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534 Possible Causes for Amoxicillin, Hoarseness

  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    Additional to the secondary infection can be laryngitis (hoarseness/”frog in the throat”) , traccheitis, (irritation of trachea) , acute bronchitis, sinusitis, and even the[] The occurrence of side-effects was similar in the amoxicillin/clavulanic acid and placebo groups.[] If you develop laryngitis, however, you may lose your voice or become hoarse.[]

  • Viral Lower Respiratory Infection

    […] respiratory failure and congestive heart failure with infection, pneumonia or symptoms of wheezing, dyspnea, cough, sputum production, nasal congestion, sore throat, and/or hoarseness[] LRTI - 1st: doxycycline, 2nd: amoxicillin Mild CAP (CURB65 0-1) - 1st: amoxicillin, 2nd/allergy: doxycycline, 3rd: clarithromycin / erythromycin Moderate CAP (CURB65 2) -[] If laryngitis develops (larynx voice box itis inflammation), the patient may lose their voice or become hoarse.[]

  • Pharyngitis

    Six clinical symptom scores, such as the severity of itchy throat, hoarseness, pain, odynophagia, cough and otalgia were evaluated in chronic pharyngitis patients after the[] It has been reported that a small percentage of patients experience recurrent GAS pharyngitis after 10 days of treatment with oral amoxicillin.[] Other common symptoms include fever, swollen lymph nodes in the neck, cough, headache, pain in the ears and hoarseness. The treatment depends on the cause.[]

  • Sinusitis

    Our group's expertise also covers voice and swallowing disorders (hoarseness, acid reflux, swallowing difficulty), hearing and equilibrium disorders (hearing loss, tinnitus[] They received oral amoxicillin-clavulanic acid and normal saline nasal drops for 10 days and oral pseudoephedrine for 7 days.[] Patients have a sore throat and very hoarse voice that lasts a week in many cases. Dr.[]

  • Tuberculosis

    […] be suspected in any patient with symptoms including coughing for more than 3 weeks, loss of appetite, unexplained weight loss, night sweats, bloody sputum or hemoptysis, hoarseness[] MDR-TB regimen) D1 Pyrazinamide Z Ethambutol E High-dose isoniazid Hh D2 Bedaquiline Bdq Delamanid Dlm D3 p -Aminosalicylic acid PAS Imipenem cilastatin d Ipm Meropenem d Mpm Amoxicillin[] Many had dry coughs without expectoration, and accompanied with hoarseness of voice.[]

  • Streptococcal Infection

    (If you have a sore throat as well as a cough , red eyes, hoarseness, diarrhoea , or a blocked-up nose then the cause is likely to be a viral infection, not streptococcal.[] CONCLUSIONS: Following treatment with amoxicillin, we found a low recurrence rate of 12.4%.[] (If you have a sore throat as well as a cough, red eyes, hoarseness, diarrhoea, or a blocked-up nose then the cause is likely to be a viral infection, not streptococcal.)[]

  • Acute Bronchitis

    Colds (also known as viral upper airway infections) often involve the throat ( pharyngitis ) and nasal passages, and at times the larynx (resulting in a diminished hoarse[] Of 131 HIV infected subjects (19.8%), cure rates for those randomised to amoxicillin (77.2%) and placebo (83.8%) differed by 6.6% (95% CI -21.7% to 8.6%).[] Tightness and pain in the chest Shortness of breath Soreness of throat Hoarseness of voice Runny or stuffy nose Fever with chills especially seen in acute bronchitis Wheezing[]

  • Pneumonia

    Hoarseness is a common feature. Headache affects the majority of symptomatic sufferers. Fever is relatively unusual.[] The APPIS Group 2004 evaluated 1702 patients comparing oral amoxicillin versus intravenous penicillin for two days followed by oral amoxicillin.[] ORS (attributable risk 2.9%, 95% CI 0.6 to 5.2), hoarseness (1.3%, 95% CI 0.3 to 1.3) and coughing (1.2%, 95% CI 0.2 to 1.6) occurred within six days of vaccination.[]

  • Viral Upper Respiratory Tract Infection

    Laryngeal involvement is recognized by hoarseness or voice loss and dry cough. Epiglottitis may represent a potential lethal emergency.[] Gregory DeMuri and Ellen Wald at the University of Wisconsin, antibiotic therapy is recommended, and amoxicillin–clavulanate is generally the first-line treatment.[] […] pharyngitis; Pts with acute sinusitis often have fever for 1 wk, facial pain–especially unilateral, maxillary toothache, headache, and excessive purulent nasal discharge; hoarseness[]

  • Aspiration Pneumonia

    […] yet not all victims will show signs of every symptom: Confusion and disorientation Fever Wheezing and/or noisy breathing Shortness of breath Difficulties with swallowing Hoarse[] […] maximum dosing and formulations Oral/step-down therapy: Amoxicillin-clavulanate (Augmentin) 45mg/kg/dose amoxicillin PO BID (max 1000mg amoxicillin/dose)* These are guidelines[] […] clindamycin – if aerobic gram –ve bacilli suspected (alcoholic patients) - metronidazole ceftriaxone/cefotaxime/piperacillin-tazobactam/ticarcillin clavulanate – once defervesce - amoxicillin-clavulanate[]

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