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2,767 Possible Causes for Altered Mental Status, Blister, Cellulitis, Confusion

  • Necrotizing Fasciitis

    There may be ulcers, blisters, or black spots on the skin.[] We present a case of GBS necrotizing cellulitis and summarize the literature regarding the presentation and management of infantile head and neck GBS cellulitis and necrotizing[] mental status.[] Use soap and water to clean even small breaks in your skin, such as minor cuts or blisters. Cover the wounds with a sterile bandage.[]

  • Toxic Shock Syndrome

    On the 2nd hospital day, he was referred to our department for possible acute occlusive peripheral artery disease (PAD) and skin necrosis with blisters; however, computed[] […] a sunburn-like rash with peeling of the skin, especially of the palms and soles, occurs during the acute phase Syndrome characterized by high fever, vomiting, diarrhea, confusion[] In all patients, fever and systemic erythema without hemodynamic disturbance occurred following cellulitis of the lower limbs.[] We report the case of a 45-year-old Japanese woman who on receiving chemotherapy for advanced breast cancer developed an altered mental status and dysarthria soon after fever[]

  • Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis

    Herpes zoster in its acute or chronic stage rarely causes pain, diplopia, and a droopy eyelid in addition to the typical zoster blisters.[] Decreased level of consciousness, confusion, seizures, and focal neurologic deficits are signs of CNS spread.[] A case of cavernous sinus thrombosis is usually a complication of severe orbital cellulitis and meningitis.[] This gentleman presented with altered mental status, asymmetrical exophthalmos and multiple cranial nerve palsies.[]

  • Cellulitis

    Cellulitis can be caused by normal skin flora or by exogenous bacteria, and often occurs where the skin has previously been broken: cracks in the skin, cuts, blisters, burns[] This may be due to confusion of cellulitis with its mimics and perhaps problems with construct validity of the diagnosis of cellulitis.[] We assess the most recent evidence in the diagnosis and management of cellulitis.[] mental status.[]

  • Bacterial Pneumonia

    , especially among older persons loss of appetite sweating Older adults will share all the symptoms with younger adults, but are much more likely to experience confusion and[] Management of preseptal and orbital cellulitis. Saudi J Ophthalmol. 2011 Jan. 25 (1):21-9. [Medline]. Orbital Cellulitis. American Academy of Ophthalmology.[] mental status due to intoxication or stroke.[] Associated factors are as follows: Alcoholism Altered mental status Anatomic abnormalities, congenital or acquired Drug use Dysphagia Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD[]

    Missing: Blister
  • Sepsis

    Matrix-metalloproteinase-2, -8 and -9 in serum and skin blister fluid in patients with severe sepsis. Crit. Care 14, R49 (2010). 130. Lauhio, A. et al.[] […] for aerobes, and yellow label for blood samples from children Pronunciation Specialty Infectious disease Symptoms Fever, increased heart rate, increased breathing rate, confusion[] […] peritonitis ) Kidneys (upper urinary tract infection, pyelonephritis or urosepsis) Lining of the brain ( meningitis ) Liver or gallbladder Lungs ( bacterial pneumonia ) Skin ( cellulitis[] We report the case of a woman who presented with altered mental status after receiving normal saline through an intravenous catheter placed by a medically untrained individual[]

  • Hemophilus Meningitis

    Meningococcal septicaemia: Rash that develops into a bruise-like rash or blood blisters - marks do not fade in the ‘tumbler test' Fever Abdominal pain/diarrhoea Rapid breathing[] Fever and chills Excessive tiredness Pain in the belly Nausea with or without vomiting Diarrhea Anxiety Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing Altered mental status (confusion[] Tabs Content Clinical Overview Diagnosis Indications for Testing Identify etiologic agent in pneumonia, meningitis, cellulitis, septic arthritis Laboratory Testing CDC testing[] Symptoms of meningitis include fever, headache, stiff neck, vomiting, light sensitivity and confusion.[]

  • Acute Hepatic Porphyria

    The majority of patients exhibit acute attacks, while 20% can also present with skin-related symptoms, such as photosensitivity and blistering skin lesions.[] RESULTS: All patients identified prodromal symptoms that began days prior to acute severe pain; the most common included confusion ("brain fog"), irritability, and fatigue[] […] weeks, neurological symptoms (muscular weakness, sensory loss or convulsions) and psychological symptoms (irritability, anxiety, auditory or visual hallucinations, mental confusion[] These can present with blistering skin lesions or with nonblistering photosensitivity.[]

    Missing: Cellulitis
  • Septic Shock

    A 51-year-old man presented to a community based emergency department with bilateral lower extremity swelling that began four days prior and that had evolved into recent blister[] It is marked by hypotension, oliguria, tachycardia and confusion.[] Burns complicated by cellulitis.[] CASE REPORT Our case involves an elderly man presenting with altered mental status of unknown etiology, in addition to hemodynamic instability, presumably due to septic shock[]

  • Meningoencephalitis

    Avoid kissing people with cold sore blisters.[] Radiologic findings of necrosis and liquefaction due to hemorrhagic meningoencephalitis may be confused with brain abcess.[] Bacteremic cellulitis, arthritis and mastoiditis were also present (5.9%) 9. Somnolence and vomits were other reported signs.[] An extensive laboratory workup for the etiology of his altered mental status was unremarkable, except for a mildly elevated white blood cell count in the cerebrospinal fluid[]

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