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80 Possible Causes for Almond-Shaped Eyes, Learning Disabilities, Small Hand

  • Prader-Willi Syndrome

    The clinical appearance of PWS includes dysmorphic facial features with almond-shaped eyes, a narrow bifrontal diameter, and a thin upper lip; short stature; central obesity[] disabilities, hormonal deficiencies, and specific physical characteristics.[] hands and feet, mild dysmorphology, and behavior problems which can be severe.[]

  • Down Syndrome

    Individuals with DS may have certain physical attributes including: Almond-shaped eyes with striking Brushfield spots (small, white, crescent-shaped markings) on the irises[] In the United Kingdom, the psychiatry of learning disability is a specialty in its own right, but people with learning disabilities outside the UK may be under the care of[] […] nasal bridge, slightly smaller ears, small mouth, decreased muscle tone, loose ligaments, and small hands and feet.[]

  • Velocardiofacial Syndrome

    Typical facial features include a long face, small almond shaped eyes, a wide bridged nose, and malformations of the ear.[] Abstract Velocardiofacial syndrome (VCFS), also known as 22q11.2 deletion syndrome, is a neurogenetic disorder that is associated with both learning disabilities and a consistent[] Distinct physical features sometimes associated with the syndrome include loss of muscle tone (hypotonia), small slender stature, tapered hands and fingers, small head circumference[]

  • Mental Retardation

    - shaped eyes; wide nose with hypoplastic alae nasi; small ears; slender, hyperextensible fingers Learning disabilities mild MR; psychiatric disorder in 10% High-resolutionchromosome[] , an IQ of 20-34 a severe learning disability, 35-49 moderate, and 50-70 mild learning disability.[] Amor, Functional disomy of proximal Xp causes a distinct phenotype comprising early hypotonia, hypertelorism, small hands and feet, ear abnormalities, myopia and cognitive[]

  • Brooks Wisniewski Brown Syndrome

    Deeply set eyes and almond shaped palpebral fissures were noted. The inner canthal distance was 2.4 cm (- 1 SD), the outer canthal distance 7.1 cm (-4 SD).[] Fragile X Syndrome August 28, 2018 by Peter Ciszewski Fragile X Syndrome is a genetic condition that causes a range of developmental problems including learning disabilities[] Other outcomes and observations may include abnormally small hands and feet with unusually prominent veins on the trunk, short stature.[]

  • DiGeorge Syndrome

    Facial characteristics include small ears with a squared upper ear, almond shaped eyes, flattened bridge of the nose, pear-shaped nose, and small mouth and chin.[] Mild intellectual delay or learning disability is present in the majority of individuals with velocardiofacial syndrome.[] Children with DiGeorge often have elongated faces, almond-shaped eyes and unusual outer ears.[]

  • Fragile X Syndrome

    They also have unique pixie-like facial features–almond shaped eyes, oval ears, full lips, small chins, narrow faces, and broad mouths.[] disability.[] […] subset of male patients may have obesity, poor linear growth, small hands and feet, and diffuse hyperpigmentation Craniofacial: Adolescent and adult patients have a long,[]

  • Hypogonadism

    Features include emotional lability, poor gross motor skills, facial abnormalities (eg, a narrow bitemporal dimension, almond-shaped eyes, a mouth with thin upper lips and[] disabilities.[] Turner's syndrome does not affect intelligence, although persons with the condition have poor spatial perception and mathematical aptitude, often accompanied by learning disabilities[]

  • Microdeletion 3q29 Syndrome

    […] including: epicanthal folds, a broad nasal bridge with a prominent metopic suture and micrognathia, asymmetric face with the right face and lips drooping, and myopathic face, almond-shaped[] disability, epilepsy and eating disorders.[] The following clinical features are also frequent: fifth finger clinodactyly and small feet/hands, syndactyly of the fingers or toes, persistent fetal finger pads and a single[]

  • Disorder of Sex Development - Intellectual Disability Syndrome

    Children may be born with almond-shaped eyes, a narrowing of the head at the temples, a turned-down mouth and a thin upper lip. Poor sucking reflex.[] Supermales tend to be taller than average and to have learning disabilities.[] Females with fragile X syndrome who have the full mutation and are symptomatic usually have learning disabilities or mild mental retardation.[]

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