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2,018 Possible Causes for Agitation, Foaming at the Mouth, Nausea, Sore Throat

  • Rabies

    In the first case, patients show agitation, hyperactivity, restlessness, trashing, biting, confusion or hallucinations.[] Abstract In May 2011, a girl aged 8 years from a rural county in California was brought to a local emergency department (ED) with a 1-week history of progressive sore throat[] […] symptoms may be a general feeling of discomfort or uneasiness, nervousness, anxiety, insomnia, depression, loss of appetite, fever, chills, cough, sore throat, headache, nausea[] Rabies Symptoms As the disease progresses, neurological symptoms appear and may include: Insomnia Anxiety Confusion Slight or partial paralysis Excitation Hallucinations Agitation[]

  • Amanita Muscaria

    KEYWORDS: Agitation; Amanita muscaria; Amanita pantherina; Coma; Confusion; Poisoning[] ., Amanita Muscaria are poisonous mushrooms that can cause symptoms from nausea and discomfort to liver or kidney damage.[] . - Reported use for analgesia, sore throat, cancer, arthritis.[] Shamans traditionally used the sacred Amanitas for both spiritual and physical healing; in Kamchatka it is ingested in small quantities as a remedy for a sore throat.[]

  • Mercury Poisoning

    CONCLUSIONS: Mercury poisoning appeared to result in a dysregulation of posterior cingulate cortex, which was associated with attention/concentration deficits and marked anxiety/agitation[] Exposure to inorganic mercury generally causes development of a metallic taste, local oropharyngeal pain, nausea, vomiting, bloody diarrhea, colic abdominal pain, renal dysfunction[] CASE PRESENTATION: A 52-year-old Caucasian woman was admitted to the hospital with high fever, sore throat, a rash over her entire body, itching, nausea, and extensive muscle[] Conclusions Mercury poisoning appeared to result in a dysregulation of posterior cingulate cortex, which was associated with attention/concentration deficits and marked anxiety/agitation[]

  • Scorpion Sting

    Almost 84% of patients having a respiratory rate of or 30 breaths/minute associated with agitation and sweating were classified in the pulmonary edema group.[] […] describe a 13-year-old girl who, following envenoming by a scorpion, developed recurrent attacks of sharp, intermittent pain in the umbilical region associated with fever, nausea[] […] at the mouth, and symptoms of methamphetamine exposure.[] The complications that arise due to this interaction can be moderate (nausea, inflammation and vomiting) to life-threatening conditions.[]

    Missing: Sore Throat
  • Cicuta Maculata Poisoning

    Clinical signs include drooling, dilated pupils, weakness, agitation, nervousness, twitching, seizures, cardiac abnormalities, difficult breathing, and death from respiratory[] Seven hours after eating they all attended hospital complaining of nausea and vomiting; two suffered convulsions and one a seizure.[] Mouth. Bloody foam from nose and mouth. Throat. Spasm of muscles of deglutition on presenting anything to mouth. Stomach. Nausea and vomiting, frothy, glairy fluid.[] […] eyelashes, with widely dilated pupils, stridor dentium, trismus, frothing at mouth and nose, mixed with blood, and occasionally violent and genuine epilepsy; the convulsive agitations[]

    Missing: Sore Throat
  • Organophosphate Insecticide

    […] atropine and toxogonin treatment along with mechanical ventilation she developed overt extrapyramidal parkinsonism and encephalopathy, characterized by impaired sensorium and agitation[] These solvents can lead to symptoms too, including headache and nausea.[] He was alert, coherent, and cooperative, yet agitated.[] Symptoms of paradichlorobenzene poisoning: STOMACH AND INTESTINES Diarrhea Abdominal pain Nausea and vomiting MUSCLES Muscle spasms Note: Paradichlorobenzene mothballs are[]

    Missing: Sore Throat
  • Haldol

    Abstract Even within a unique setting with high-powered and board-spectrum therapeutic tools, acute agitation can pose a serious problem.[] The placebo group was found to be noninferior to the ABH gel group in reducing the nausea score.[] throat, bronchopneumonia /lethal bronchopneumonia [ Ref ] Hematologic Agranulocytosis included sore throat/fever and unusual bleeding/bruising, and typically occurred with[] Overall meta-analysis of the response of agitated patients to haloperidol, compared with controls, showed no improvement in agitation.[]

    Missing: Foaming at the Mouth
  • Pharyngitis

    Agitation associated with schizophrenia and bipolar I mania Adults: 10 mg I.M.[] , Tacoma, Washington, USA. [email protected] Abstract We report a case of a previously healthy 33-year-old male who presented to his primary care physician with nausea[] Pharyngitis, or sore throat, is discomfort, pain, or scratchiness in the throat. It often makes it painful to swallow.[] : In patients from Turkey, symptom onset was at a younger age, fever attacks were of shorter duration, and pharyngitis was more frequent, whereas adenitis, headache, and nausea[]

    Missing: Foaming at the Mouth
  • Ipecac

    Short url: dälek Veteran agitators Dälek have never been ones to stick within the rigid parameters of genre.[] About Ipecacuanha: Product Category: Digestive Indications: Nausea and vomiting with hypersalivation Directions: Adults & children 2 years of age and older: Dissolve 5 pellets[] We offer a range of medications at competitive prices whether you opt for syrups, to soothe a sore throat and clear your sinuses, or for tablets and capsules to ease your[] Agitated sleep, with groans During sleep, starting of the limbs. Frightful dreams, with frequent starts and terror during sleep. Fever.[]

  • Carbamate Poisoning

    Look for urinary retention in an agitated confused patient; agitation may settle after insertion of the catheter.[] The clinical manifestations of methomyl poisoning were nausea and vomiting (74.3%), headaches (57.1%) and palpitations (11.4%).[] The daughter’s symptoms had also decreased but she still experienced nausea, headache, sore throat, and some wheezing when in the apartment.[] Fortunately, spontaneous recovery is possible within 4 hours of poisoning if the patient presents only with nausea, vomiting, headache and excessive salivation.[]

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