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765 Possible Causes for Anemia, Calcium Deficiency, Hypocalcemia

  • Osteoporosis

    However, a peripheral blood smear showed normochromic anemia with thrombocytopenia.[] deficiency, and family history) for osteoporosis.[] Majority of cases of hypocalcemia with Zoledronate are seen in patients with underlying malignancy and are asymptomatic.[]

  • Malabsorption Syndrome

    Protein depletion can lead to impaired bone formation and osteoporosis, and calcium deficiency leads to weakening and demineralization of the bone, causing a condition called[] To evaluate the dual-isotope Schilling test for the diagnosis of pernicious anemia or malabsorption syndrome, 65 studies were selected for clinical correlation.[] Hypocalcemia, hypophosphatemia, increased alkaline phosphatase - Vitamin D malabsorption 5. Stool examination for fat, ova or cysts. Special Tests: A.[]

  • Tropical Sprue

    Anemia in vitamin B12 and folic acid deficiency. Bone pain, spasm, numbness and tingling sensation in vitamin D and calcium deficiency. Bruises in vitamin K deficiency.[] Tropical sprue presents with diarrhea, anorexia, weight loss, and megaloblastic anemia. The partial villous atrophy has been a constant finding.[] Hypocalcemia may be present, and hypoproteinemia is a frequent finding. IgG synthesis may be depressed.[]

  • Short Bowel Syndrome

    She was rehydrated with intravenous fluids, and her calcium and magnesium deficiency corrected with supplements.[] Anastomotic ulcers are a known cause of anemia in children with a history of intestinal resection.[] Over the course of treatment, she was diagnosed with tetany, which was attributed to hypocalcemia.[]

  • Vitamin D Deficiency

    Severe calcium deficiency due to low vitamin D intake may also occur in the period of infancy.[] VDD with no gastrointestinal symptom and nutritional anemia was caused by long-term inadequate sun exposure before the first fracture and a 2-year absence of sun exposure[] We report a 4-month-old male presenting with hypocalcemia, hyperleukocytosis, and newly diagnosed acute myeloid leukemia.[]

  • Impetigo Herpetiformis

    Laboratory parameters showed a highly elevated blood sedimentation rate, hypoferric anemia and decreased albumin levels.[] Treatment is reduced to adjusting hormonal disorders, calcium deficiency, symptomatic therapy.[] This condition was temporally related to her discontinuation of vitamin D supplements and subsequent hypocalcemia.[]

  • Distal Renal Tubular Acidosis

    Symptoms include mild dehydration ; muscle weakness or paralysis (due to potassium deficiency); kidney stones (due to excess calcium in the urine); and bone fragility and[] Besides transfusion-dependent severe hemolytic anemia and complete distal renal tubular acidosis, dyserythropoiesis was identified in the band 3 nullVIENNA patient, suggesting[] Serum electrolytes showed hypocalcemia (7.2 mg/dl), hypophosphatemia (2.8 mg/dl) with normal serum magnesium and sodium.[]

  • Ergometrine

    Calcium deficiency 2. Coronary artery disease 3.[] Postpartum hemorrhage is a common and serious complication of the third stage of labor resulting in anemia and increased morbidity in the puerperium.[] Correction of hypocalcemia may restore responsiveness. Lab Test Considerations: May cause serum prolactin level, which inhibits synthesis of breast milk.[]

  • Prednisone

    In conclusion, thalidomide/prednisone/danazol seems superior to thalidomide/prednisone in persons with PMF and anemia.[] The risk is higher in smokers, those who do not exercise, and those with vitamin D/calcium deficiencies. These are important factors to weigh with your doctor.[] […] including skin fungus) Live virus vaccinations (before or after starting the drug) Any illness causing diarrhea Liver or kidney illness Heart disease High blood pressure Hypocalcemia[]

  • Metabolic Bone Disease

    The only hematological abnormality was moderate anemia, which prompted bone marrow studies leading to a diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).[] Chronic calcium deficiency causes continued damage to multiple organs, eventual organ failure and death.[] These patients manifested hypocalcemia and raised SAP with normal serum phosphorus.[]

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