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2,023 Possible Causes for ammonium, peroxydisulfate

Did you mean: ammonia, peroxydisulfate

  • Insect Bite

    Counter-irritants One small trial of dilute ammonium solution found it relieved symptoms such as itching and burning compared to a placebo.[] An ammonium solution (AfterBite) applied to the bite can help relieve itching.[]

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  • Influenza

    In answering this question it will be of use to consider that, although the channel is not permeable to K or Na , it is permeable to ammonium and hydroxylamine ( 13 ).[] […] of cell surfaces, and his work with the haemagglutinin found in extracts of tissue infected with vaccinia, which can, he found, be precipitated by a saturated solution of ammonium[] In hospitals, quaternary ammonium compounds and bleach are used to sanitize rooms or equipment that have been occupied by patients with influenza symptoms.[]

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  • Dementia

    […] transport 030 RHAG RHAG RHAG CD241 RBC membrane integrity, ammonium transport 010 Diego DI SLC4A1 CD233 Band 3, Anion exchange 015 Colton CO AQP1 Water channel 029 Gill GIL[] 4:0% 4:11.8% Chemicals and reagents Methanol (Optima TM LC/MS) was obtained from Thermo Fisher and GC/MS grade water and chloroform were obtained from Burdick & Jackson; ammonium[] GYPB, GYPE CD235 A & B Chaperonin 020 Gerbich GE GYPC CD236 Cytoskeleton attachment to membrane; P. falciparum receptor Transport/ Channel 004 Rh RH RHD, RHCE CD240 D & CE Ammonium[]

    Missing: peroxydisulfate
  • Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

    After an overnight digestion, peptides were eluted from the filters with 25 mM ammonium bicarbonate buffer.[] The column was initially equilibrated for 70 min in buffer A (20 mM ammonium formate, pH 10) as described above before sample injection.[] The concentrated iTRAQ Reagent-Labeled Digest Samples from the six groups were next solubilized in 250 μL of loading buffer A (20 mM ammonium formate, pH 10) and combined[]

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  • Ammonium Chloride

    Ammonium chloride solutions with ammonia are used as buffer solutions including ACK (Ammonium-Chloride-Potassium) lysis buffer.In paleontology, ammonium chloride vapor is[] Solutions of ammonium chloride are mildly acidic.[] ; Salmiac; Ammonium chloride fume; Ammonium uriate; Katapone VV-328; Quaternary ammonium chloride Information on this page: Condensed phase thermochemistry data Phase change[]

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  • Ammonium Tetrathiomolybdate

    , and ammonium sulfide can be recycled with additional ammonium hydroxide and ammonium paramolybdate, and reacted with hydrogen sulfide to form ammonium tetrathiomolybdate[] "Thermal and reductive decomposition of ammonium thiomolybdates".[] Ammonium tetrathiomolybdate ROTI METIC 99,99 % (4N) Ammonium molybdenum sulfide Empirical formula (NH 4 ) 2 MoS 4 Molar mass (M) 260,27 g/mol Melting point (mp)300 C WGK 1[]

    Missing: peroxydisulfate
  • Renal Tubular Acidosis

    Both children had an adequate response to the oral administration of ammonium chloride, providing no alkali therapy was being administered at the time of the test (table III[] Clinical tests and labs revealed a type 1 renal tubular acidosis, even if the first blood tests showed ammonium and lactate increase.[] […] a negative gap meaning ammonium is present).[]

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  • Proximal Renal Tubular Acidosis

    These observations were made while the patients were on a normal diet as well as when they were undergoing a short ammonium chloride test.[] Both children had an adequate response to the oral administration of ammonium chloride, providing no alkali therapy was being administered at the time of the test (table III[] Maximal rates of urinary excretion of titratable acid and ammonium were normal; erythrocyte carbonic anhydrase II was normal.[]

    Missing: peroxydisulfate
  • Pentachlorophenol Poisoning

    […] rodenticides Accidental poisoning by squill and derivatives Agrochemical or pesticide causing toxic effect Alphachloralose causing toxic effect Alphanaphthylthiourea toxicity Ammonium[] . 10.1016/j.jconhyd.2009.02.008 View Article Google Scholar Neppolian B, Doronila A, Ashokkumar M: Sonochemical oxidation of arsenic (III) to arsenic (V) using potassium peroxydisulfate[] COD was determined using potassium dichromate solution as oxidizer in a strong acid medium, then by titration step using ferrous ammonium sulfate as the reducing agent and[]

  • Sulfonamide

    A Pd-catalyzed coupling of aryl iodides and the sulfur dioxide surrogate DABSO provides aryl ammonium sulfinates, that can be transformed in a one-pot process to various functionalized[] This study investigated the degradation kinetics of sulfonamide antibiotics in synthetic wastewater and hydrolyzed human urine by low pressure (LP) UV, UV/H2O2 and UV/peroxydisulfate[] Kazuaki ISHIHARA , Rational design of dynamic ammonium salt catalysts towards more flexible and selective function , Proceedings of the Japan Academy, Series B , 10.2183/pjab[]

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