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995 Possible Causes for Affected Females Have Been Reported, Popliteal Swelling

  • Exostosis

    A 35-year-old woman presented with a painful pulsatile swelling in the lower medial aspect of the left thigh.[] We for the first time are reporting subungual exostosis affecting the thumb in a six and a half years old-female patient. The cause of subungual exostosis is unknown.[] Vascular complications of femur exostoses are rare, with popliteal pseudoaneurysm being the most common.[]

  • Fibroma

    According to most reports, males and females are affected equally, although a few series have reported a slight male predominance. [14] No racial predilection has been reported[]

  • Osteoclastoma

    Very few cases of osteoclastoma affecting proximal ulna have been reported.[] It is seen after skeletal maturity with slight female preponderance. Epiphysio-metaphysical region around knee and distal end radius are favoured sites [1].[]

  • Thrombosis

    […] space, and along the area of the femoral vein in the anterior thigh and groin) 1 Entire lower extremity swelling 1 Calf swelling 3 cm when compared with the asymptomatic[] […] tenderness along the distribution of the deep venous system (Tenderness along the deep venous system is assessed by firm palpation in the center of the posterior calf, the popliteal[]

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  • Varicose Veins

    Pain, aching, swelling, and ulceration can result from varicosities or venous malformations in Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome patients (, 24 ).[] While all of the leg veins with the lower inferior vena cava can be affected, the popliteal and superficial femoral veins are most frequently involved (, 34 ).[]

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  • Thrombophlebitis

    A snakebite is a serious and important problem in tropical and subtropical cities. A vast majority of snakebites are nonvenomous. However, venomous snakebites may cause local tissue destruction, neuroparalysis, systemic hemorrhage, generalized myotoxicity, and acute renal failure. A 10-year-old boy was brought to[…][]

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  • Periostitis

    A 39-year-old man presented with severe bone pain in the tibiae and forearms in the wake of a poststreptococcal sepsis complicated with pneumonia and erysipelas 4 months earlier. Bone scintigraphy was indicative of periostitis of the tibia, ulna, and radius bilaterally, and in combination with the increased[…][]

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  • Popliteal Cyst

    By Baker cyst or popliteal cyst is a soft-tissue swelling in the posterior aspect of the knee which contains gelatinous fluid. It is called Baker Cyst after Dr.[] The examination reveals a swelling which is located distal to the popliteal crease, which becomes prominent when a knee is hyperextended but disappears upon flexion .[] What is Baker's Cyst or Popliteal Cyst? A swelling that is prominent at the back of your knee could be a Baker's cyst or popliteal cyst.[]

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  • Popliteal Aneurysm

    We present a patient with a remarkably large popliteal aneurysm of 10 cm presenting as a popliteal swelling with foot drop and no signs of limb ischemia.[] popliteal fossa, local pain and the post-phlebitic syndrome.[] What are popliteal aneurysms? An aneurysm is a swelling of an artery. A popliteal aneurysm is a swelling of the popliteal artery.[]

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  • Lipoma

    Extension into an associated popliteal cyst has been reported. There is associated chronic inflammation reaction.[] Radiographs of patients with lipoma arborescens reveal soft-tissue swelling around the joint that may or may not be radiolucent.[]

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