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13 Possible Causes for Anal Fissure, Rectovaginal Fistula, Vitamin B12 Deficiency

  • Crohn's Disease

    Martius' flap was first described in 1928, and it is considered a good option in cases of rectovaginal fistulas in patients with Crohn's disease.[] A 39 years-old man first presented with anal fissures and deep punctiform colonic ulcers.[] Iron, folate and vitamin B12 deficiency. Gallstones and renal stones (usually oxalate) especially when there has been a previous right hemicolectomy.[]

  • Pediatric Crohn's Disease

    Fistulas that connect the rectum and vagina (called rectovaginal fistulas) may result from radiation therapy, cancer, Crohn disease, or an injury to a mother during childbirth[] These may include tiny but painful cracks in the skin known as anal fissures; tunneling sores called fistulas that cause abnormal connections between the bowel and the skin[] Iron, folate and vitamin B12 deficiency. Gallstones and renal stones (usually oxalate) especially when there has been a previous right hemicolectomy.[]

  • Ulcerative Colitis

    One case (4%) believed to have both Crohn disease and amebic colitis developed a rectovaginal fistula [ 37 ].[] However, unless surgery is being considered, treatment of both conditions is similar; Anal fissure (a tear in the mucous membrane that lines the rectum and anus); Infectious[] Anaemia, usually due to iron deficiency but sometimes caused by vitamin B12 and/or folic acid deficiency.[]

  • Colonic Crohn's Disease

    Proc R Soc Med 67: 58 PubMed Google Scholar Buchmann P, Allan RN, Thompson H, Alexander-Williams J (1980) Carcinoma in a rectovaginal fistula in a patient with Crohn’s disease[] Fissure 325 Anorectal Abscesses and Fistulas 339 Malignant Tumours of the Anal 361 1 373 Dermatological Anal 387 3 417 Clinical Management of Patients 425 for Fecal Incontinence[] B12 deficiency, bile salt malabsorption with steatorrhea, toxic megacolon (4%), carcinoma (see here ) Patients with isolated colonic Crohn's disease present at a significantly[]

  • Gastroduodenal Fistula

    Chapter 12 Perianal Dermatologic Disease 247 Chapter 13 Condyloma Acuminatum 261 Chapter 14 Sexually Transmitted Diseases 275 Chapter 15 Fecal Incontinence 293 Chapter 16 Rectovaginal[] Anal fissures- Anal fissures in patients with Crohn’s disease are usually painless and spontaneously heal in the majority of patients.[] This can sometimes be due to nutritional deficiencies such as vitamin B12, folate, and iron. CAN CROHN’S HAVE COMPLICATIONS WITHIN THE BOWEL?[]

  • Phlegmonous Esophagitis

    Vesicovaginal/rectovaginal fistula formation and outcome of stage IVA carcinoma of the cervix with radiotherapy.[] Fissure Diverticulosis IBD Intussusception Upper & Lower GI Neoplasms Angiodysplasias (Osler’s disease) 71.[] D and calcium, the risk is also increased if steroids have been used Vitamin B12 deficiency How is it diagnosed?[]

  • Jejunocolic Fistula

    fistula Diagnosis certain Dr Ian Bickle Published 23 Sep 2014 95% complete CT Annotated image Case Incomplete mesentero-axial volvulus of the stomach Diagnosis certain Dr[] Two patients with CD had internal fistula (jejunocolic and colovesical), 4 had fistula-in-ano and two had anal fissure.[] B12 Appendix III Jejunal Biopsy by the Oral Route Appendix IV The D-Xylose Excretion Test Appendix V Tests to Detect Either Defective Absorption or Deficiency of Folic Acid[]

  • Behçet Disease

    Teh LS, Green KA, O’Sullivan MM, Morris JS, Williams BD (1989) Behcet’s syndrome: severe proctitis with rectovaginal fistula formation.[] In the apremilast group, 1 patient had worsening of a preexisting anal fissure and hemorrhoids resulting from diarrhea and another patient had transient paralysis of both[] Systemic diseases featuring oral ulceration can include, but are not limited to, coeliac disease, vitamin B12 deficiency, iron deficiency anaemia, human immunodeficiency virus[]

  • Schmidt Syndrome

    , perianal abscesses HSCT [53-63] IL10RB AR 21q22 #612567 Inflammatory Bowel Disease-25, early onset Early onset enterocolitis, perianal abscesses, enterocutaneous and rectovaginal[] In addition to chronic disease, etiology has also been linked to Vitamin B12 deficiency, celiac disease, nutritional anaemia often due to inadequate dietary iron intake, functional[] One year before, he was diagnosed with normocytic anemia and vitamin B12 deficiency, which was treated with vitamin B12 substitution therapy.[]

  • Enema

    Two of these patients had rectovaginal fistulas (AVFs).[] Several chapters of the 3rd book of the Canon are devoted to a detailed description of gastrointestinal diseases including bowel obstruction, hemorrhoids anal fissures, perianal[] Plus and Minus Icon Nutrient deficiencies including deficiencies in calcium, vitamin B12, and protein; anemia and malabsorption could also result from metabolic diets.[]

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