acidosis due to tissue hypoperfusion[]

  • Hypovolemia

    This can produce acute kidney injury and complications of gut ischaemia. In obstetric shock, acute tubular necrosis can occur.[] Lactated Ringer's infusate should not be given in patients with severe metabolic alkalosis, lactic acidosis with decreased lactate clearance, or severe hyperkalemia, and in[] The kidneys are injured when renal perfusion is critically reduced, leading to acute tubular necrosis and renal insufficiency manifested by oliguria and progressive rise in[]

  • Acute Kidney Injury

    Clinical impression was ischemic acute tubular necrosis in recovery phase.[] Metformin intoxication with lactic acidosis, a potentially lethal condition, may develop in diabetic patients when the drug dose is inappropriate and/or its clearance is reduced[] Kidney biopsy showed acute tubular necrosis and interstitial nephritis.[]

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