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84 Possible Causes for Anal Fissure, Occult Blood Positive

  • Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage

    Gastrointestinal bleeding Synonyms Gastrointestinal hemorrhage, GI bleed A positive fecal occult blood test Symptoms Vomiting red blood , vomiting black blood , bloody stool[] Conditions that cause small amounts of bleeding are hemorrhoids, anal fissures and some sexually transmitted diseases.[] Anal fissures are small tears that also can cause itching, tearing, or bleeding in your anus. Mallory-Weiss tears.[]

  • Crohn's Disease

    Abnormal skin tags in the bottom area and anal fissures are also symptoms of the disease; however, the most common cause of an anal fissure is constipation.[] fissure, fistula or perirectal abscess other bowel-related fistula febrile (fever) episode over 100 degrees during past week 5.[] Anal fissures. Anal fissures are small tears in your anus that may cause itching, pain, or bleeding. Ulcers.[]

  • Anal Cancer

    […] or groin areas Most often these types of symptoms are more likely to be caused by benign (non-cancer) conditions, like hemorrhoids, anal fissures, or anal warts.[] Unfortunately, hemorrhoids (which are swollen veins in your rectum and anus) and anal fissures (which are tears in the anal mucosa) can cause similar symptoms, Dr.[] For instance, a lump or bump near the anus could be a symptom of anal cancer but can be caused by other, much less serious diseases, like hemorrhoids , an anal fissure , or[]

  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Anus

    While symptoms are more likely to be caused by benign (non-cancer) conditions, like hemorrhoids, anal fissures, or anal warts, if you experience anal bleeding, it’s important[] Symptoms of anal cancer The symptoms of anal cancer are very similar to other problems, including haemorrhoids (piles) or anal fissures (tears).[] Not everyone with these symptoms has anal cancer. Other conditions, such as haemorrhoids or tears in the anal canal (anal fissures), can also cause these changes.[]

  • Juvenile Polyp

    […] have occult blood positive, rectal examination, a finger test negative and can not rule out the diagnosis of polyps can be defecated or enema after review, relatively high[] Most of the causes are usually benign and require little or no treatment for example anal fissure juvenile polyps but sometimes LGIB may be due to a more severe and at times[] A fecal occult blood test was positive. Results of stool viral and bacterial studies were negative. She was started on iron supplementation.[]

  • Hemorrhoids

    […] fecal occult blood test. 4 Figure 1.[] No statistically significant differences were observed in postoperative bleeding, urinary retention, difficult defecating, anal fissure, anal stenosis, incontinence, postoperative[] How are anal fissures treated?[]

  • Pediatric Crohn's Disease

    These abnormalities cause pain during repose and during defecation and anal bleeding.[] […] blood and puss, urgent defecation and abdominal cramps, while perianal Crohn's disease is suspected when physical examination reveals the presence of fistulae, abscesses or fissures[]

  • Colonic Disease

    Accuracy of capsule colonoscopy and computed tomographic colonography in individuals with positive results from the fecal occult blood test.[] Fissure 325 Anorectal Abscesses and Fistulas 339 Malignant Tumours of the Anal 361 1 373 Dermatological Anal 387 3 417 Clinical Management of Patients 425 for Fecal Incontinence[] Anal fissure An anal fissure is a split or tear in the lining of the anus that occurs after trauma, which can be from a hard stool or even diarrhea.[]

  • Meckel Diverticulum

    Bleeding can be massive, presenting as passage of bright red blood per rectum or less severe and occult, manifesting as guaiac-positive stools or chronic anemia.[] fissure "Currant jelly" stools : Ischaemia of the intestine leads to copious mucus production and may indicate that one part of the bowel invaginates into another intussusception[] Alteration of blood produced by slow bowel transit due to minor bleeding in upper gastrointestinal tract Bright red blood stools : Brisk haemorrhage Stools with blood streak : Anal[]

  • Amebic Liver Abscess

    Disorders Hemorrhoids Perirectal / Perianal Abscess Anal Fissure Fistula-in-Ano / Perianal Fistula Trauma Abdominal Trauma PHARMACOLOGY General H2 Blockers Proton Pump Inhibitors[] Intolerance Irritable Bowel Syndrome Malabsorption Syndromes Celiac Disease Whipple Disease Peritoneal Disorders Splenic Laceration / Rupture Acute Abdomen Hemoperitoneum Anal-Rectal[]

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