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18 Possible Causes for Anemia, Excessive Masturbation, Psychiatric Symptoms

  • Homocystinuria

    Abstract Purpose Associations of psychiatric and psychological symptoms with homocystinuria (HCU) have been described in multiple reports.[] His anemia improved on oral pyridoxine and folic acid therapy. Homocystinuria should be remembered as a cause of megaloblastic anemia.[] , rather than excessive masturbation.[]

  • Acne Vulgaris

    Kilkenny M, Stathakis V, Hibbert M, Patton G, Caust J, et al. (1997) Acne in Victorian adolescents: Associations with age, gender, puberty and psychiatric symptoms.[] Could My Acne Be Related to Anemia? There is no relationship between anemia and acne. Will I Be Stuck With Acne Forever?[] Until the 20th century, even among dermatologists, the list of causes was believed to include excessive sexual thoughts and masturbation.[]

  • Kleine-Levin Syndrome

    Kleine-Levin syndrome (KLS) is commonly described as a self-limiting disorder exhibiting episodes of hypersomnia and psychiatric symptoms but without any enduring disabilities[] Anemia, hypothyroidism, low iron status, infection (viral or Lyme disease), and general causes of fatigue must have been excluded.[] This hypersexual behaviour includes excessive masturbation, promiscuity, inappropriate sexual advances, and other risqué behavior.[]

  • Chronic Anxiety

    A CGI-I score of 2 corresponded to a 50% or greater reduction in both DHI and psychiatric symptom scores (ie, a clinically meaningful improvement in symptoms but not remission[] Medical causes of a fast resting pulse include an overactive thyroid, anemia, infection and pain, says Dr. Denier.[] […] sweating headaches problems sleeping (insomnia) or drowsiness low sex drive difficulty achieving orgasm during sex or masturbation in men, difficulty obtaining or maintaining[]

  • Organic Personality Disorder

    Hypoxia Anemia, Cardiac / Pulmonary Failure, Carbon Monoxide.[] masturbation Nail-biting Nose-picking Thumb-sucking ( F98.9 ) Unspecified behavioural and emotional disorders with onset usually occurring in childhood and adolescence (F99[] The reasons for this growing interest include an expanding awareness of physical conditions that can produce psychiatric symptoms and the need to use the laboratory to monitor[]

  • Gender Identity Disorder

    (apparently not to be confused with the existing "Benjamin Syndrome," which is a form of anemia).[] […] and fantasy, poor body image, excessive anger and rebelliousness and severe psychopathology in a parent. (4) SRS does not accomplish what it claims to accomplish.[] METHODS: Dysfunctional core beliefs, parenting experiences and psychiatric symptoms were assessed by the Young Schema Questionnaire indexing 19 Early Maladaptive Schemas ([]

  • Erectile Dysfunction

    […] disorders, and prostate disease, may cause or worsen the symptoms of erectile dysfunction unknown – in a few cases, neither physical nor psychological causes are obvious.[] […] diseases (including Peyronie’s disease), spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson ’s disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, hyperlipidemias, sickle cell anemia[] Erectile dysfunction seemed to be the result of trauma-associated hyperarousal and excessive masturbation.[]

  • Narcolepsy

    No cases described a prior history of pancytopenia or aplastic anemia. Eleven cases of aplastic anemia were confirmed by biopsy.[] Later, after a terrifying emotional experience and illicit excesses (abuse of coitus, masturbation, and alcoholic beverages), he suffered hallucination and meningitic delirium[] Psychiatric comorbidity and phenomena resembling psychotic symptoms are also common.[]

  • Decreased Libido

    Possible Causes for Lack of Male Sexual Desire Physical factors that may contribute to low male libido include: Prescription Drugs Obesity Anemia Constipation Low Levels of[] Drink sufficient, but not excessive water.[] This disorder is recognized by the American Psychiatric Association as a sexual dysfunction, although many individuals experience similar symptoms without qualifying for diagnosis[]

  • Psychogenic Impotence

    […] erectile dysfunction Nutritional states associated with erectile dysfunction Malnutrition Zinc deficiency Hematologic diseases associated with erectile dysfunction Sickle cell anemia[] Masturbation and excessive masturbation are not felt to cause ED, however, if one notes weak erections with masturbation, this may be a sign of ED.[] (DSQ-SF) in order to assess personality traits, psychiatric symptoms and defensive styles, respectively.[]

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