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974 Possible Causes for Anemia, Facial Swelling

  • Liver Cirrhosis

    Glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) is a widely used marker of glycemic control but can be affected by hemolytic anemia.[] In cirrhotic patients, lipoprotein impairment is associated with several complications: infections, malnutrition, adrenal function, and spur cell anemia.[] […] and cryo- and non-cryoprecipitable immune complexes, as well as clinical manifestations, comprising dermatitis, polyarthralgias and arthritis, pulmonary disease, aplastic anemia[]

  • Myxedema

    […] secondary to hemorrhage, or macrocytic anemia caused by vitamin B12 deficiency, or normocytic normochromic anemia, which may be secondary to decreased oxygen requirement[] Fifty three-year old woman with metastatic squamous cell carcinoma currently on treatment with nivolumab presented with diffuse facial and tongue swelling, slurred speech,[] Enlargement of tongue causing slurred speech Hearing loss (caused by swelling in the middle ear) Facial pallor (paleness) due to anemia and vasoconstriction Skin is pale and[]

  • Dermatomyositis

    A 57-year-old woman was admitted to our hospital because of a high fever, anemia, and hyperferritinemia.[] As the condition improves, the dose will be lowered to help reduce the side effects of steroids, which include weight gain, increased risk of infection and facial swelling[] No history of (or current) autoimmune hemolytic anemia. No current anticoagulant therapy.[]

  • Islet Cell Tumor

    A patient with a somatostatin (SRIH)-secreting islet cell tumor, whose only symptoms were dyspepsia and anemia, is described.[] Additionally, it leads to unintended weight loss, stomatitis, dermatitis, and anemia. Another severe complication of glucagonomas is thrombosis.[] […] secreted by neurogenic neoplasms 60% 5 year survival Somatostatinoma 2-3% of pancreatic endocrine neoplasms Diabetes mellitus, hypochlorhydria, cholelithiasis, diarrhea, anemia[]

  • Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis

    Based on emerging anemia and bilateral diffuse lung consolidation on computed tomography, we judged that diffuse alveolar hemorrhage (DAH) was complicated by GPA.[] Signs and symptoms of a sinus infection include: Facial swelling Sore throat Bad breath Tooth pain Sensitive teeth Dizziness Pain or pressure around the eyes or cheeks From[] Here, we report a 59-year-old woman, with a medical history of GP, chronic anemia, and rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis, who presented with weakness, fatigue, dysuria[]

  • T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma

    Anemia at diagnosis were an important, independent predictor of OS (P 0.048).[] The latter comprises distension of neck veins and raised jugular venous pressure as well as facial edema.[] Emperipolesis by megakaryocytes in patients with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and megaloblastic anemia. J Submicrosc Cytol1982;14(2):407-413. 3. Takeya M, Takahashi K.[]

  • Erythema Infectiosum

    Bone marrow biopsy, which was performed to evaluate the anemia, was consistent with acute lymphocytic leukemia.[] The serum B19V DNA load during the acute phase of aplastic crisis complicating chronic hemolytic anemia was extremely high, that is 10(10) -10(13) genomes/ml, and decreased[] However, the disease does not lead to a positive outcome in patients who are immunocompromised or already suffering from reticulocytopenia, hemolytic anemia or aplastic anemia[]

  • Diphyllobothrium Latum Infection

    D. latum infection is sometimes associated with megaloblastic anemia due to vitamin B 12 deficiency.[] Clinical findings: (1) vague abdominal discomfort (2) pallor and fatigue (due to anemia) (3) diarrhea (4) headache (5) malaise (6) dizziness (7) neuropsychiatric complications[] Blood examination may reveal a slight leukocytosis with eosinophilia and occasionally a megaloblastic anemia associated with B12 deficiency.[]

  • Sinusitis

    A 66-year-old male visited our hospital with anemia and general weakness.[] Symptoms are similar to a sinus infection — congestion, facial pain and swelling, and discharge — but you may be severely ill with these symptoms.[] Although five cases had severe neutropenia at onset (HSCT recipients, n 2; aplastic anemia, n 3), the remaining four had no preexisting immunosuppressive conditions.[]

  • Congestive Heart Failure

    Anemia management has been demonstrated to be cost-effective.[] Reed, Distinguishing Anemia and Iron Deficiency of Heart Failure: Signal for Severity of Disease or Unmet Therapeutic Need?[] Anemia is an independent risk factor for adverse outcomes in patients with CHF.[]

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