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1,301 Possible Causes for Anger, Blurred Vision

  • Substance Abuse Problems

    […] nurses, and others--there is a great need for increased awareness of the problems and culturally sensitive research to understand better the interrelations among violence and anger[] vision, stupor or coma, and/or weakness.[] […] followed by a series of modules to teach coping skills for coping with social pressure, being at home and alone, feelings of depression and loneliness, anxiety and tension, anger[]

  • Narcolepsy-Cataplexy Syndrome

    Cataplexy is the term given to sudden muscular weakness triggered by strong emotions such as laughter, anger and surprise.[] Slurred speech and visual symptoms such as blurred vision or diplopia may be experienced. Hearing, awareness and consciousness are intact.[] Cataplexy, defined as sudden and brief (ranging between 5 and 30 seconds) partial or total loss of muscle tone triggered by emotional stimuli (laughter, surprise or anger)[]

  • Acute Amphetamine Intoxication

    , hyperactivity, restlessness, hypervigilance, interpersonal sensitivity, talkativeness, anxiety, tension, alertness, grandiosity, stereotypical and repetitive behavior, anger[] vision Chest pain Hallucinations Unrealistic ideas of personal ability and power Convulsions Malnutrition Skin disorders Amphetamine-caused psychosis Some people who abused[] Emotional states commonly associated with these shifts in consciousness include confusion, anxiety, euphoria, agitation, depression, anger, irritability, and apathy.[]

  • Alcohol Abuse

    Your drinking may damage relationships with loved ones because of anger problems, violence, neglect, and abuse. Women who are pregnant risk having a miscarriage.[] On the evening of the seventh day, after taking 10 doses of varenicline, the patient developed severe anxiety, nausea, vertigo, blurred vision, and dizziness.[] Girls are more likely to say that they drink to escape problems or to cope with frustrations or anger.[]

  • Acute Alcohol Intoxication

    […] and also making drunk”; or “pouring out your anger and [by] rage making drunk.”[] Excitement Senses are dulled Poor coordination Drowsy Beginnings of erratic behavior Slow reaction time Impaired judgment Confusion Exaggerated emotions Difficulty walking Blurred[] Acute visual changes such as photophobia or blurred vision may suggest methanol toxicity.[]

  • Head Injury

    Offer alternative ways to express anger (e.g., a punching bag, a gripe list). Try to understand the source of the anger.[] She developed watery rhinorrhea, progressive headache, fever, nausea, vomiting, and left proptosis with blurred vision, and was admitted to hospital 3 days after injury.[] vision and sensitivity to light slurred speech or saying things that don't make sense problems concentrating, thinking, or making decisions difficulty with coordination or[]

  • Temporal Lobe Tumor

    Moody feelings and risky behavior iStock/SIphotography “Patients suffering from a brain tumor may develop depression, anger or anxiety, even if they don’t commonly exhibit[] […] problems – such as blurred vision, double vision, loss of part of the visual field (hemianopia), and temporary vision loss epileptic fits (seizures) – which may affect the[] A lot happened from surgery to present. but yes bursts of anger does occur ...and hypothyroid....I think there is something else missing (diagnose) as a continous red flush[]

  • Hypertension

    These include recommendations of changes in lifestyle (staying away from anger and sexual intercourse) and dietary program for patients (avoiding the consumption of wine,[] Without treatment, hypertension can lead to bleeding in the eye, blurred vision, damage to the optic nerve, glaucoma, and vision loss.[] […] lifestyle and dietary program for patients (comparable to the two mainstays of hypertension management in modern medicine). [14] For example, he counseled staying away from anger[]

  • Hypoglycemia

    […] reported that Type 2 patients who experience more than two hypoglycaemic events during the study report more mood disturbance (problems with fatigue, tension, depression and anger[] You have blurred vision or vision changes. You feel very tired and weak. You are sweating more than usual for you. You have a fast heartbeat.[] More severe hypoglycemia—for example, blood glucose concentrations less than 45 mg per 100 ml (2.5 mmol/l)—causes blurred vision, impaired thinking and consciousness, confusion[]

  • Hysteria

    This may be the case for some unitary symptoms such as anxiety or anger, but not for complex diagnostic conditions such as Hysteria, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Borderline[] Characteristic manifestations of such seizures include blurred vision, double-vision, feelings of de-personalisation, prosopagnosia (the inability to recognise faces), visual[] […] they were all caught up in the hysteria. fits/attacks of hysteria 2 : a situation in which many people behave or react in an extreme or uncontrolled way because of fear, anger[]

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