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62 Possible Causes for Anemia, Vacuolation of Granular Layer

  • Glucagonoma

    Anemia was diagnosed in 1998.[] A skin biopsy performed on a peritibial lesion showed a spongiotic epidermis with vacuolization of the granular layer and presence of necrotic keratinocytes in the horny layer[] This report describes a classic presentation consisting of dermatitis, glossitis, stomatitis, angular cheilitis, anemia, and weight loss that was associated with the finding[]

  • Hereditary Koilonychia

    Signs and symptoms Main symptoms that may appear in anemia. Anemia goes undetected in many people, and symptoms can be small and vague.[] Cellular breakdown in the spinous and granular cell layers occurs rarely and can lead to blister formation.[] anemia) .[]

  • Methylmalonic Acidemia

    Abstract We studied a six-month-old infant with severe megaloblastic anemia, coma and hyperpigmentation of the extremities.[] Multiple hemorrhagic foci were noted in the cerebellum, predominantly the granular layers. The lymphoid tissue in the spleen and the thymus was hypoplastic.[] Myelinated nerve fibers in the brainstem were spongy or vacuolated, whereas peripheral myelin sheaths of cranial nerves were intact.[]

  • Bullous Erythroderma Ichthyosiformes

    , see Diamond-Blackfan anemia Blackfan-Diamond disease, see Diamond-Blackfan anemia Blackfan-Diamond syndrome, see Diamond-Blackfan anemia bladder cancer Blau syndrome bleeding[] These become mature corps ronds by further vacuolization when in the granular layer.[] […] and hyperkeratosis with ballooning degeneration of the granular and spinous layers of the epidermis [2].[]

  • Lytic Bone Lesion

    […] of Chronic Disease anemia of chronic inflammation Anemia, Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia, Blackfan Diamond Anemia, Congenital Pure Red Cell Anemia, Fanconi Anemia, Folic Acid[] Cellular breakdown in the spinous and granular cell layers occurs rarely and can lead to blister formation.[] Sickle cell anemia is is an inherited form of anemia — a condition in which there aren’t enough healthy red blood cells to carry adequate oxygen throughout your body, which[]

  • Malignant Peritoneal Mesothelioma

    Thrombocytosis, low serum albumin level, and anemia were principal laboratory abnormalities.[] These cells were either spindle shaped or epithelioid with a vacuolated cytoplasm and oval nuclei with granular chromatin and prominent nucleoli.[] Anemia was the most common serious adverse event (6.4%). Neutropenia (34.6%) was the most frequent CTC grade 3 or 4 toxicity reported.[]

  • Placental Cyst

    Second, hemolytic anemia (low blood count) and severe thrombocytopenia (low platelet count), otherwise called Kasabach-Merritt Sequence, may develop.[] Diffusely, the allantoic epithelium is thickened up to 5 cell layers thick (hyperplasia) with scattered intraepithelial vacuoles and there is squamous metaplasia of the chorionic[] Pallor of the maternal surface indicates the presence of fetal anemia, which may be a sign of hemorrhage.[]

  • Coronary Cataract

    Complications of untreated chronic gastritis include: Anemia: Erosive gastritis can cause chronic bleeding which, in turn, can lead to anemia Atrophic gastritis: Chronic inflammation[] Characteristically, these forms of senile opacity are usually restricted to a single layer and are composed of vacuoles and granular material.[] Inflammation in your gut called gastritis, a certain type of long-lasting anemia called pernicious anemia, and growths in your stomach called polyps also can make you more[]

  • Howell-Evans Syndrome

    It can be characterized by varying degrees of anemia, jaundice, an enlarged spleen, or combinations of these conditions.[] Cellular breakdown in the spinous and granular cell layers occurs rarely and can lead to blister formation.[] […] gastrointestinal reflux, hepatomegaly , decreased appetite, poor sucking effort, weight loss , clubbing of toes, abnormality of mouth, abdominal distension, abdominal heaviness, anemia[]

  • Microglandular Adenosis

    Wang, Emergence of a DNA-damage response network consisting of Fanconi anemia and BRCA proteins, Nat. Rev. Genet. 8 (2007) 735-748. [34] J. Fridlyand, A.M. Snijders, B.[] The glands are lined by a single layer of cells with distinctly vacuolated or granular cytoplasm.[] […] of cuboidal / flat cells with vacuolated / granular cytoplasm and bland nuclei No apocrine snouts, no nucleoli, no / variable myoepithelial layer but thick basement membrane[]

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