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235 Possible Causes for Air Bronchogram

  • Pneumonia

    Upon admission, a chest computed tomography scan showed consolidation, with air bronchograms along the bronchovascular bundle of both lower lobes.[] Space Process Not Centered at Hilum Air bronchograms can occur in both.[] Note the indistinct borders, air bronchograms, and silhouetting of the right heart border.[]

  • Pulmonary Consolidation

    The shape and lumen of the bronchi with air bronchogram sign, the length of the involved bronchus with air bronchogram sign, the length of lesion on the same plane and direction[] CT revealed air bronchogram, CT angiogram sign, bulging fissure, and fluid bronchogram in all six cases with partial bronchial obstruction (except for absence of air bronchogram[] An air bronchogram, fluid bronchogram, and scattered echogenic foci due to residual air in the consolidated lung parenchyma were used as US criteria of pulmonary parenchymal[]

  • Bacterial Pneumonia

    See: Imaging in Ferret Diagnosis and Treatment ( B602 .7.w7, B628 .11.w11, B631 .26.w26) Increased lung density may be seen, with e.g. air bronchograms or hilar oedema. ([]

  • Pneumococcal Pneumonia

    bronchograms (DDX: Staph has no air bronchogram) Organism is aspirated into the lungs from the upper airways so it shows a predilection for lower lobes Does not respect segmental[] There are diffuse bilateral pulmonary infiltrates with air bronchograms visible. The following blood test results are obtained: Q3. What is the likely diagnosis?[] bronchograms (black branching structures) present since the spaces surrounding the air-filled bronchi normally contain air but now are filled with inflammatory exudate.[]

  • Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

    bronchograms 20% 20% 70% Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome.[] CXR shows bilateral alveolar shadowing, often with air bronchograms. Other investigations as deemed by the clinical scenario - eg, echocardiography.[] Imaging : chest x-ray Diffuse bilateral infiltrates (perihilar bat wing or butterfly distribution of infiltrates) Air bronchogram Atelectasis Pleural effusions ARDS is a likely[]

  • Klebsiella Pneumoniae

    Often there can be extensive lobar opacification with air bronchograms .[]

  • Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis

    Investigations and Differential Diagnosis Chest Radiography The presence of diffuse bilateral mostly symmetrical alveolar, sometimes patchy infiltrates with air bronchograms[] Complementary examinations Chest radiography Chest radiography reveals symmetric, bilateral alveolar opacities, without air bronchogram ( fig. 1 ), showing a peri-hilar and[]

  • Tracheobronchial Injury

    This image demonstrates abrupt termination of the right main bronchus, complete opacification of the right hemithorax with few air bronchograms, subcutaneous emphysema, a[] This image shows complete opacification of the right hemithorax without air bronchograms, abrupt termination of the right mainstem bronchus, and multiple upper right rib fractures[]

  • Aspergilloma

    Imaging prior to presentation demonstrated mediastinal lymphadenopathy and coalescent parenchymal alveolar opacities along with air bronchograms, suggestive of alveolar sarcoidosis[]

  • Glassblower's Cataract

    Frequently, air bronchograms are seen within the nodules and masses.[] bronchograms, correlating histologically with a cellular lymphocytic infiltrate expanding the interstitium and compressing adjacent alveoli, producing air bronchograms.[] The chest radiograph and CT scan show an opacity with air bronchogram indicating a consolidation or pneumonia picture.[]

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