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889 Possible Causes for Anal Maceration, Buttock Pain

  • Osteoporosis

    […] may become chronic Patients who have sustained a hip fracture may experience the following: Pain in the groin, posterior buttock, anterior thigh, medial thigh, and/or medial[] […] motionless in bed because of fear of causing an exacerbation of pain Acute pain usually resolves after 4-6 weeks; in the setting of multiple fractures with severe kyphosis, the pain[]

    Missing: Anal Maceration
  • Rectal Pruritus

    In a sitz bath, the individual soaks the hips and buttocks in water or a salt solution.[] Buttock folliculitis is a common skin condition that looks like multiple red pimples on the butt cheeks.[] Itchy and painful lumps may burst and dicharge fluid from the skin between buttocks.[]

  • Rectal Trauma

    He represented due to pain in the buttock and appearance of a 4cm black patch around the buttock wound. He had never complained of any rectal pain or bleeding.[] This is a warm water bath with water just deep enough to cover the hips and buttocks, and can help relieve some symptoms of itching, pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids.[] He had initially been seen at another hospital where a 1.5cm wound to the outer aspect of the right buttock had been cleaned and stitched.[]

  • Skin Infection

    , armpit, beard area); Fever; Pus or other drainage; Swelling; and/or Pain MRSA: Suspicious Skin Infections localized collection of pus associated with tissue destruction[] Some common types of skin infections are: Boils A boil is a red, painful, lump on the skin that usually develops on the neck, face, armpit or buttocks Cellulitis Cellulitis[] Painful Staph nose infections are also very common (see “Is Staph living in your nose?” ).[]

    Missing: Anal Maceration
  • Ischial Bursitis

    BUTTOCK PAIN IN ATHLETES - a patient's guide Abstract Buttock pain is a common problem in athletes and can be a symptom of other conditions.[] Symptoms of ischiogluteal bursitis The most common symptom of this condition is pain in the buttocks, which may become more severe during physical exercises, especially those[] This is a very common problem with cycling and I've seen it overlooked by pretty decent PTs when there was no initial obvious mid to upper buttock pain.[]

    Missing: Anal Maceration
  • Sciatica

    Patients typically have sciatica, buttocks pain, and worse pain with sitting.[] Symptoms include: - Lower back pain - Buttock pain, and numbness - Pain or weakness in various parts of the leg and foot. - "Pins and needles" sensation, or tingling in the[] The result is lumbar pain , buttock pain , hip pain , and leg pain . Sometimes the pain radiates around the hip or buttock to feel like hip pain .[]

    Missing: Anal Maceration
  • Disorders of the Sacrum

    SYMPTOMS Common SI Joint Pain Symptoms Lower back pain (below L5) Sensation in lower extremity: pain, numbness, tingling, weakness Pelvis/buttock pain Hip/groin pain Feeling[] Radiating pain into the buttock, hip, groin and thigh is often experienced.[] Other common symptoms include: Lower extremity numbness, tingling and weakness Pelvis / buttock pain Hip / groin pain Unilateral leg instability (buckling, giving way) Disturbed[]

    Missing: Anal Maceration
  • Coccygodynia

    The authors of this article have found that in cases in which ischial bursitis is suspected as a substantial component of the patient's buttock pain, local injection of the[]

    Missing: Anal Maceration
  • Ankylosing Spondylitis

    pain radiating to the posterior thigh, associated with numbness in the leg, gait disturbance and low-grade fever.[] The more common symptoms include: back pain or buttock pain, that may be worse in bed at night stiffness in the morning, or after long periods of rest other joint pain pain[] This inflammation can cause buttock pain that radiates into the thigh and/or diffuse lower back pain.[]

    Missing: Anal Maceration
  • Spinal Stenosis

    pain , buttock pain , and leg pain and numbness that is made worse with walking and relieved by resting.[] Symptoms of Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Patients with lumbar spinal stenosis typically experience lower back pain along with pain in the buttocks and legs.[] If the narrowing is substantial, it causes compression of the spinal cord or spinal nerves, which causes the painful symptoms of lumbar spinal stenosis, including low back[]

    Missing: Anal Maceration

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