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44 Possible Causes for Alkaline Phosphatase Increased, Gallbladder Carcinoma, Polyps

  • Gallbladder Carcinoma

    Laboratory tests are of limited benefit in the raising suspicion toward gallbladder carcinoma.[] We report an extremely rare case of a large cholesterol polyp of the gallbladder mimicking gallbladder carcinoma.[] The preoperative sVEGF-C/D levels of 31 patients with GBC, 10 patients with cholesterol polyps, and 10 healthy volunteers were measured by enzyme-linked immunoadsorbent assay[]

  • Cholelithiasis

    Shrunken gallbladder In porcelain gallbladder and shrunken gallbladder : higher risk of gallbladder carcinoma ![] Karma Singh Add a comment Polyps are benign growths arising from the surface of tissue, and cholelithiases are gallstones in the process of formation.[] Patients with increased CBD dilatation more than 5 mm showed statistically significant increases in alkaline phosphatase and gamma-glutamyltransferase.[]

  • Ulcerative Colitis

    Histology showed extensive hamartomatous-like polyps with adenocarcinoma and nodal metastases.[] polyps of colon with intestinal obstruction K51.413 Inflammatory polyps of colon with fistula K51.414 Inflammatory polyps of colon with abscess K51.418 Inflammatory polyps[] A chromoendoscopy can also be conducted upon the doctor’s recommendation, to examine the colitis setting for precancerous changes and polyps.[]

  • Bile Duct Disease

    carcinoma (0.5 to 3% lifetime risk).[] Another Patient had a gallbladder polyp consisting of heterotopic Duodenal glands, two patients showed a shock gallbladder following trauma and cardiac operation and three[] The following blood test results could be due to a possible blockage: Increased bilirubin level Increased alkaline phosphatase level Increased liver enzymes The following[]

  • Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis

    KEYWORDS: cancer surveillance; cholangiocarcinoma; cirrhosis; colorectal cancer; gallbladder cancer; hepatocellular carcinoma; primary sclerosing cholangitis[] Gastroenterology 2012 ; 143 : 88 – 98 .e3; quiz e14. 67 In primary sclerosing cholangitis, gallbladder polyps are frequently malignant .[] Liver function tests are usually abnormal (increased serum alkaline phosphatase (ALP) most commonly) and the bilirubin level can be raised with biliary obstruction.[]

  • Acute Cholecystitis

    We present a patient with irregular thickening of the gallbladder wall which was diagnosed as a gallbladder carcinoma by ultrasonography and CT.[] Other rare causes may be stricture, kinking of the cystic duct, intussusception of a polyp, torsion of the gallbladder, pressure of an overlying lymph node on the cystic duct[] […] than in non-AIDS patients, (2) problems with oral ingestion (3), right upper abdominal pain, (4) a marked increase in alkaline phosphatase and a mild increase in serum bilirubin[]

  • Secondary Sclerosing Cholangitis

    Under the diagnosis of lower bile duct carcinoma, he underwent pylorus-preserving pancreatoduodenectomy and liver biopsy.[] Scarring (primary sclerosing cholangitis, secondary sclerosing cholangitis) Traumatic (usually surgical injury) Stone forming Neoplastic (cancerous growths or tumors and polyps[] Diagnostic criteria include an increased serum alkaline phosphatase level that persists for more than 6 months, cholangiographic findings of bile-duct strictures detected[]

  • Choledocholithiasis

    […] patients who developed choledocholithiasis 10, 13, and 12 months after percutaneous ethanol injection and/or transcatheter arterial chemoembolization for hepatocellular carcinoma[] Abstract Although polyps of the extrahepatic biliary system are rare, an awareness of their potential existence is important as they may closely mimic choledocholithiasis[] Pathophysiology [ edit ] This obstruction may lead to jaundice, elevation in alkaline phosphatase , increase in conjugated bilirubin in the blood and increase in cholesterol[]

  • Cholangitis

    ., MD Seiten 1-11 Malignancy and Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis: Cholangiocarcinoma, Hepatocellular Carcinoma, and Gallbladder Carcinoma Muething, Larissa (et al.)[] Patients with PSC with gallbladder polyps more than 8 mm should also undergo cholecystectomy.[] […] bilirubin increased alkaline phosphatase and glutamyltransferase.[]

  • Obstructive Jaundice

    […] of head of pancreas hepatocellular carcinoma gallbladder carcinoma Patients presenting with jaundice is a common indication for imaging.[] Terada T, Nakanuma Y, Kawai K: Small hepatocellular carcinoma presenting as intrabiliary pedunculated polyp and obstructive jaundice.[] LFTs : Alkaline phosphatase: considerably increased with either extrahepatic or intrahepatic biliary disease.[]

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