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426 Possible Causes for Amenorrhea, Vaginal Discharge

  • Ectopic Pregnancy

    She had secondary amenorrhea for nine weeks. Transvaginal ultrasonography revealed normal empty uterus and right interstitial ectopic pregnancy with viable embryo.[] discharge and 2 days history of painless vaginal bleeding.[] A 29-year-old G3P2 woman presented with 50 days of amenorrhea and positive serum β-human gonadotropin (β-HCG) was enrolled into the hospital due to the absence of gestational[]

  • Tubal Pregnancy

    A 32-year-old Thai woman presented with acute severe lower abdominal pain and 8 weeks of amenorrhea.[] The vaginal bleeding can vary from being slight or brown vaginal discharge to being like a normal period.[] A 25-year-old woman, gravida 2, parity 0, presented with acute abdomen after 12 weeks of amenorrhea.[]

  • Cervical Cancer

    She had pleuritic chest pain and amenorrhea for 2 years.[] Advanced-stage cervical cancer almost always presents either with abnormal vaginal bleeding or with foul-smelling vaginal discharge.[] We present an unusual case of a 57 years old female who presented with chief complaints of Serosaguineous vaginal discharge of one year duration and irregular firm cervix[]

  • Hematocolpos

    Hypothalamic amenorrhea is typically characterized by amenorrhea in the absence of anatomic, chromosomal or organic abnormalities.[] The patient was discharged after 3 days without pain or vaginal bleeding.[] ( Bacterial vaginosis , Atrophic vaginitis , Candidal vulvovaginitis ) · Leukorrhea / Vaginal discharge · Hematocolpos / Hydrocolpos Sexual dysfunction ( Dyspareunia , Hypoactive[]

  • Leukorrhea

    Five sole Heat Low-grade fever Night sweats Irritability Insomnia Stools difficult to pass Constipation Men : Spermatorrhea Women : Irregular menses or Scanty menses or Amenorrhea[] , gray discharge Mucus and pus mixed in with discharge Frothy yellow-green discharge STAYFREE products provide excellent protection for normal vaginal discharges.[] It helps to stop the vaginal discharge. You will have to drink okra water.[]

  • Gonadal Dysgenesis

    A 16-year-old adolescent referred for primary amenorrhea. Endocrine and surgical investigation, SRY mutational analysis.[] discharge since 4 years, difficulty in standing and walking from last 2 years and progressive swelling over genital region since last month.[] At a Glance Amenorrhea is the absence of menstrual blood flow.[]

  • Abdominal Pregnancy

    A 34-year-old woman with amenorrhea for 8 weeks and a positive pregnancy test was referred for evaluation of ectopic pregnancy.[] You also have vaginal discharge or bleeding. You have any other signs of premature labor . What serious problems cause abdominal pain during pregnancy?[] A 35-year-old, para 2, unbooked, Ethiopian Somali woman presented with amenorrhea of 9 months' duration, abdominal pain, and painful fetal movements of 4 months' duration.[]

  • Hydatidiform Mole

    In a 51-year-old patient with 3 years amenorrhea, surgery revealed a necrotic, hemorrhagic mass involving the right peritubal space.[] discharge that has a foul odor[] We present a case of a 56-year-old woman with primary infertility who complained of amenorrhea for five months and vaginal bleeding for two months.[]

  • Postpartum Period

    , and at the end of amenorrhea.[] You can see that vaginal discharge, a significant amount of vaginal discharge lasts for about a month following delivery.[] Vaginal Discharge Usually lasts about ten days to four weeks.[]

  • Pregnancy

    We present the case of a 30-year-old, gravida 2 para 1 at the 36-week period of amenorrhea (POA) with congenital CHB.[] White milky vaginal discharge is among the first pregnancy signs. Vaginal Discharge Besides bleeding, a woman may notice white, milky discharge .[] A 28-year-old woman presented with amenorrhea diagnosed as an 11-week cesarean scar pregnancy after an unsuccessful abortion.[]

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