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1,572 Possible Causes for Adnexal Mass, Facial Scar, Testosterone Decreased or Increased

  • Endometriosis

    Oral CHM may have a better overall treatment effect than danazol; it may be more effective in relieving dysmenorrhoea and shrinking adnexal masses when used in conjunction[] Endometriosis Treatment: Excision At the time of laparoscopy, the surgeon can remove endometriosis growths or scars.[] A) Decreased serum testosterone concentration B) Idiopathic C) Increased scrotal temperature D) Increased serum corticosteroid concentration E) Isolated luteinizing hormone[]

  • Ovarian Cyst

    METHODS: A review was performed of pregnant patients diagnosed with an adnexal mass 5 cm or greater in diameter.[] Propranolol increased the number of healthy follicles, the ovulation rate, and levels of serum sexual steroids (androstenedione, testosterone, and estradiol) and recovered[] Careful evaluation and consultation must be the mainstay of surgery for adnexal masses.[]

    Missing: Facial Scar
  • Acne Vulgaris

    Laser treatment for improvement and minimization of facial scars. Facial Plast Surg Clin N Am 2011; 19: 527–42 CrossRef Google Scholar 105. Wang Y, Kwang Tay Y, Kwok C.[] testosterone and decreases the production of sex hormone- binding globulin (SHBG).[] Increasing the level of SHBG and hence decreasing the levels of circulating testosterone.[]

    Missing: Adnexal Mass
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

    An abdominal CT scan revealed a huge multiloculated cystic mass and a left adnexal mass. She had an abnormal fasting plasma glucose and low HDL-C.[] Moreover, a more significant decrease of total testosterone and increase of SHBG serum levels were noticed in Group A.[] Results: Both overweight (OW) and normal-weight (NW) women with PCOS had increased menstrual frequency and decreased body mass index (BMI), testosterone, and luteinizing hormone[]

    Missing: Facial Scar
  • Brenner Tumor

    A 30-year-old woman, G1P0, was found to have an adnexal mass at 15 weeks of gestation.[] There was a sharp increase of total testosterone, DHEAS, and dihydrotestosterone levels after administration of hCG.[] Brenner tumor should be considered in the differential diagnosis of adnexal masses during pregnancy.[]

    Missing: Facial Scar
  • Ovarian Dysgerminoma

    Clinically, these tumors present with lower quadrant pain and adnexal mass, and laboratory values may include elevated beta human chorionic gonadotropin (β-hCG) and lactate[] Adamopoulos et al.6 found that corticosteroids may reduce pain and oedema, but it caused the testosterone levels to decrease and follicle stimulating hormone and leuteinizing[] In a setting of sonographically indeterminate adnexal masses, MR imaging is used as a problem-solving tool.[]

    Missing: Facial Scar
  • Ovarian Androblastoma

    Página 406 - Goldstein SR, Subramanyam B, Snyder JR et al: The postmenopausal cystic adnexal mass, the potential role of ultrasound in conservative management.[] When performing blood tests on hormones at patients with androblastomy an ovary increase in level of testosterone, decrease in level of lyuteineziruyushchy and follikulstimuliruyushchy[] On physical examination, the obstetrician palpates a right adnexal mass. Ultrasonographic evaluation confirms the presence of a solid mass in the right ovary.[]

    Missing: Facial Scar
  • Ovarian Stromal Hyperthecosis

    A transvaginal ultrasound revealed bilateral solid adnexal masses, likely to be ovarian in nature, although no normal ovarian tissue was identified.[] Several studies of troglitazone reported a decrease not only in fasting insulin but also in LH and testosterone levels, along with an increase in ovulatory cycles.47-49 Troglitazone[] Transvaginal ultrasound showed a normal uterus with endometrial thickness of 5 mm and no adnexal masses. Figure 1.[]

    Missing: Facial Scar
  • Fibroma

    Abstract Computed tomography obtained as part of a urinary tract assessment in a 68-year-old woman incidentally detected a solid adnexal mass.[] Aesthetic outcome is excellent in the absence of facial scars.[] In the presence of adnexal mixed echoic masses, tumor degeneration and with other tumor should be considers.[]

    Missing: Testosterone Decreased or Increased
  • Thecoma

    A 51-year-old woman presented with lumbar backache leading to the preoperative diagnosis of a right solid adnexal mass with calcification on computed tomographic scan.[] 100 ml), which lacked a diurnal rhythm, were not suppressed by dexamethasone, were decreased by ACTH, and were massively increased to 2,530 ng/100 ml by human chorionic gonadotropin[] Figure 2 The smooth borders of the cyst support the presence of an adnexal mass. Figure 3 CT imaging of the thecoma (our case).[]

    Missing: Facial Scar