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442 Possible Causes for alloys, white

  • Urinary Tract Infection

    The direct microscopic examination of fungi in urine was positive, and the fungal cultures showed white, cotton-like colony.[] alloy catheters complained of discomfort compared with standard catheters (RR 0.84, 95% CI 0.74 to 0.96).[] Abstract Trichosporon asahii is a basidiomycete yeast responsible for white piedra and onychomycosis in the immunocompetent host.[]

  • Acute Bronchitis

    Phlegm is usually copious and can be white, yellow, or green, depending on how much heat or heat toxicity is present.[] Cadmium External is a byproduct of zinc-, copper- and lead-smelting, it is used in batteries, plastics, alloys and for electroplating – it is also encountered in welding.[] Mucus : In addition, it’s very common for those with acute bronchitis to complain of coughing up phlegm or mucus that can be clear, white, yellow, or green.[]

  • Patulous Eustachian Tube

    Seite 111 - Douglas NJ, White DP, Pickett CK, Weil JV, Zwillich CW. Respiration during sleep in normal man. Thorax 1982;37:840-844. ‎[] […] these disappear with treatment- lesions will always return whenever subject experiences stress or poor diet- until mercury inlays (so-called „silver““““ fillings and nickel alloy[] To help prevent- always disinfect and dry ears after using public pools with 40% alcohol solution such as vodka or white rum) C1561 Tinnitus (see also Circulatory stasis-[]

  • Bismuth

    * A synthetically prepared white, crystalline powder. A derivative of the metal Bismuth. Functions as a colorant, adding a white pigment to cosmetic products.[] The results show that addition of bismuth in strontium modified alloys may have a poisoning effect resulting in lost modification of the silicon phase.[] Bismuth has a metallic-white color with a slight reddish or pinkish hue.[]

  • Vanadium

    The author, seeking for a more economical method, found that if the ammonium metavanadate (NH 4 VO 3 ) be heated for a sufficiently long time at a white heat m a current of[] We highlight the case of a patient who developed systemic dermatitis and implant failure after surgical placement of a titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V) plate in the left foot.[] Six weeks prior, the patient underwent implantation of a titanium alloy plate in the left foot for surgical repair of painful deforming osteoarthritis.[]

  • Metal Fume Fever

    Vital signs, white blood cell count and differential, nasal smears, chest X-ray, and pulmonary function tests were monitored during each inhalation challenge.[] Zinc or nickel plating can be used instead of cadmium plating, and brazing filler alloys now rarely contain cadmium.[] Luke's International Hospital, Tokyo 104-8560, Japan. [email protected] Abstract A large quantity of white gas containing titanium dioxide and hydrogen chloride was generated[]

  • Tooth Decalcification

    Warning White scars are a sign that you should take better care of your teeth.[] Crowns can be made out of porcelain (meaning some sort of dental ceramic), metal (a gold or other metal alloy), or a combination of both.[] What Are Icon White Spots On Teeth? White spots, especially on front teeth, are quite common.[]

  • Cobalt Poisoning

    When the white blood cells attack a foreign body such as a metal implant, they remember the organisms they have tagged before when an invasion was attempted.[] The purpose of this review is to examine the use of cobalt alloys in total hip arthroplasty, to review the methods of measuring circulating cobalt levels, to define a level[] Skin problems include transverse white bands on the fingernails (mees’ lines) and excessive accumulation of fluid in the soft layers of tissue below the skin (edema).[]

  • Berylliosis

    For example, those with vibration white finger or hand arm vibration syndrome could be entitled to between 2,000 and 29,000 depending on a range of factors.[] Risks of beryllium disease related to work processes at a metal, alloy, and oxide production plant.[] […] repeated exposure, develop an exaggerated immune response (delayed-type hypersensitivity reaction) on further exposure to beryllium As a part of the immune response, certain white[]

  • Chronic Berylliosis

    Using the same plexin A2 mAb and mouse cerebellum as a positive control, Fig. 7 B shows plexin A2 staining in Purkinje cells and white matter.[] Risks of beryllium disease related to work processes at a metal, alloy, and oxide production plant.[] Abstract We report a case of chronic berylliosis of the lung in a patient who was exposed to copper beryllium alloy, which was mistaken and being treated as miliary tuberculosis[]

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