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4,725 Possible Causes for Agitation, Erectile Dysfunction, wanjiku

  • Depression

    Dysfunction Exercise Addiction Family Fibromyalgia Financial Problems Food Allergy Friends and Family of Addicts Friends and Family of BPD Friends and Family of Sex Addicts[] The symptoms of a depressive episode include: Loss of interest or loss of pleasure in all activities Change in appetite or weight Sleep disturbances Feeling agitated or feeling[] Compound 7c was found to be the most promising compound, with EC 50 values of 396.5 and 383.0 μM agitating on MT 1 and MT 2 receptors, respectively.[]

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  • Substance Abuse Problems

    For some gay and bisexual men, alcohol and illegal drug use, especially methamphetamines (meth), amyl nitrates (poppers), and drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction (when[] Milder symptoms such as agitation, restlessness, and insomnia are more common.[] Impaired judgment Slowed thought processes Psychosis Poor concentration Suicidal ideation Difficulty focusing attention Memory loss Hallucinations Psychosocial symptoms : Agitation[]

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  • Chronic Alcoholism

    dysfunction Delirium tremens Infertility for both men and women Chronic Alcoholism Recovery It is crucial to secure chronic alcoholism treatment before a person reaches the[] […] should be monitored by a healthcare professional to ensure the safety of the recovering addict: Hallucinations Delirium tremens Fever that spikes rapidly Seizures Extreme agitation[] […] disease, and should not be dismissed: Tremors, convulsions, or uncontrolled shaking of the hands (or even the entire body) Profuse sweating, even in cold conditions Extreme agitation[]

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  • Acute Amphetamine Intoxication

    Amphetamines typically cause erectile dysfunction in men but enhance sexual desire.[] Anxiety and agitation Cardiovascular collapse has been precipitated by severe agitation requiring physical restraints.[] Erectile dysfunction. Irregular heartbeat.[]

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  • Anxiety Disorder

    Several studies have found that the prevalence of anxiety disorders varies from 2.5% to 37% in males affected with erectile dysfunction (ED). 7-9 However, these studies failed[] […] history of panic disorder and one patient with a history of generalized anxiety disorder were treated with buspirone and experienced an increase in their anxiety levels, agitation[] The most common manifestations in individuals with anxiety disorder are avoidance of intercourse, premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction among men and pain during intercourse[]

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  • Graves Disease

    dysfunction or reduced libido Frequent bowel movements or diarrhea Graves' ophthalmopathy (GO) - a condition associated with Graves’ disease that occurs when cells from the[] […] movements shaking of hands muscle weakness and loss of muscle bulk swelling of nail beds a feeling of thirst and frequent urination difficulty in sleeping, restlessness, agitation[] Therapists should be aware of these signs and symptoms of Thyroid Storm: Severe tachycardia with heart failure Hyperurthemia (up to 105 degrees) Reselessness and agitation[]

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  • Hypotension

    dysfunction.[] BACKGROUND: Expert consensus panels have recommended risperidone as first-line treatment for agitation of psychiatric origin.[] The most common reported toxicities with SCB use based on studies using Texas Poison control record are tachycardia, agitation and irritability, drowsiness, hallucinations[]

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  • Endogenous Depression

    However, a significant reduction in beta-adrenergic responsiveness was observed in patients with psychomotor agitation, as compared with controls (2.6 0.5 vs. 7.4 1.0 pmol[] Thus, within a group of moderately to severely ill endogenous depressives, the older and the more agitated anxious patients have a significantly greater likelihood of showing[] Of the other subject and symptom variables, only age and the agitation/anxiety factor of the Hamilton depression scale shown consistent relationships with the cortisol measures[]

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  • Cannabis Abuse

    Addiction If you are a regular cannabis smoker (every day) and you stop smoking, you will experience some of the following withdrawal symptoms: restlessness, irritability, mild agitation[] You may have more than one of the following: Decreased appetite and weight loss Night sweats and trouble sleeping Craving for cannabis Irritability Feeling agitated, anxious[]

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  • Stroke

    Read more about treating erectile dysfunction Want to know more?[] […] breath or trouble breathing fainting or losing consciousness seizures confusion, disorientation, or lack of responsiveness sudden behavioral changes, especially increased agitation[] Aliya Naheed, Kovin S Naidoo, Vinay Nangia, Jamal T Nasher, Gopalakrishnan Natarajan, Dumessa Edessa Negasa, Ionut Negoi, Ruxandra Irina Negoi, Charles R Newton, Josephine Wanjiku[]

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