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69 Possible Causes for Anemia, Systemic Autoinflammation

  • Systemic Scleroderma

    Lupus erythematosus, vasculopathy, instead of autoinflammation, appears to be clinically important in systemic scleroderma.[] The following were considered poor prognostic omens: cardiac or renal involvement, significant elevation of the erythrocyte sedimentation rate, and anemia.[] Anemia may be a sign of gastric antral vascular ectasia (watermelon stomach).[]

  • Cryopyrin-Associated Periodic Syndrome

    Hoffman, Autoinflammation: translating mechanism to therapy, Journal of Leukocyte Biology, 90, 1, (37-47), (2011). Keith A. Sikora and Alexei A.[] Other blood tests could be taken and analyzed as well to see if a patient has leukocytosis (an increase in the number of white cells in the blood), anemia (a deficiency of[] Patients with these disorders have severe fatigue, fever, and influenza-like myalgia from infancy, together with chronic anemia and inflammation of the skin, eyes, bones,[]

  • Sweet Syndrome

    It is important to evaluate Sweet syndrome patients who have laboratory evidence of anemia for an underlying malignancy.[] French, Autoinflammation behind the curtain, British Journal of Dermatology, 178, 3, (581-582), (2018). Pedro Secchin, Maria K. Gomes, Danielle C.[] CONCLUSION: When caring for patients with Sweet syndrome, dermatologists should be aware of the potential association of leukopenia, anemia, thrombocytopenia, absence of arthralgia[]

  • CINCA Syndrome

    […] autoinflammatory conditions characterized by chronic systemic inflammation due to an abnormal regulation of the innate immune system.[] Laboratory findings show leucocytosis, anemia, elevation of CRP levels and acceleration of ESR.[] In five toddlers with missense mutations in TRNT1 , indicator hints included expensive fevers, anemia, and neurologic involvement.[]

  • Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Schneider, Systemic Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, Pediatrics in Systemic Autoimmune Diseases, 10.1016/B978-0-444-63596-9.00003-7, (53-84), (2016). Christian M.[] […] accompanied by systemic manifestations such as spiking fever, transient rash on the trunk and limbs, enlargement of the liver and spleen, generalized lymphadenopathy, and anemia[] Anemia (low red blood cell count) is a common problem for these children.[]

  • Vasculitis

    To date, several cases of systemic lupus erythematosus, Aicardi-Goutieres syndrome, familial chilblain lupus, retinal vasculopathy-cerebral leukodystrophy have been reported[] Their results will generally show signs of inflammation in the body, such as increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), elevated C-reactive protein (CRP), anemia, increased[] Blood Anemia (low hematocrit or red blood cell count) and/or a slightly elevated white blood cell count.[]

  • Autosomal Recessive Primary Microcephaly Type 10

    , antibody deficiency, and immune dysregulation syndrome, 614878 PSMB8 Autoinflammation, lipodystrophy, and dermatosis syndrome, 256040 DRD4 Autonomic nervous system dysfunction[] ATP7A Anemia, Dyserythropoietic, Congenital KLF1 Anemia, Hemolytic GPI Ankylosis FGFR2 Anodontia MSX1 Anoxia NOS3 Antley-Bixler Syndrome Phenotype FGFR2 Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm[] […] chorioretinal atrophy- telecanthus syndrome 14 Cases 231736 Microcornea-posterior megalolenticonus-persistent fetal vasculature-coloboma syndrome 8 Cases 83642 Microcytic anemia[]

  • Spondyloepimetaphyseal Dysplasia-Hypotrichosis Syndrome

    […] with infantile enterocolitis (AIFEC) Immunoglobulin G4-related disease Eosinophilic sinusitis Nervous system diseases Neurodegenerative diseases Alzheimer’s disease Lewy[] 1 Diamond-Blackfan anemia 10 Diamond-Blackfan anemia 3 Diamond-Blackfan anemia 5 Diamond-Blackfan anemia 7 Diamond-Blackfan anemia 8 Diamond-Blackfan anemia 9 Diffuse mesangial[] , Complementation Group A Fanconi Anemia, Complementation Group C Fanconi Anemia, Complementation Group D1 Fanconi Anemia, Complementation Group E Fanconi Anemia, Complementation[]

  • Platelet-Type Bleeding Disorder 19

    Congenital malformation hsa04014 Ras signaling pathway H01748 Autoinflammation with infantile enterocolitis Autoinflammation with infantile enterocolitis (AIFEC) is a rare[] Related phenotypes are anemia and spontaneous hematomas UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot : 76 Bleeding disorder, platelet-type 19: A disorder characterized by increased bleeding tendency[] At least 40% of affected individuals also develop one or more autoimmune conditions, including hemolytic anemia, immune thrombocytopenic purpura, immune-mediated neutropenia[]

  • Pyoderma

    The dominant hypothesis is that altered innate immunity leads to systemic autoinflammation ( 5 ).[] Her medical history revealed a persistent anemia since childhood. On physical examination, splenomegaly and pallor of ocular mucosa were detected.[] B-Cell Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. ( 30839345 ) Giovanni B...Massone C 2019 17 Pyoderma gangrenosum: a presenting sign of myelodysplastic syndrome in undiagnosed Fanconi anemia[]

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