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611 Possible Causes for Adrenal Hemorrhage

  • Massive Trauma

    PURPOSE: To report our experience with recombinant activated factor VII (rFVIIa) to control hemorrhage in trauma patients with profound multifactorial coagulopathy. rFVIIa forms a complex with tissue factor exposed at sites of tissue damage and induces activation of coagulation limited to the site of injury. It is[…][]

  • Adrenal Gland Neoplasm

    Other calcified adrenal masses included 5 cortical adenomas, 4 adrenal carcinomas, 3 cases of adrenal hemorrhage, 2 adrenal metastases, 2 pheochromocytomas, and 1 histoplasmoma[] Hemorrhage Extensive adrenal hemorrhage may occur at any age and under various circumstances such as severe stress as in surgery, sepsis, burns, hypotension, trauma, hemorrhagic[] Primary acute adrenal insufficiency • Stress crisis • Rapid withdrawal of steroids • Massive adrenal hemorrhage (Waterhouse-Friderichsen syndrome) 2.[]

  • Essential Thrombocythemia

    Adrenal hemorrhage is a rare disease associated with various conditions. We report a case of a 68-year-old woman with abdominal and back pain.[] […] o Home Anemia Tests o Home Thyroid Function Tests o Home Adrenal Function Tests o Home Calcium Deficiency Tests o Home HIV Tests Prognosis - Hemorrhagic thrombocythemia ([] The diagnostic work-up showed a left adrenal gland infarction associated with essential thrombocythemia.[]

  • Waterhouse Friderichsen Syndrome

    […] associated with adrenal hemorrhage.[] […] acute episode of bilateral adrenal hemorrhage (lower panel).[] In contrast, unilateral adrenal hemorrhage is not associated with acute adrenal insufficiency.[]

  • Anticardiolipin Antibody Syndrome

    Less common manifestations include nephropathy, osteonecrosis, seizures, vascular dementia, pulmonary hypertension, cardiomyopathy, and adrenal hemorrhage.[] (infarction/hemorrhage) Musculoskeletal (avascular necrosis of bone) Renal (thrombotic microangiopathy) The kidney is a major target organ in APS.[] […] eclampsia) Dermatologic (livedo reticularis, purpura, infarcts/ulceration) Cardiac (Libman-Sacks valvulopathy, MI, diastolic dysfunction) Ocular (amaurosis, retinal thrombosis) Adrenal[]

  • Meningococcemia

    Two cases of adrenal hemorrhage in meningococcemia detected by ultrasound are reported.[] Here we report a non-fatal case of fulminant form of meningococcemia beginning as food poisoning complicated with shock I degree due to partially adrenal hemorrhage in Caucasian[] hemorrhage (Waterhouse-Friderichsen syndrome), gangrene, and death.[]

  • Adrenal Hemorrhage

    One such example is that of neonatal adrenal hemorrhage.[] hemorrhage.[] A case of idiopathic adrenal hemorrhage is reported. A 76-year-old woman exhibited a left adrenal tumor, 3 cm in diameter, on abdominal computed tomography.[]

  • Adrenal Infarction

    adrenal hemorrhage in essential thrombocythemia, 10.1007/s00277-002-0468-1 Riddell A.[] @article{Ramon2013PrimaryAI, title {Primary adrenal insufficiency due to bilateral adrenal hemorrhage-adrenal infarction in the antiphospholipid syndrome: long-term outcome[] Case Report First Online: 22 March 2014 Abstract A 72-year-old man developed bilateral adrenal hemorrhage causing primary adrenal failure three days after total hip replacement[]

  • Addisonian Crisis

    , adrenal apoplexy, cortisol, aldosterone, primary adrenocortical insufficiency, secondary adrenocortical insufficiency, bilateral massive adrenal hemorrhage, BMAH AUTHOR[] Acute adrenal insufficiency also can be caused by adrenal hemorrhage (eg, usually septicemia-induced Waterhouse-Friderichsen syndrome [fulminant meningococcemia]) and anticoagulation[] hemorrhage, autoimmune watch VS (extreme hypotension), tele monitoring (hyperkalemia, hyponatremia), electrolytes, neuro checks (hypoperfusion, hypoglycemia, hyponatremia[]

  • Retroperitoneal Hemorrhage

    Spontaneous adrenal hemorrhage is a very rare but serious disorder of the adrenal gland that can require emergent treatment.[] Acute adrenal hemorrhage is an uncommon entity. Although trauma is the most common cause of adrenal hemorrhage, non-traumatic etiologies have also been reported.[] We diagnosed retroperitoneal hemorrhage due to bilateral adrenal gland metastasis from lung adenocarcinoma with adrenal insufficiency.[]

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