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453 Possible Causes for Amphetamine, Headache, Orthostatic Hypotension

  • Acute Amphetamine Intoxication

    Tachycardia, palpitations, paroxysmal atrial fibrillation and orthostatic hypotension are also reported. 21,22 Although cannabis use is associated with psychotic disorders[] No headache Recent flu-like illness 5/7 ago 8. Case Study O/e: - A Patent - B RR 18 sats 89% RA, Clear chest, no chest wall tenderness - C CRT 9.[] Chronic amphetamine intoxication with catatonia has been reported in Japan, but acute amphetamine intoxication with catatonia has never been reported in the literature.[]

  • Pheochromocytoma

    The heart rate increases in an attempt to increase the blood pressure as a “reflex” response, and these medications can causes orthostatic hypotension.[] She also had a history of pulsatile bi-temporal headache for 2 years prior to her referral to us.[] The patients described in this article denied recent use of illicit drugs, amphetamines, monoamine oxidase inhibitors, or clonidine.[]

  • Chronic Alcoholism

    In the event of discontinuation of alcohol drinking, the patient exhibits anxiety, anger, sweating, nausea, headaches, limb tremor, in the most severe cases, hallucinations[] Judging from the literature 1 the usual therapy, including amphetamine, vitamins, sedation, hospitalization and psychotherapy, is wofully inadequate.[] The symptoms of acute alcoholism are headache , tiredness, hangover, anxiety, and other physical signs.[]

  • Heat Stroke

    hypotension ).The person also may have a low-grade fever .[] Signs and Symptoms Of heat exhaustion: increased thirst weakness and extreme tiredness fainting muscle cramps nausea and vomiting irritability headache increased sweating[] […] acclimatization Skin Usually hot and dry but sometimes moist with sweat Often moist with sweat Heatstroke may occur after using certain drugs (eg, cocaine, phencyclidine [PCP], amphetamines[]

  • Postconcussive Syndrome

    By definition, headache that develops within 1 wk after head trauma (or within 1 wk after regaining consciousness) is referred to as posttraumatic headache (PTH).[] Johnson, who sustained repeated concussions on the field, is showing signs of dementia and has become addicted to amphetamines, which he started taking to relieve the previously[] Soldiers With Post‐Traumatic Headache , Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain , 53 , 10 , (1564-1572) , (2013) . Frances Cammack and Edward A.[]

  • Hyponatremia

    Patients presenting with orthostatic hypotension and normal plasma sodium concentrations are frequently admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of dehydration.[] METHODS: An 8-y boy presented with headache, vomiting, and diplopia. Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain confirmed a mass in the pineal region.[] Cases of fatal hyponatremia have been reported in both clinical and forensic literature in situations of water intoxication due to psychogenic polydipsia, amphetamine derivative[]

  • Hypotension

    Delayed orthostatic hypotension.[] Currently, information on the pathophysiology underlying this particular type of headache is scarce.[] […] therapy Drug-induced or other causes Nonadherence Inadequate doses Inappropriate combinations Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs; cyclooxygenase 2 inhibitors Cocaine, amphetamines[]

  • Petroleum Distillates Poisoning

    From large amounts there may also be: - weakness, dizziness and headache, - drowsiness, - unconsciousness, - slow shallow breathing, - fits.[] Agitation, delirium - Alcohol, amphetamines, atropine, barbiturates, neostigmine(Prostigmin),scopolamine ( Scopace)Coma - Atropine, barbiturates, bromide, carbon monoxide,[] Petroleum ether is metabolized by the liver with a biological half-life of 46–48 h. [3] Inhalation overexposure causes primarily central nervous system (CNS) effects (headaches[]

  • Autonomic Dysreflexia

    Treatment of orthostatic hypotension with fludrocortisone acetate relieved these symptoms.[] However, clinicians need to be aware of other headache features and the variety of potential triggers associated with the headache attributed to autonomic dysreflexia.[] Medication side effects Severe head trauma and other brain injuries Subarachnoid hemorrhage (a form of brain bleeding) Use of illegal stimulant drugs such as cocaine and amphetamines[]

  • Disulfiram-like Reaction

    A second ingestion of 24 ounces of beer eight hours later produced facial flushing, tachycardia, diaphoresis, and pounding headache; the symptoms lasted 1.5-2 hours.[] It is possible that disulfiram, like L-dopa and amphetamine, unmasks or exacerbates preexisting psychotic symptoms in susceptible individuals by increasing central dopamine[] hypotension - Hypotensive flushing reaction with warm extremities Diaphoresis Palpitations and dysrhythmias Pruritus Refractory cyanosis (eg, methemoglobinemia) Drugs that[]

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