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1,786 Possible Causes for Albumin Decreased, Immunoglobulin A Decreased, Percentage of Naive B Cells Increased

  • Third Trimester Pregnancy

    The concomitant phenomenon of a third trimester pregnancy with a significant degree of pelvic organ prolapse is extremely rare. We report on a patient with pelvic organ prolapse complicating third trimester pregnancy treated by concomitant cesarean hysterectomy and abdominal sacrocolpopexy. A 30-year-old woman,[…][]

    Missing: Percentage of Naive B Cells Increased
  • Multiple Myeloma

    Serum concentrations of immunoglobulin G decreased and plasma cells in bone marrow decreased.[] In the blood of patients with multiple myeloma, the amount of beta-2-microglobulin is increased and the amount of albumin is decreased.[] Sβ 2 M reflects not only tumor mass and renal function but also other as yet unknown parameters, possibly including immune function. 7, 34, 35 The specific cause of decreased[]

    Missing: Percentage of Naive B Cells Increased
  • Nephrotic Syndrome

    See Diabetic nephropathy . neph·rot·ic syn·drome ( nef-rot'ik sin'drōm ) A clinical state characterized by edema, albuminuria, decreased plasma albumin, doubly refractile[] Proposed explanations for the increased infection risk include the following: Urinary immunoglobulin losses Edema fluid acting as a culture medium Protein deficiency Decreased[] See also nephrosis. neph·rot·ic syn·drome a clinical state characterized by edema, albuminuria, decreased plasma albumin, doubly refractile bodies in the urine, and usually[]

    Missing: Percentage of Naive B Cells Increased
  • Malabsorption Syndrome

    Immunoglobulin A (IgA) deficiency (the most common immunodeficiency) is due to decreased or absent serum and intestinal IgA, which clinically appears similar to celiac disease[] Prothrombin time- Vitamin K level decreased 3. Serum albumin- Decreased (protein loss) 4.[] Albumin is a general indicator of nutritional state. Low albumin can result from poor intake, decreased synthesis in cirrhosis, or protein wasting.[]

    Missing: Percentage of Naive B Cells Increased
  • Amyloidosis

    Amyloidosis - primary; Immunoglobulin light chain amyloidosis; Primary systemic amyloidosis Gertz MA, Buadi FK, Lacy MQ, Hayman SR.[] If the patient shows significant renal involvement with a decrease in the concentration of albumin as a result of the nephrotic syndrome, very high doses of diuretic drugs[] […] transthyretin-associated (ATTR) amyloidosis. 3-8 In AA amyloidosis, production of SAA can sometimes be decreased by treatment of the underlying inflammatory condition. 9[]

    Missing: Percentage of Naive B Cells Increased
  • Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia

    Normal immunoglobulin synthesis is decreased, and the person is susceptible to infection, particularly bacterial pneumonia and septicemia.[] Normal immunoglobulins are decreased in half of patients.[]

    Missing: Percentage of Naive B Cells Increased
  • Systemic Amyloidosis

    […] gammopathy, an abnormal serum free light-chain (sFLC) ratio, the fraction of bone marrow plasma cells bearing an aberrant phenotype, increased bone marrow plasma cells, decreased[] An MC response, defined as a 50% MC decrease, was observed in 77 patients (57%) and translated into a survival advantage ( P .007).[] […] levels of polyclonal immunoglobulin, and aneuploidy. 2 – 7 However, the proportion of MM that develops from a preexisting MGUS or SMM is unknown and remains an important[]

    Missing: Percentage of Naive B Cells Increased
  • Kwashiorkor

    […] cytokines and secretory immunoglobulin A (IgA).[] Hypovolemic shock: The incompetent fatty liver in Kwashiorkor will decrease the albumin production and decrease the osmotic gradient in the intracellular spaces.[] […] haematocrit, blood volume, decreased albumin Treatment Succotash, a diet mixture that provides the deficient amino acids kwa·shi·or·kor ( kwah-shē-ōr'kōr ) A disease seen[]

    Missing: Percentage of Naive B Cells Increased
  • Hypogammaglobulinemia

    Six patients with decreased serum and total body albumin were studied. Each had significant diarrhea and steatorrhea.[] The patient had remarkably decreased immunoglobulin levels (IgG 136 mg/dL, IgA 11 mg/dL, and IgM 10 mg/dL) 3 months after hypersensitivity to phenobarbital and phenytoin.[] Parent of children with CVID had low percentages of naive B cell and increased percentages of memory B cells in comparison with controls.[]

  • Portal Cirrhosis

    […] platelets Splenomegaly Reduced hepatic production of thrombopoietin Direct toxic effect of alcohol on the bone marrow Albumin Decreased in advanced cirrhosis Decreased hepatic[] Albumin will decrease and this is a marker for reduced synthetic function of the liver.[] Data from liver function tests usually show elevated transaminase levels, elevated bilirubin levels, and decreased values for albumin and clotting factors.[]

    Missing: Percentage of Naive B Cells Increased

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