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206 Possible Causes for Anal Fissure, Endometriosis

  • Rectal Pain

    Endometriosis affects about 10 percent of women. What causes endometriosis?[] Anal fissure: An anal fissure is a small tear in the skin at the opening of the rectum.[] As the president and founder of the Endometriosis Foundation of America, he is a leader in detection, treatment and advocacy of Endometriosis.[]

  • Rectal Disease

    Infiltrating endometriosisEndometriosis of digestive tract Rectum & sigmoid are most frequent locations: 90% of cases Hypoechoic thickening of MP from superficial to deep[] Anal Fissures Anal Fissures are frequently caused by hard, dry bowel movements, diarrhea and inflammation in the anorectal area.[] These conditions may include anal fissures and abscesses; hemorrhoids, and bowel incontinence.[]

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    Both irritable bowel syndrome and endometriosis are common conditions, although symptomatic gastrointestinal endometriosis is extremely rare.[] Anal fissure Coeliac disease Colorectal cancer Diverticular disease Faecal incontinence Giardiasis Gall stones and cholecystitis GORD Haemorrhoids Inflammatory bowel disease[] Irritable bowel syndrome and endometriosis are two diseases affecting a significant part of the female population, either together or individually, with remarkable consequences[]

  • Crohn's Disease

    The patient's medical history was also significant for a previous abdominal laparoscopic surgery for endometriosis for the removal of macroscopic nodules and a septate uterus[] Abnormal skin tags in the bottom area and anal fissures are also symptoms of the disease; however, the most common cause of an anal fissure is constipation.[] fissure, fistula or perirectal abscess other bowel-related fistula febrile (fever) episode over 100 degrees during past week 5.[]

  • Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage

    Conditions that cause small amounts of bleeding are hemorrhoids, anal fissures and some sexually transmitted diseases.[] Anal fissures are small tears that also can cause itching, tearing, or bleeding in your anus. Mallory-Weiss tears.[] People with an anal fissure or hemorrhoids may also have mild bleeding that resolves on its own.[]

  • Secondary Syphilis

    […] secondary storage a data storage device that is not the main memory of a computer secondary dysmenorrhea painful menstruation that is caused by some specific disorder (as endometriosis[] […] herpes , anal fissure , bacterial infections , trauma, inflammatory bowel disease Mouth ulcers : herpes simplex (cold sore) , aphthous ulcers , trauma Rash Drug eruption[] Differential diagnosis of clinical symptoms of syphilis Ulcers Genital ulcers: genital herpes , trauma, cancer ; and less commonly, tuberculosis , chancroid Anal ulcers: genital[]

  • Rectal Surgery

    […] advanced laparoscopic and robotic-assisted techniques are available for a wide range of diseases, including colon and rectal cancer, polyps, Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis, endometriosis[] : Botox: A temporary injection-based treatment for anal fissure Sphincterotomy: Surgical procedure for treatment of anal fissure Topical therapy: Medication applied to help[] Management of non-epithelial colonic and rectal tumors, and gastrointestinal stromal tumors Management of colonic ischemia Management and Treatment of Colon and Rectal Trauma Endometriosis[]

  • Kraurosis Vulvae

    ISBN 1-4160-2999-0 . v t e Female diseases of the pelvis and genitals ( N70–N99 , 614–629 ) Internal Adnexa Ovary Endometriosis of ovary Female infertility Anovulation Poor[] Dickson 2 doctors agreed: 15 15 Can lichen sclerosus cause anal fissures?[] Buy book ISBN 1-4160-2999-0 . v t e Female diseases of the pelvis and genitals (N70–N99, 614–629) Internal Adnexa Ovary Endometriosis of ovary Female infertility Anovulation[]

  • Surgical Procedure

    We perform about 200 surgeries per year on endometriosis.[] Sphincterotomy Overview A fissure is a tear in the skin of the anus, usually caused when a large, hard stool overstretches the anal opening and damages the fragile skin.[] When Endometriosis is found in the pelvis, on the ovaries, fallopian tubes, intestine or on the uterus, the argon beam is used to ablate and treat the disease.[]

  • Lower Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage

    Rare causes of bleeding include solitary rectal ulcer, vasculitis, and endometriosis.[] […] canal, including internal hemorrhoids and anal fissures.[] fissures and cancer.[]

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