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182 Possible Causes for Anal Fissure, Chills, Rectal Bleeding

  • Crohn's Disease

    A 53-year-old man with Crohn's disease treated with adalimumab was hospitalised with abdominal pain, fatigue, fever and chills.[] Abnormal skin tags in the bottom area and anal fissures are also symptoms of the disease; however, the most common cause of an anal fissure is constipation.[] Diarrhea Rectal bleeding Weight loss Arthritis Skin problems Fever Rectal bleeding may be serious and continuous enough to cause anemia (low red blood count).[]

  • Gas Gangrene

    A 58-year old man, in a mediocre health condition, was admitted into Landspitallin Fossvogur, the University of Reykjavik City Hospital, Iceland, because of fever, chills,[] fissures and colonic perforations [ 1 , 5 , 7 , 14 , 15 ].[] Ten days after his admission the patient had a large rectal bleed followed by increasing abdominal pain and distension.[]

  • Amebiasis

    […] abdominal pain, a painful contracted feeling around the anal sphincter, blood and mucus in the stools but without the presence of fever), or amoebic liver abscesses (fever, chills[] A 6-year-old boy with no history of foreign travel had presented with rectal bleeding without diarrhea for 2 months.[] More severe cases may experience fever, chills and/or diarrhea with blood or mucous.[]

  • Hemorrhoids

    Pain that does not gradually lessen in three days Increasing pain several days after treatment Tender swelling in the anal area Fever or chills Difficulty urinating Constipation[] No statistically significant differences were observed in postoperative bleeding, urinary retention, difficult defecating, anal fissure, anal stenosis, incontinence, postoperative[] Bright red, painless rectal bleeding during defecation is the most common presentation.[]

  • Amebic Liver Abscess

    According to our study, the common clinical symptoms and signs are abdominal pain (85.5 %), fever and chills (74.2 %), and abdominal tenderness (69.4 %).[] Disorders Hemorrhoids Perirectal / Perianal Abscess Anal Fissure Fistula-in-Ano / Perianal Fistula Trauma Abdominal Trauma PHARMACOLOGY General H2 Blockers Proton Pump Inhibitors[] His abdominal pain was diffuse and accompanied by mild rectal bleeding that he attributed to hemorrhoids.[]

  • Lymphogranuloma Venereum

    Fever, chills, headache, and joint pains may be present. Abscess formation with drainage of pus from the inguinal lymph nodes is common.[] In a 23-year-old man with massive rectal bleeding, an exudative rectal ulcer, and inguinal lymphadenopathy, serologic findings were compatible with a recent lymphogranuloma[] No symptoms suggested proctitis and examination revealed two small anal fissures.[]

  • Plummer-Vinson Syndrome

    […] eating • Heat and burning in stomach Gelsemium – • Dizziness, dullness with great prostration • Muscular weakness in all limbs • Difficulty in swallowing from warm food • Chills[] […] to a spontaneously healed anal fissure.[] Rectal pain that stemmed from an ano-rectal fissure was an important differential in this scenario; however, the patient’s negative history for any signs of rectal bleeding[]

  • Anorectal Abscess

    Fever and chills may also be present. What treatment is prescribed for an anorectal abscess?[] Anal fissures are frequently associated with rectal bleeding.[] Other symptoms may include: Constipation Discharge of pus from the rectum Fatigue, fever , night sweats, and chills Redness, painful and hardened tissue in the area of the[]

  • Chancroid

    Symptoms in women are often less noticeable and may be limited to painful urination or defecation, painful intercourse, rectal bleeding , or vaginal discharge.[] Symptoms in women are often less noticeable and may be limited to painful urination or defecation, painful intercourse , rectal bleeding , or vaginal discharge .[]

  • Rectal Bleeding

    You may have fever or chills with your abdominal pain or blood in your stools.[] Juvenile polyps (JP) are a recognized cause of painless rectal bleeding in preschool age children.[] Anal Fissures Tears in the lining of your anus are called anal fissures.[]

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