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4,181 Possible Causes for Alopecia, Cerebral Vasculitis or Vasculopathy, Subacute Clinical Course

  • Stroke

    ), noninflammatory vasculopathy, Moyamoya disease and fibromuscular dysplasia.[] 10 643·5 to 22 842·6) 31·0 (29·7 to 32·4) * 5·1 (4·3 to 5·8) * 202·3 (136·5 to 292·9) 207·8 (140·1 to 300·1) 212·1 (143·0 to 306·4) 4·9 (4·2 to 5·6) * 2·1 (1·5 to 2·6) * Alopecia[] Small vessel disease involves the smaller arteries inside the brain: branches of the circle of Willis, middle cerebral artery, stem, and arteries arising from the distal vertebral[]

  • Sarcoidosis

    Although sarcoid is well recognized to affect the central nervous system, it is unusual in the form of cerebral vasculitis.[] […] of alopecia involving only the legs [ 28 ] and a case of total body alopecia [ 19 ].[] The disease is extremely heterogeneous with an unpredictable clinical course.[]

  • Vasculitis

    […] venous thrombosis Laboratory Pathology: Vasculopathy Perivascular inflammation Systemic or CNS Association with: HLA-B51 CSF Abnormal in 75%: Especially with parenchymal[] […] side effects observed during the trial included flu-like symptoms after the first few injections (most patients), mild leukopenia and thrombocytopenia, loss of appetite, alopecia[] […] inmvolvement High: Cells, Protein, IL-6 Pathergy Cryoglobulinemia Drugs & Vasculitis : Amphetamine; Cocaine; Heroin; Ephedrine; Phenylpropanolamine Most drug-induced vasculitis[]

  • Secondary Syphilis

    BACKGROUND: Syphilitic alopecia (SA) is mainly described in single case reports, and there are only a few epidemiological studies.[] alopecia (disorder) Czech Syfilitická alopecie Hungarian alopecia syphilitica , syphilises alopecia Spanish alopecia sifilítica (trastorno) , alopecia sifilítica , Alopecia[] alopecia (disorder) Czech Syfilitická alopecie Hungarian alopecia syphilitica, syphilises alopecia Spanish alopecia sifilítica (trastorno), alopecia sifilítica, Alopecia[]

    Missing: Cerebral Vasculitis or Vasculopathy
  • Primary HIV Infection

    Simultaneous primary infection with HIV and CMV leading to severe pancytopenia, hepatitis, nephritis, perimyocarditis, myositis, and alopecia totalis.[]

    Missing: Cerebral Vasculitis or Vasculopathy
  • Lupus Encephalitis

    The terms cerebritis and vasculitis are well embedded in the literature and will be used in this article, keeping in mind the evolving understanding of the underlying processes[] Clinical Criteria Laboratory Criteria Acute cutaneous lupus Antinuclear antibodies Chronic cutaneous lupus Anti-DNA Oral or nasal ulcers Anti-Smith antibodies Nonscarring alopecia[] It is erythematous, well demarcated and associated with scaling: Discoid lupus Other manifestations include livedo reticularis, diffuse or patchy non-scarring alopecia and[]

  • Kawasaki Disease

    cerebral arteries.[] Dermatological adverse effects are also uncommon, such as pruritus, eczematous dermatitis, alopecia, and multiform erythema 72.[] […] presentation of KD varies over time, with the clinical course conventionally divided into 3 stages: acute, subacute, and convalescent (see the image below).[]

  • Hypersensitivity

    Eckert , Abnormal Interactions between Perifollicular Mast Cells and CD8 T-Cells May Contribute to the Pathogenesis of Alopecia Areata , PLoS ONE , 9 , 5 , (e94260) , (2014[]

    Missing: Cerebral Vasculitis or Vasculopathy
  • Lupus Nephritis

    Treatments, including mycophenolate mofetil (MMF) and calcineurin inhibitors, alone and in combination, may have equivalent or improved rates of remission, lower toxicity (less alopecia[] Compared to IV cyclophosphamide, MMF is probably associated with decreased alopecia ( RR 0.29, 95% CI 0.19 to 0.46; 170 less (129 less to 194 less) per 1000 people) (moderate[] […] disease remission (RR 2.38, 95% CI 1.07 to 5.30; 336 more (17 to 1048 more) per 1000 people (low certainty evidence) compared with IV cyclophosphamide, however the effects on alopecia[]

    Missing: Cerebral Vasculitis or Vasculopathy
  • Drug Eruptions

    Pink/fleshy perifollicular papules with diffuse alopecia. Horizontal section shows perifollicular fibrosis consistent with scarring alopecia.[] Examples include: Eczema craquelé aggravated by diuretics Cutaneous atrophy, striae and telangiectasia due to topical or systemic steroids Drug-induced alopecia from cytotoxic[] Other physical manifestations include acneiform papules and pustules where comedones are absent, alopecia, tenderness and redness on the palms and soles, target lesions seen[]

    Missing: Cerebral Vasculitis or Vasculopathy

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