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1,077 Possible Causes for Alimentary Hypoglycemia, Short Bowel Syndrome

  • Dumping Syndrome

    The increased release of insulin causes a rapid drop in blood glucose levels, a condition known as alimentary hypoglycemia , or low blood sugar . [1] [3] Signs and symptoms[] The use of Sandostatin in acute oesophageal variceal bleeding, pancreatic pseudocysts , gastrointestinal and pancreatic external fistulae, short bowel syndrome , dumping syndrome[] This type of hypoglycemia is referred to as "alimentary hypoglycemia".[]

  • Vitamin E Deficiency

    Cystic fibrosis, chronic cholestatic liver disease, abetalipoproteinemia, short bowel syndrome, isolated vitamin E deficiency syndrome and other malabsorption syndromes all[] bowel syndrome or cystic fibrosis.[] Conditions associated with fat malabsorption, such as cystic fibrosis, chronic cholestatic hepatobiliary disease, and short-bowel syndrome Vitamin E deficiency is uncommon[]

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  • Bowel Resection

    Intestinal failure-associated liver disease causes significant mortality in patients with short bowel syndrome.[] In Crohn disease, bowel-preserving surgery is necessary to prevent short bowel syndrome due to repeated operations.[] Patients undergoing a resection of half or more of their small intestine are likely to suffer from a myriad of complications known as “short bowel syndrome.”[]

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  • Night Blindness

    To describe clinical characteristics in a patient with recurrent episodes of night blindness due to vitamin A deficiency caused by short bowel syndrome in Crohn disease.[] We present a 60-year-old male, with history of Crohn's disease and multiple resections for strictures and fistulas leading to short bowel syndrome, with progressive bilateral[] She had a medical history of Crohn's disease and three previous bowel resections, which subsequently led to the malabsorptive state of short bowel syndrome.[]

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  • Volvulus

    If a long portion of intestine must be removed during surgery, your child may have lifelong digestive problems, such as short bowel syndrome.[] Some of the possible complications of Volvulus are development of peritonitis or a medical condition called as short bowel syndrome.[] In case if the bowel becomes completely necrotic, then the prognosis becomes severely guarded.[]

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  • Small Bowel Bypass

    PWE-048 Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth is Increased in Gastric Bypass, Small Bowel Resection and Short Bowel Syndrome Abstract Introduction Small intestinal bacterial[] Frustrated by the failure of medical forms of therapy, some physicians have tried rather drastic surgical procedures that create a short-bowel syndrome and lead to weight[] "Management of patients with a short bowel.". Nutrition 15 (7-8): 633-7. PMID 10422101 . Donohoe, CL.; Reynolds, JV. (Oct 2010). "Short bowel syndrome.".[]

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  • Radiation Enteritis

    Management of chronic radiation enteritis is often controversial, particularly due to the risk of short bowel syndrome.[] Only one patient had evidence of residual malignancy; this patient with short bowel syndrome was allowed home without invasive therapy.[] Four patients had resultant short bowel syndrome and were dependent on parenteral nutrition preoperatively.[]

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  • Crohn's Disease

    bowel syndrome?[] People who have part of their small intestine removed may experience a complication known as short bowel syndrome.[] People who have this surgery are able to control their bowel movements. What happens if part of the bowel is removed, resulting in "short bowel syndrome?"[]

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  • Mesenteric Vein Thrombosis

    Complications Complications include 3 : surgical complications abscess anastomosis breakdown short bowel syndrome recurrent mesenteric thrombosis: 14%, usually within six[] A short bowel syndrome is less likely to occur than with arterial occlusion.[] This is associated with the development of short bowel syndrome and high mortality rates [ 1 , 9 ].[]

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  • Nephrolithiasis

    Gutin, PhD August 15, 2018 More Case-Based Review June 6, 2018 Management of Short Bowel Syndrome, High-Output Enterostomy, and High-Output Entero-Cutaneous Fistulas in the[] Hyperoxaluria may be primary (a rare genetic disease), enteric (due to malabsorption and associated with chronic diarrhea or short-bowel syndrome ), or idiopathic.[]

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