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616 Possible Causes for Anemia, Hepatomegaly, Leg Edema

  • Liver Cirrhosis

    Cardinal symptoms include fasting hypoglycemia, lactic acidosis and hepatomegaly as well as neutropenia.[] Glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) is a widely used marker of glycemic control but can be affected by hemolytic anemia.[] A 65-year-old male with liver cirrhosis of alcoholic etiology was admitted to hospital with bilateral leg edema, ascites, and marked weakness.[]

  • Castleman Disease

    Examination revealed pallor; generalized edema; axillary, cervical, and inguinal lymphadenopathy; hypertension; and hepatomegaly.[] Laboratory findings were consistent with anemia of inflammation. Direct antiglobulin test was positive without any other evidence of autoimmune anemia.[] […] swelling (edema) Skin rashes The symptoms of MCD usually come on gradually.[]

  • ALK+ Histiocytosis

    KEYWORDS: ALK; Rosai–Dorfman disease; hepatomegaly; histiocytosis; infant; kidney; thrombocytopenia[] General pathology Genetic and developmental anomalies ALK histiocytosis See also histiocytoses ALK immunoreactivity Clinical synopsis pallor massive hepatosplenomegaly anemia[] Fever, splenomegaly and hepatomegaly are the most common early findings; b. Lymph node enlargement, skin rash, and neurologic abnormali ties may also occur.[]

  • Hereditary ATTR Amyloidosis

    […] toenails Purple color on the eyelids, around the eyes (periorbital purpura), and/or other areas of skin folds Signs indicating the liver is affected include: Enlarged liver (hepatomegaly[] Microalbuminuria, heavy proteinuria and progressive renal failure that leads to insufficiency is seen in patients with kidney deposits, but also anemia, since EPO production[] Support stockings may be recommended for patients with leg edema (swelling).[]

  • Polycystic Kidney Disease

    Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed hepatomegaly with small cystic lesions that had high signal intensity on T2-weighted images.[] […] back and lower abdomen pain Recurrent infections of the kidneys and urinary tract Development of kidney stones and renal colic attacks Hematuria - blood in the urine Severe anemia[] edema and portal hypertension.[]

  • Protein Losing Enteropathy

    On physical examination at admission, she was found to have jaundice and hepatomegaly. Laboratory data show cholestasis and protein-losing enteropathy.[] Investigations revealed iron deficiency anemia which was treated with intravenous iron sucrose leading to resolution of both the anemia as well as symptoms of protein-losing[] A man in his late seventies was suffering from right-sided pleural effusion and worsening leg edema.[]

  • Chlorambucil

    CR required: Peripheral blood lymphocytes below 4 x 10 9/L, Absence of significant lymphadenopathy, No hepatomegaly, No splenomegaly, Absence of disease, Blood counts above[] The most common adverse reactions ( 10%) reported in the GClb arm were infusion reactions, neutropenia, thrombocytopenia, anemia, pyrexia, cough, and musculoskeletal disorders[] ( edema ) diarrhea rash changes in menstruation itching Possible interactions As with any other drug, chlorambucil is known to interact with a number of medicines, especially[]

  • Human Parvovirus B19

    On physical examination, she had tachycardia, hepatomegaly, and muffled heart sounds.[] Thus, B19 virus infection must be considered one of the causes of aplastic anemia in patients without underlying hemolytic anemia and an apparent episode of the viral infection[] A 39-year-old woman visited our hospital because of low-grade fever, diarrhea, bilateral leg edema, and numbness in the right arm, one and a half months after her daughter[]

  • Prolymphocytic Leukemia

    Both disorders have an aggressive clinical course, lymphocytosis with characteristic morphology, lymphadenopathy, hepatomegaly, characteristic cytogenetic abnormalities and[] The patient was treated with prednisolone followed by 4 weekly doses of rituximab, which led to resolution of the anemia and complete response of the underlying leukemia.[] He had leg edema and papular skin rash around the neck. His chest was clear with reduced air entry over the right lower zone.[]

  • Acetaminophen Overdose

    […] toxicity in: 1. stage II 1. 24-72hrs post-ingestion initial symptoms go away and the pt feels better, then: RUQ pain increased ALT/AST, PT oliguria, anuria (increased BUN, Cr) hepatomegaly[] He developed no evidence of subsequent chemical hepatitis but did develop a significant Coomb's negative hemolytic anemia.[] Patients with advanced cirrhosis can develop fluid accumulation in the legs (edema) and abdomen (ascites), mental confusion or coma, kidney failure, vulnerability to bacterial[]

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