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8,220 Possible Causes for Anemia, Excessive Masturbation, Nodular Skin Lesions

  • Acne Vulgaris

    Could My Acne Be Related to Anemia? There is no relationship between anemia and acne. Will I Be Stuck With Acne Forever?[] Until the 20th century, even among dermatologists, the list of causes was believed to include excessive sexual thoughts and masturbation.[] Inflammatory mediations move out into the surrounding dermis and cause often more nodular and/or cystic lesions, which can in some cases lead to permanent scarring.[6] Nodules[]

  • Cat Scratch Fever

    Oroya fever was first recognized in the nineteenth century as the cause of acute fever and highly fatal, hemolytic anemia in railroad workers in Peru.[] […] sclerosis who was also treated with anabolic steroids for anemia.[] , including encephalopathy, endocarditis, myocarditis, sensory and motor neuropathies, pleural and pericardial effusion, pneumonia, granulomatous hepatitis and hemolytic anemia[]

    Missing: Excessive Masturbation
  • Blastomycosis

    […] granulomatous hypercalcemia, abnormal mammograms thought to represent breast carcinoma, otitis media with cranial extension, immune thrombocytopenic purpura, and hemolytic anemia[] If present, anemia and nutritional deficiencies should be treated.[] Complications of the disease include the following: General - Malnourishment and anemia Endocrine - Addison syndrome Wound infection - Superinfection with bacteria or other[]

    Missing: Excessive Masturbation
  • Furunculosis

    A 60-year-old HIV-negative man with known noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus and glucose 6-phosphate-dehydrogenase deficiency anemia suffered from chronic recurrent furunculosis[] The other independent predictors were anemia, previous antibiotic therapy, diabetes mellitus, previous hospitalization, multiplicity of lesions, personal hygiene and associated[] Many other causes of furunculosis have been suggested, therefore, such as insanitary personal habits or surroundings, anemia, hypoproteinemia, debility, fatigue, low general[]

    Missing: Excessive Masturbation
  • Carbuncle

    […] pocket, fever, malaise Management Hot wet compresses, drainage, antibiotics Prognosis Worse with immune compromise or underlying illness–eg AIDS, cancer, DM, pernicious anemia[] Signs and symptoms include the presence of a swollen, tender, and erythematous nodular lesion in the skin associated with fever and chills.[] […] among the 10 - 20% of population that are Staphylococcus aureus carriers on surface of skin Common in obese patients Carbuncles may occur in patients with immune deficiency, anemia[]

    Missing: Excessive Masturbation
  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Skin

    There was also a superinfection due to Pseudomonas Aeruginosa resistant to antibiotics, and a G3 anemia secondary to the bleeding lesion. ECOG Performance Status was 2.[] Credit: The Skin Cancer Foundation This nodular lesion is a squamous cell carcinoma. These lesions are seldom fatal but can be disfiguring.[] Although there are many different clinical presentations for BCC, the most characteristic type is the asymptomatic nodular or nodular ulcerative lesion that is elevated from[]

    Missing: Excessive Masturbation
  • Cronkhite-Canada Syndrome

    Upper endoscopy showed mucosal erythema and nodularity with polypoid-like lesions.[] A 54-year-old woman, diagnosed as MDS the prior year after evaluation of anemia, visited our hospital with the chief complaint of epigastric discomfort.[] The blood test showed mild anemia and hypoalbuminemia.[]

    Missing: Excessive Masturbation
  • Blue Rubber Bleb Nevus Syndrome

    On examination, the patient had multiple, blue-black, papular and nodular, compressible, non-pulsatile, vascular skin lesions, ranging in size from a few millimetres to 1–[] This disease is often associated with sideropenic anemia and occult bleeding.[] In all patients, we observed nodular, bluish, tender, wrinkled or slightly depressed lesions at the skin and gastrointestinal (GI) tract.[]

    Missing: Excessive Masturbation
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Erythropoiesis-stimulating agents have been used to treat anemia, one of the extra-articular manifestations of RA.[] It can also produce nodular lesions, most common within the skin.[] This anemia is also known as 'anemia of chronic disease' ( Agarwal 2009 ; Cartwright 1966 ; Means 1995 ; Theurl 2009 ; Masson 2011 ).[]

    Missing: Excessive Masturbation
  • Glucagonoma

    Anemia was diagnosed in 1998.[] A 44-year-old woman was diagnosed with type II diabetes in 1998 and 1 year later she developed necrolytic migratory erythema, which is a specific skin lesion of glucagonoma[] This report describes a classic presentation consisting of dermatitis, glossitis, stomatitis, angular cheilitis, anemia, and weight loss that was associated with the finding[]

    Missing: Excessive Masturbation

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