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107 Possible Causes for Amenorrhea, Lanugo

  • Anorexia Nervosa

    Amenorrhea is only one of several compensatory responses to the negative energy balance.[] […] not eating the food • Feeling sad, anxious or irritable • Feeling cold all the time • Tremendous weight loss • Exhaustion • Dizziness • Fine, soft hair on the body called lanugo[] Growth of a downy layer of hair called lanugo all over the body, including the face. Important Facts: It typically develops in early to mid-adolescence.[]

  • Pregnancy

    We present the case of a 30-year-old, gravida 2 para 1 at the 36-week period of amenorrhea (POA) with congenital CHB.[] Lanugo begins to fall off. Your baby is gaining weight quickly, about one-half pound a week.[] A 28-year-old woman presented with amenorrhea diagnosed as an 11-week cesarean scar pregnancy after an unsuccessful abortion.[]

  • Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome

    After birth, differential diagnosis should be performed using other forms of abnormal sexual differentiation of primary amenorrhea.[] Lanugo-type pubic hair appeared at the age of 11, and at 12 years of age she was at Tanner stage M4 P3, with scarce lanugo-type pubic hair.[] We report a case of complete androgen insensitivity syndrome in a 30 years old woman who presented primary amenorrhea.[]

  • Eating Disorder

    […] aspects links between the disorders. a 20-year-old Caucasian woman presented with obsessive-compulsive disorder followed by altered eating habits with major weight loss and amenorrhea[] Dental problems, such as enamel erosion, cavities, and tooth sensitivity Dry skin and hair, and brittle nails Swelling around area of salivary glands Fine hair on body (lanugo[] For women, the clearest sign that an eating disorder has grown severe is usually amenorrhea —a warning that a lack of fat has caused the body to stop producing estrogen.[]

  • Hypertrichosis

    […] their more severe forms, other signs and symptoms like hypertrophy [enlargement] of the clitoris, male-like changes in the voice, severe menstrual alterations including amenorrhea[] The ectopic adult development of lanugo hair led to the diagnosis of endometrial adenocarcinoma.[] Other signs of hyperandrogenism are acne, oligo- or amenorrhea, and androgenetic alopecia.[]

  • Dermoid Cyst

    We report the loss of potential fertility in a 23-year-old nulliparous woman who attended the outpatient gynaecological endocrinology clinic for amenorrhea and hot flushes[] Following excision, histology showed a cyst that contained keratin and lanugo hairs in its lumen with sebaceous glands and chronic inflammation in its fibrous wall.[]

  • Acne Necrotica Miliaris

    Post pill amenorrhea acne stomach problems by: Wray Hi Amanda How I wish Contraceptives had never been invented they cause so much grief.[] […] perforans Folliculitis of lids Gram-negative folliculitis Greasy hair Hair cast Hair sinus Hair sinus in foot Hairs broken close to the skin Increased hair growth Ingrown hair Lanugo[]

  • Anorexia

    Amenorrhea: The illness also causes a woman's menstrual cycle to stop, a condition called amenorrhea. Impotence: Men with anorexia often become impotent.[] […] and headaches Dehydration Shortness of breath Cold hands and feet Bloating Constipation Hair loss Stomach pains Decreased metabolic rate Edema (water retention) Growth or Lanugo[] […] n the partial or complete loss of appetite for food. anorexia nervosa , n a psychoneurotic disorder characterized by a prolonged refusal to eat, resulting in emaciation, amenorrhea[]

  • Amniotic Fluid Embolism

    We report the case of a patient falling victim to amniotic fluid embolism after the medical termination of her pregnancy at 24 weeks of amenorrhea following the discovery[] The contents of the fluid (e.g., shed fetal cells, meconium, lanugo, vernix) may produce pulmonary or cerebral emboli.[] Table 1 Components of amniotic fluid Solution (biochemical mediators) Suspensions Surfactant Lanugo hair Endothelin Vernix caseosa Leukotrienes C4 & D4 Fetal squames IL-1[]

  • Acanthosis Nigricans

    ., Ph.D. 4 Citing Articles A 27-year-old woman presented with a 2-year history of acanthosis nigricans (Panels A and B), hirsutism, and amenorrhea.[] A 5-year-old female patient was referred due to acanthosis nigricans and generalized lanugo.[] Of 7 postmenarchal patients, 6 had oligo- or amenorrhea and 6 had hirsutism. None was clinically diabetic. Plasma DHEA and androstenedione were normal in all patients.[]

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