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1,750 Possible Causes for Alcohol Breath, CD27+ B Cells Decreased, Desbuquois Dysplasia

  • Chronic Alcoholism

    The distribution of PB B-cell subsets (immature/regulatory, naïve, CD27(-) and CD27( ) memory B lymphocytes, and circulating plasmablasts of distinct immunoglobulin-Ig-isotypes[] MATERIALS AND METHODS: The consecutive ¹⁴C-D-xylose breath test database was reviewed and patients with the diagnosis of chronic alcoholism were identified. ¹⁴C-D-xylose breath[] The aim of this study was to prospectively evaluate small intestinal absorption in alcoholics using the (13)C-D-xylose breath test, and to relate the breath test results to[]

    Missing: Desbuquois Dysplasia
  • Immunodeficiency Type 23

    […] resembling Desbuquois dysplasia.[] Two of the three children had skeletal anomalies resembling Desbuquois dysplasia: short stature, brachydactyly, dysmorphic facial features, and intellectual disability.[] Keywords: Bone marrow failure / Congenital Disorder of Glycosylation / Pgm3 / Severe combined immunodeficiency / whole‐exome sequencing / DESBUQUOIS‐LIKE DYSPLASIA Click here[]

    Missing: Alcohol Breath
  • Acute Alcohol Intoxication

    Blood or breath alcohol measurements were obtained on arrival. Hourly measurements of vital signs including capnography were recorded.[] […] impairment in male social drinkers at 0.05% ascending breath alcohol concentration (BrAC), 0.08% peak BrAC and 0.05% descending BrAC.[] Breath alcohol level was measured using a Lion Alcolmeter 400 breath alcohol analyser (Vale of Glamorgan, UK) using mg/L breath alcohol content (BrAC) as the unit of measurement[]

    Missing: CD27+ B Cells Decreased Desbuquois Dysplasia
  • Alcohol Abuse

    EFFECTS INCLUDE: Reduced inhibitions Slurred speech Motor impairment Confusion Memory problems Concentration problems Alcohol poisoning Breathing problems Car crashes and[] The last area of the brain affected by alcohol is our brain stem, which controls involuntary reflexes like telling your lungs to breathe, your heart to pump.[] A low dose of alcohol may cause a relaxing effect, whereas a medium dose may cause slurred speech, and a high dose of alcohol may produce breathing difficulties.[]

    Missing: CD27+ B Cells Decreased Desbuquois Dysplasia
  • Alcohol Dementia

    Doctors do not assume that simply because people have alcohol on their breath that nothing else could be wrong.[] […] and shortness of breath.[] These behaviors occur because alcohol depresses the central nervous system, causing it to slow down its responses and reactions.[]

    Missing: CD27+ B Cells Decreased Desbuquois Dysplasia
  • Cystitis

    Desbuquois dysplasia 1 MedGen UID: 860583 •Concept ID: C4012146 • Disease or Syndrome Desbuquois dysplasia (DBQD) is an autosomal recessive chondrodysplasia belonging to the[] […] reduce your symptoms, and recent evidence suggests that mindfulness-based techniques, such as meditation, can help avoiding certain foods or drinks (such as tomatoes and alcohol[] Genetic Heterogeneity of Desbuquois Dysplasia DBQD2 (615777) is caused by mutation in the XYLT1 gene (608124) on chromosome 16p12.[]

    Missing: CD27+ B Cells Decreased
  • Alcoholic Liver Disease

    People may become very drowsy when intoxicated, they may breathe in their vomit, contract pneumonia or even die.[] Vomiting more than once a day Yellowing skin or eyes (jaundice) that is new or gets worse quickly Talk openly to your provider about your alcohol intake.[] The effects of alcohol are almost immediate because it is absorbed faster than it is processed and eliminated from the body.[]

    Missing: CD27+ B Cells Decreased Desbuquois Dysplasia
  • Alcohol Withdrawal Seizures

    The New York Times reports the following as symptoms of advanced alcoholic cardiomyopathy: Shortness of breath during sleep, causing frequent waking Troubles breathing while[] You can check for alcohol on the breath or use a breathalyser to confirm that the patient is abstinent.[] In general, symptoms of alcoholic cardiomyopathy may not begin until the disease is already advanced.[]

    Missing: CD27+ B Cells Decreased Desbuquois Dysplasia
  • Alcoholic Gastritis

    Body Odor People may have a distinct alcohol-smelling breath after a single drink.[] Gastritis can be diagnosed by the patient's symptoms and history (for example, NSAID and/or alcohol consumption), or by breath, blood, stool, immunological, and biopsy tests[] At higher alcohol levels, a person's breathing and heart rates may be slowed and vomiting may occur (with a high risk of the vomit being breathed into the lungs, potentially[]

    Missing: CD27+ B Cells Decreased Desbuquois Dysplasia
  • Periodontitis

    Among these CD27 B cells, the proportion of the switched memory subset was significantly higher.[] […] sensation of alcohol.[] Alcohol negatively affects oral defense mechanisms. Stress impairs the body's immune response to bacterial invasion.[]

    Missing: Desbuquois Dysplasia

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