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30 Possible Causes for Altered Mental Status, Prominent Sulci, Sudden Death

  • Brain Stem Herniation

    The sudden stoppage of Decadron *may* cause a "rebound" of intracranial pressure and lead to a rapid death.[] The fluid space between the cortex and the calvarium appears to be increased and the sulci/gyri may appear prominent. View prominent sulci/gyri.[] This may produce compression of the medulla with sudden apnea and death from asphyxiation. Direct involvement of the brain stem may occur at several levels.[]

  • Primary Amebic Meningoencephalitis

    […] accidental chemical affinity self-defense (zooplankton, grazers) ambush-predator life style culture filtrates induce open ulcerative sores, hemorrhaging and death in fish[] CT head showed prominent sulci suggestive of cerebral atrophy.[] We describe two children, aged four and 14 years, who both presented with seizures and altered mental status after recent fresh water swimming exposures.[]

  • Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy

    Symptoms include sudden fever, severe headache, or confusion. Infection of the eye caused by herpes viruses leading to blindness in some patients has occurred.[] The image from day 258 shows prominence of cerebellar sulci (red arrow) and increased size of fourth ventricle.[] Altered mental status is also observed. Visual assessment may be notable for conjugate gaze deficits and other abnormalities.[]

  • Hypertensive Encephalopathy

    Hypertensive encephalopathy is an acute, often transient, cerebral condition precipitated by sudden severe hypertension.[] There was complete resolution of cerebral edema in all patients and mild interval prominence of the cerebral sulci, which can indicate cerebral volume loss, in three out of[] His altered mental status, however, resolved with control of blood pressure.[]

  • Meningoencephalitis

    Sudden death in toddlers with viral meningitis, massive cerebral edema, and neurogenic pulmonary edema and hemorrhage: report of two cases.[] MRI of the brain showed some effacement of cortical sulci, rendering the vessels prominent, with increased T2-weighted signal diffusely scattered throughout both hemispheres[] An extensive laboratory workup for the etiology of his altered mental status was unremarkable, except for a mildly elevated white blood cell count in the cerebrospinal fluid[]

  • Hypoxia

    Sudden death may occur in silos.[] Grossly, the lesion was marked by preserved gyral crests and involved sulci, resulting in prominent, mushroom-shaped gyri.[] In addition, Cardiovascular research group (Nakamura et al.) published "Complete heart block and sudden death in mice overexpressing calreticulin(J Clin Invest. 2001 May;107[]

  • Postictal State

    […] unexpected death in epilepsy.[] Ventricles, sulci and cisterns were mildly prominent for age and there was mild cerebral cortical volume loss.[] If a patient remains confused for longer than 20 minutes after a seizure, consider another cause of altered mental status [4].[]

  • Ondine Syndrome

    Springer, ٠١‏/١٠‏/٢٠١٤ - 203 من الصفحات Crib death or sudden infant death syndrome is the most frequent death-causing syndrome during the first year of life, striking one[] The ventricles and sulci were thought to be slightly prominent for the patient's age. MRI findings are shown in Figure 1.[] Paramedics bring a 26-year-old man to the ED with acute-onset altered mental status. He has a history of back pain. An open, unlabeled pillbox was found.[]

  • Marchiafava Bignami Disease

    Read More [Diagnostic usefulness of the beta-hydroxybutyrate/acetone ratio in medico-legal diagnostics of sudden deaths].[] Findings CT shows mild prominence of the ventricles and sulci consistent with mild generalized cerebral volume loss.[] Marchiafava-Bignami disease, a rare alcohol-related disorder, characterized by altered mental status, seizure, and multifocal central nervous system signs, which results from[]

  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

    […] periventricular topographic distribution, whereas McKee et al 8 noted that the initial pathological changes were perivascular and at the base of the sulci and in the later[] Paramedics bring a 26-year-old man to the ED with acute-onset altered mental status. He has a history of back pain. An open, unlabeled pillbox was found.[] […] τ-immunoreactive astrocytes as a hallmark feature, but this was not observed in the cases examined by Omalu et al. 35 Omalu et al 35 reported a lobar cortical distribution but not a prominent[]

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