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1,425 Possible Causes for Anemia, Endometriosis, Hemorrhage

  • Ectopic Pregnancy

    At examination on admittance, our patient had a bad general condition with clinical anemia. She had an occlusive syndrome that had been evolving for 3 days.[] At the time of surgery, an appendectomy also was performed owing to concern for concurrent appendicitis; histopathologic examination revealed appendiceal endometriosis.[] […] the performance of computed tomography (CT) as a diagnostic aid to differentiate between ruptured ovarian corpus luteal cyst (ROCLC) and ruptured ectopic pregnancy with hemorrhage[]

  • Uterine Fibroid

    She does not remember being given a reason for anemia.[] Endometriosis or Fibroids? Both uterine fibroids and endometriosis cause pelvic pain , and sometimes the two conditions can be confused.[] The authors describes a rare, but potentially life-threatening case of hemorrhage from a uterine fibroid.[]

  • Tubal Pregnancy

    The patient was hypotension, had anemia and signs of lower abdominal peritonitis. Initial diagnosis was tubal pregnancy with rupture.[] FAQ’s about endometriosis: Does pregnancy cure endometriosis? There is no cure for endometriosis, but for some women pregnancy can lessen the symptoms and effects.[] This is the first reported case of a patient presenting in hemorrhagic shock due to a ruptured tubal pregnancy that was associated with an ongoing intrauterine pregnancy complicated[]

  • Ovarian Cyst

    Laboratory studies showed severe hypothyroidism, mild anemia, hyperlipidemia, hyperprolactinemia and an elevated level of cancer antigen-125.[] Endometriosis of the appendix is rare, and we present a case of endometriosis of the appendix with adhesion to right ovarian cyst presenting as intussusception of a mucocele[] Hemorrhagic ovarian cysts ( HOCs ) usually result from hemorrhage into a corpus luteum or other functional cyst.[]

  • Spleen Disease

    In sickle cell anemia patients without splenomegaly the average T½ was found to be 10 days.[] […] other cause of kidney pain Acute pancreatitis Stomach ulcer or cancer Rare causes of upper left abdominal pain: Adrenal gland tumor Abdominal adhesions (after surgery or in endometriosis[] Hemorrhagic Enteritis in Turkeys Hemorrhagic enteritis typically affects turkeys 6 to 12 weeks of age.[]

  • Hemoperitoneum

    Aplastic anemia is a rare hematopoietic stem-cell disorder that results in pancytopenia and hypocellular bone marrow.[] However, massive hemoperitoneum as a cause of acute abdomen with endometriosis is very rare.[] The current case describes a very rare complication of Bakri Balloon during the treatment of postpartum hemorrhage; a massive hemoperitoneum with a hemodynamic shock, due[]

  • Hypovolemia

    In the laboratory tests minimal normocytic anemia, mild leukopenia, polyclonal hypergammaglobulinemia and antinuclear antibodies (ANA), anti-double-stranded DNA antibodies[] […] traumatic injuries due to accidents internal bleeding from abdominal organs or ruptured ectopic pregnancy bleeding from the digestive tract significant vaginal bleeding Endometriosis[] Dengue hemorrhagic fever, though prevalent in South East Asia was diagnosed for the first time in Hong Kong.[]

  • Ruptured Ovarian Cyst

    It can cause anemia, and in rare cases can lead to death.[] As many of you know I have endometriosis, a chronic condition that affects approximately 1 in 10 women’s reproductive health.[] The unabated intraperitoneal hemorrhage may cause signs and symptoms of hemodynamic instability among patients due to hemorrhagic shock.[]

  • Hypermenorrhea

    • HYPERMENORRHEA (noun) The noun HYPERMENORRHEA has 1 sense: 1. abnormally heavy or prolonged menstruation; can be a symptom of uterine tumors and can lead to anemia if prolonged[] Possible causes of hypermenorrhea include: Hypothyroidism Endometriosis Adenomyosis Miscarriage Tumors in the uterus or ovaries.[] Abstract We report the case of a patient with uterine myoma who developed uncontrollable massive hemorrhage from the uterus during anticoagulant therapy after cardiac valve[]

  • Hemoptysis

    However, the CT findings demonstrated new pulmonary nodules with GGO in the left lung, and she presented with hemosputum and a progression of anemia.[] Further investigation showed a 4 mm nodule in the right lung, and the transvaginal ultrasonography indicated the presence of deep endometriosis.[] The relapsing lung hemorrhage was observed in only one patient with 4 stage PS complicated by micetome in fibrotic tissue.[]

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