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15 Possible Causes for Anal or Rectal Pain, Buttock Pain, Ischial Tuberosity Tenderness, Pelvic Hematoma

  • Pelvic Fracture

    The pseudoaneurysm was successfully treated with selective coil embolization and hematoma evacuation.[] […] in the thigh or buttock.[] A stress fracture that occurs while jogging may cause pain in the thigh or buttock.[] Patients present with pelvic pain, reduced range of motion, and hematomas. Concomittant injuries such as urethral injury are common.[]

    Missing: Anal or Rectal Pain
  • Sacral Fracture

    Examination She is very tender to palpation over the sacrum and is unable to sit or stand due to the pain. There is diminished peri-anal sensation and rectal tone.[] Buttocks pain MRI CT 20 11 F Cross-country running Buttocks pain CT NSAIDs 5 mo Sacroiliac joint pain walking 21 11 F Cross-country running Hip pain radiated to lateral thigh[] Signs : variable, pain and swelling over croup, loss of tail and/or anal sphincter tone, fecal retention, paresthesia, hyperesthesia of perineum and over sacrum, sensory and[] Rheumatologists should consider sacral fracture in pregnant or nursing patients with buttock pain. Magnetic resonance imaging is the diagnostic investigation of choice.[]

    Missing: Ischial Tuberosity Tenderness
  • Hemorrhoids

    For patient education information, see Hemorrhoids , Anal Abscess , Rectal Pain , and Rectal Bleeding .[] Rectal perforation, pelvic sepsis, rectal hematoma causing intestinal obstruction and other life-threathening complications Life threatening complications after PPH are usually[] Cheers to a pain-free buttocks post-baby. Follow Sarah on Twitter .[] Severe pain associated with blood clotting in external hemorrhoids may require minor surgery. Rubber band ligation .[]

    Missing: Ischial Tuberosity Tenderness
  • Endometriosis

    Complications included transient pulmonary febrile responses in 43%, two pelvic infections, and one hematoma. Ileus was not a problem, and there were no deaths.[] buttock and down the leg is common in women where it has affected the sciatic nerve.[] It is often described as ‘stabbing’ and it may radiate throughout the pelvic area and into the buttocks and thighs.[] […] of blood and/or pulmonary nodule in chest cavity (revealed under testing) Shortness of breath Sciatic Endometriosis/ Hip pains Hip pain or discomfort that radiates from the[]

    Missing: Ischial Tuberosity Tenderness
  • Prolapsed Hemorrhoids

    If you have prolapsed hemorrhoids that will not go back into the anus, or you have significant anal or rectal pain, you should consult your doctor.[] […] with pelvic sepsis often requiring a diverting stoma.[] One common way is to strap the buttocks together when you are not using the restroom. In some cases, this method alone can correct the problem.[] Stapling recovery takes less time and is less painful than recovery from a hemorrhoidectomy. You can expect rectal and anal pain after having hemorrhoid surgery.[]

    Missing: Ischial Tuberosity Tenderness
  • Pelvis Surgery

    Adhesions and fibrosis secondary to infectious processes such as gonococcal salpingitis, tubo-ovarian abscess, a ruptured diverticulum, infected pelvic hematoma, and ruptured[] This is commonly felt as pain on one side of the lower back, but, when SI joint dysfunction is severe, pain can also radiate to the hip, groin, buttocks, and down the back[] […] in the thigh or buttock.[] It can be associated with varicose veins in the thighs, buttock regions, or vaginal area.[]

    Missing: Ischial Tuberosity Tenderness
  • Perianal Thrombosis

    Painful tears of the anal skin and/or the rectal mucosa can be treated conservatively with ointments, when they are still fresh and acute.[] […] h. a collection of blood in the pelvic soft tissue. perianal h. a hematoma under the perianal skin, caused by rupture of a subcutaneous vessel, the blood being kept localized[] The most common symptoms of a perirectal abscess are swelling of the buttocks, pain which is usually continuous, profound, and increases with bowel movements. 5.3.[] W John Daniel Background The patient presenting with anal pain, anal lump or rectal bleeding is a common occurrence in the general practice setting and the combination of[]

    Missing: Ischial Tuberosity Tenderness
  • Rectal Trauma

    If you have anal or rectal pain, don't let embarrassment prevent you from getting it looked at.[] […] fractures or hematoma a high riding prostate suggestive of posterior urethral disruption tenderness from ruptured viscus or intraperitoneal hemorrhage NEGATIVES OF PERFORMING[] He represented due to pain in the buttock and appearance of a 4cm black patch around the buttock wound. He had never complained of any rectal pain or bleeding.[] This is a warm water bath with water just deep enough to cover the hips and buttocks, and can help relieve some symptoms of itching, pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids.[]

    Missing: Ischial Tuberosity Tenderness
  • Constipation

    These potential complications include: Hemorrhoids (swollen, inflamed veins in the rectum or around the anus that may cause rectal pain and bleeding) Anal fissures (small[] Digital examination revealed a pulseless tumor and pelvic CT and US showed the big cystic lesion.[] Defecation becomes very painful and many children will attempt to withhold stool because of the pain.[] Anal fissure – a tear in the lining of the anus (anal mucosa). The person may resist going to the toilet for fear of pain.[]

    Missing: Ischial Tuberosity Tenderness
  • Pudendal Neuralgia

    Pudendal neuralgia describes a chronic pain in the genital or anal/rectal areas.[] Associated signs not excluding the diagnosis Buttock pain on sitting Referred sciatic pain Pain referred to the medial aspect of the thigh Suprapubic pain Urinary frequency[] Because of this role, in patients with tenderness to palpation on the medial aspect of the ischial tuberosity but nowhere else, an injection of Marcaine that relaxes the obturator[] The condition known as pudendal neuralgia can cause both bladder and anal incontinence. Other symptoms include chronic constipation, rectal pain, and sexual dysfunction.[]

    Missing: Pelvic Hematoma