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103 Possible Causes for Alkalosis, Lip Numbness

  • Hyperventilation

    Some neurological effects include numbness and tingling in your fingers, toes, lips, and other extremities; muscle tetany that leaves you with an uncontrolled cramp known[] Hyperventilation in pregnancy is a cause of chronic respiratory alkalosis.[] […] wikiHow Contributor Community Answer A tingling sensation or numbness in your hands, feet and lips is a symptom of hyperventilation, along with lightheadedness, dizziness,[]

  • Bicarbonate

    Lip numbness was a requisite for all the patients.[] We report a patient with PMP who underwent intraperitoneal irrigation with sodium bicarbonate and exhibited marked alkalosis.[] A case is presented in which there was an immediate response to sodium bicarbonate in three episodes of ventricular tachycardia despite the presence of alkalosis on two of[]

  • Respiratory Alkalosis

    […] mechanism of respiratory alkalosis generally occurs when some stimulus makes a person hyperventilate.[] Respiratory alkalosis can be an acute or chronic condition.[] Respiratory alkalosis is the most frequent acid-base disturbance encountered in clinical practice.[]

  • Psychogenic Hyperventilation

    […] are usually associated with acidosis and an increased risk of poor outcome, in patients with psychogenic hyperventilation, high lactates are associated with hypocapnia and alkalosis[] […] by , Last updated June 7, 2012 Reviewed and revised 5/5/12 DEFINITION Respiratory Alkalosis a primary acid-base disorder in which arterial pCO2 falls to a level lower than[] Respiratory alkalosis Synonym Hypocapnia Related conditions Metabolic alkalosis Metabolic acidosis Respiratory acidosis 1.[]

  • Acute Hyperventilation

    Respiratory alkalosis accompanies the clinical syndrome of tetany, precipitates cardiac arrhythmias and predisposes to coronary vasoconstriction.[] Compare metabolic alkalosis.[] Causes of Respiratory Alkalosis 1.[]

  • Hypocalcemia

    The symptoms of severe hypocalcemia can be remembered with the mnemonic 'CATS go numb': Convulsions, Arrhythmias, Tetany and numbness of hands, feet and lips.[] We reported a case of vertebral brucellosis, which developed two hypocalcemic episodes associated with hypokalemic alkalosis with two drug combinations including rifampicin[] The metabolic alkalosis exacerbates hypercalcemia by stimulating resorption of calcium at the kidneys.[]

  • Anxiety Disorder

    This case features an adult male with moderate social anxiety disorder and mild depressive symptoms who showed an initial positive response to an earlier experience of cognitive behavior therapy, but then relapsed when he started avoiding social situations again because of continuing beliefs that experiencing[…][]

  • Panic Attacks

    Numbness or tingling in the face, especially around the lips. May also occur in the extremities, chest, or even the entire body.[] "Exaggerated compensatory response to acute respiratory alkalosis in panic disorder is induced by increased lactic acid production".[] This is known as hypocapnic alkalosis – or more simply put, your blood is too alkaline and makes you light headed dizzy feel unreal suffocating or smothering feelings And[]

  • Lidocaine

    For example, if you put some of the gel on your lips (the red part), you will feel numb - really numb - in less than ten minutes.[] Disproportionate increases also occurred in platelet counts 1 h after surgery, and saline controls had increased respiratory alkalosis at 6 h with higher lactate.[] Thus, with lidocaine toxicity, metabolic and respiratory acidosis is more dangerous than respiratory alkalosis.[]

  • Hypoparathyroidism

    Tingling and numbness of lips and fingers E. Calcium level of 15 mg/dL F. Phosphate level 1.2 G. Renal calculi 11.[] Milk-alkali syndrome (MAS), characterized by renal failure, metabolic alkalosis and hypercalcemia, is a severe and life-threatening complication of the treatment of hypoparathyroidism[] Imaging Radiographs skull basal ganglia calcification Evaluation Labs decreased PTH calcium 1,25-Vit D urinary calcium increased serum phosphate normal alkaline phosphatase pH alkalosis[]

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