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19 Possible Causes for Amylase Increased, Anxiety, Pelvic Hematoma

  • Ectopic Pregnancy

    MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) was measured using the Post-traumatic Diagnostic Scale (PDS), and anxiety and depression using the Hospital Anxiety[] Citing Literature Number of times cited according to CrossRef: 3 Li Pan, Jingping Zhang and Lihua Li, Effects of progressive muscle relaxation training on anxiety and quality[] Many suffer from moderate-to-severe anxiety, and a lesser number depression.[]

  • Leaking Aortic Aneurysm

    […] of presentations such as semiconsciousness, unconsciousness, difficulty breathing, weakness, nausea, headache, slurred speech, chest pain, allergic reaction, seizure, and anxiety[] […] buttocks, or legs abdominal rigidity severe, sudden or persistent pain in the lower back paleness · rapid pulse or heartbeat sensations dry skin/mouth, excessive thirst anxiety[] These symptoms may include: Severe pain that begins suddenly Paleness Rapid pulse Dry mouth/skin and excessive thirst Anxiety Nausea and vomiting Lightheadedness or fainting[]

  • Splenic Rupture

    This might include a rapid pulse, low blood pressure, rapid breathing, paleness, and anxiety.[] Following the CT, the radiologist immediately called with preliminary results concerning for splenic laceration and hematoma with hemorrhagic abdominal and pelvic ascites[] This, in turn, may result in increased morbidity and even mortality.[]

  • Hypovolemic Shock

    […] in the left retroperitoneal space and pelvic cavity.[] At the highest dose level (200 mL), statistically significant between-group differences were observed with greater increases in serum amylase, LDH, the isoenzymes LD1,2,4[] Symptoms include: Anxiety Low or no urine output Profuse sweating Dizziness Confusion Loss of consciousness Chest pain Tachycardia with weak pulse Hypotension Decreased urine[]

  • Hemorrhoids

    Oh, and they bleed a little, adding to the anxiety and general discomfort they create. I mean, is anyone ever pleased to see blood coming from their butt hole?[] Rectal perforation, pelvic sepsis, rectal hematoma causing intestinal obstruction and other life-threathening complications Life threatening complications after PPH are usually[] They are resistant to α-amylase digestion.[]

  • Endometriosis

    A) Anxiety disorder due to a general medical condition B) Generalized anxiety disorder C) Panic disorder with agoraphobia D) Specific phobia E) Substance-induced anxiety disorder[] Complications included transient pulmonary febrile responses in 43%, two pelvic infections, and one hematoma. Ileus was not a problem, and there were no deaths.[] Todd, SELF , "Lena Dunham Says She's 6 Months Sober After Years of 'Misusing' Her Anti-Anxiety Medication," 30 Oct. 2018 Halsey finds the support from her peers, including[]

  • Postoperative Pancreatitis

    […] training before and after suprapubic cystotomy, individual bladder training, prevention of urinary tract infection, physiotherapy, hip bath after extubation, and relieving anxiety[] In female patients, vaginal and bimanual examination may lead to the differential diagnosis of pelvic inflammatory disease. A complete physical examination is important.[] Abstract The mean /- S.E.M. ratio of amylase to creatinine clearance significantly increased at 24 hours after operations on the stomach and gallbladder but not after operations[]

  • Splenic Hematoma

    This can cause: Blurred vision Confusion Light-headedness Fainting Signs of shock, including restlessness, anxiety, nausea, and paleness How Is a Ruptured Spleen Diagnosed[] @inbook{dfb1cccb290a4e0fab4164f2ec127e32, title "Calcified splenic hematoma presenting as a pelvic mass.[] The serum amylase and lipase levels were 113 U/L and 71 U/L, respectively, which were slightly above the normal range.[]

  • Hematoma

    Communication is important to relieve patient anxiety if a hematoma appears.[] Severe pelvic adhesion around the left ovary forming corpus luteum hematoma was identified.[] Without inflammatory changes in the peripancreatic fat, to support a diagnosis of pancreatitis based on the CT findings, the serum amylase level had increased from 145 IU[]

  • Intestinal Obstruction

    Stress and anxiety from being diagnosed with cancer and having cancer treatment. Medical conditions and diseases other than cancer. Infections.[] […] related to underlying etiology Risk Factors Previous abdominal and/or pelvic surgery (particularly with open surgical techniques) Hernia Chronic constipation Cholelithiasis[] Increased serum amylase indicates bowel infarction, secondary pancreatitis, and leakage of pancreatic amylase into the peritoneum and bloodstream.[]

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