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16 Possible Causes for Agitation, Arterial Blood pH Decreased, Leg Cramp

  • Methanol Poisoning

    cramps Weakness Seek immediate medical help.[] These are some of the symptoms of methanol poisoning: • Difficulty breathing • Blurred vision • Agitation • Dizziness • Stomach pain No matter where you are, if you expect[] Mild withdrawal may present as Agitation or aggression a couple days after being brought into the hospital.[]

  • Tetanus

    Tetanus causes cramping of the muscles in the neck, arms, leg and stomach, and painful convulsions which can be severe enough to break bones.[] […] cause varying degrees of hell to break lose, with an overproduction of catecholamines and subsequent profuse sweating, increased heart rate and blood pressure, fever, and agitation[]

  • Hyperventilation

    Cramps: - How to get rid of cramps : How to get rid of cramps breathing exercise - Leg cramps at night : Two easy solutions (Earthing and reduced breathing exercise).[] It is accompanied by agitation and a sense of terror or by symptoms of chest pain, paresthesias (peripheral and perioral), peripheral tetany (eg, stiffness of fingers or arms[] […] of arterial blood (blood flowing through the arteries) and a decrease in the pressure of carbon dioxide in the arteries and alveoli.[]

  • Psychogenic Hyperventilation

    Dependence in Activities of Daily Living ADLs Inability to Initiate Meaningful Activities Anxiety Spatial Disorientation Rejection of Care Food Refusal Insomnia Apathy and Agitation[] […] of arterial blood (blood flowing through the arteries) and a decrease in the pressure of carbon dioxide in the arteries and alveoli.[] Clinical History Patients with acute hyperventilation syndrome (HVS) may present with great agitation and anxiety.[]

  • Metabolic Acidosis

    Approximately 60 mL (20 mL/day) was used and after the third application he developed agitation, nausea, vomiting, respiratory distress, tachycardia, and metabolic acidosis[] Labs: General Arterial Blood Gas Arterial pH decreased Serum bicarbonate decreased PaCO2 decreased PaCO2 drops 1.2 mmHg per 1 meq/L bicarbonate fall Calculated PaCO2 1.5 x[] A patient has the following arterial blood gases: HCO3 38, pH 7.50, PaCO2 50. Which of the following signs may this patient exhibit as a compensatory mechanism? * A.[]

  • Diabetic Ketotic Coma

    cramps ketosis causes nausea and vomiting acidosis causes tachycardia, rapid deep breathing (Kussmaul), hypotension(vasodil.), impaired mentation, hypothermia Etiology –[] Compare insulin shock . observations The person appears flushed; has hot, dry skin; is restless, uncomfortable, agitated, and diaphoretic; and has a fruity odor to the breath[] […] hypocalcemia in this setting, serum calcium levels should be monitored closely. 25 Hypomagnesemia may manifest as arrhythmias, muscle weakness, convulsions, stupor, and agitation[]

  • Respiratory Alkalosis

    […] person to breathe very rapidly and cause large losses of carbon dioxide. symptoms are: ph elevated above 7.45 and pco2 below 35mmhg rapid, deep breathing hyper ventilation agitation[] Respiratory Alkalosis is an acid-base imbalance characterized by decreased partial pressure of arterial carbon dioxide and increased blood pH to less than 35 mm Hg, which[] Other symptoms of respiratory alkalosis may encompass: agitation seizures dizziness light headedness tingling, numbness irregular heart beats muscle twitching , spasms , weakness[]

  • Diabetic Ketoacidosis

    Presentation Symptoms: polydipsia, polyuria, weight loss nausea & vomiting abdominal pain anorexia weakness/ lethargy leg cramps blurry vision Signs: hyperventilation (Kussmaul[] This may be subtle and include agitation, confusion and delirium. An early warning of cerebral edema is a progressive rise in pCO2 if pH fails to increase.[] blood gas measurement is the most widely recommended test for determining pH, but measurement of venous blood gas has gained acceptance Blood urea nitrogen, creatinine levels[]

  • Lactic Acidosis

    Another member posted that she had trouble with exercise because it caused leg cramps. I feel so overwhelmed now.[] On examination she was agitated and restless, with noted tachycardia and lungs were clear to auscultation with slightly rapid respirations.[] A repeat arterial blood gas then showed pH 7.33, P aCO 2 35 mm Hg, P aO 2 90 mm Hg, bicarbonate 18 mEq/L, saturation 98%, and lactate 6.8 mEq/L, on 2 L/min of oxygen.[]

  • Addison's Disease

    Clinical features include vomiting, abdominal pain, back or leg cramps and severe hypotension, which can culminate in hypovolaemic shock.[] We report the case of a 70-year-old man with Addison's disease who developed severe agitated depression resulting in life-threatening medical conditions.[] I have an idea that agitation does it as much harm as fatigue, and that I was ill at the time of your going away from the very circumstance of your going."[]

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