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17 Possible Causes for Angioid Streaks of the Retina, Hip Pain, Periostitis

  • Osteitis Deformans

    In addition to bowing of legs and cranial enlargement, signs can include a foreshortened spine and angioid streaks in the retina.[] Therefore, it is not unexpected that hip pain is one of the major presenting complaints.[] (d) Axial plane computed tomography image at the level of L1 showing periosteal and endosteal apposition Click here to view Figure 2: Magnetic resonance imaging images.[]

  • Sickle Cell Disease

    There was no significant statistical difference between groups regarding major complications (hip pain, risk ratio 0.95 (95% confidence interval 0.56 to 1.60; vaso-occlusive[] This study has conducted an investigation of recurrent orbital bone sub-periosteal hematoma in a sickle cell patient that was exposed to high altitude areas.[] The pathophysiology, diagnostic considerations, and management of periosteal hematomas in SCD are reviewed.[]

  • Tumoral Calcinosis

    Patients may also have dental abnormalities, vascular calcifications, cortical hyperostosis and angioid streaks of the retina.[] Steroid administration subsequently led to a decrease in the serum calcium and relief of the hip pain.[] Radiography and magnetic resonance imaging showed a densely calcified lesion with no periosteal reaction or fracture.[]

  • Familial Normophosphatemic Tumoral Calcinosis

    Patients may also have dental abnormalities, vascular calcifications, cortical hyperostosis and angioid streaks of the retina.[] On examination, there were swellings of more than 20 cm over both hips with painful restriction of movements. The rest of the examination was unremarkable.[] Other known associations of TC include pseu- doxanthoma elasticum, dental pulp calcification and diaphysitis of long bones caused by localized bone marrow calcification and periosteal[]

  • Familial Teutschlaender Disease

    Less frequently reported findings include testicular microlithiasis and angioid streaks of the retina.[] pain.[] Resection pathological analysis revealed non-neoplastic inflammatory bone growth with prominent periosteal and bone proliferation, it was free from any granulomatous or malignant[]

  • Hereditary Hyperphosphatasia

    The fundi showed angioid streaks in the retinas of both eyes. In the left eye, white areas surrounded by pigment obliterated the macula, and the optic disc was atrophic.[] Osteomalacia results in painful feet due to poor healing of metatarsal stress fractures.[] periostitis.[]

  • Juvenile Paget Disease

    The symptoms appear in late infancy and consist of growth deficiency, enlarging of head, hearing loss due to nerve compression, angioid streaks of the retina, optic atrophy[] Critical Essential Core Tested Community Questions (4) Sorry, this question is for PEAK Premium Subscribers only (M1.MK.7) A 55-year-old male presents with left hip pain and[] (a) and (b) expanded and bowed femoral diaphysis, thin cortices, periosteal new bone formation, and disorganized trabecular architecture with (c) similar appearances in the[]

  • Calcinosis

    Angioid streaks of the retina. Patients with angioid streaks of the retina should be followed by an ophthalmologist.[] He reported bilateral shoulder and right hip pain for one year, associated with appetite loss, general fatigue, and systemic high fever. He was on oral CaCO 3 1.5 g/day.[] Musculoskeletal ultrasound did not reveal any signs of fluid collection or periosteal swelling.[]

  • Hemoglobin SC Disease

    Occlusions in the choroidal circulation with associated breaks in Bruch’s membrane are known to cause angioid streaks, a phenomenon seen in many retinal diseases including[] This can be very painful. The bones usually affected are the thigh bones at the hip joint and the arm bones at the shoulder joint.[] The roentgenographic features, characterized by periosteal new-bone formation or intramedullary densities, appeared in seven to fourteen days and resolved in two to three[]

  • Autosomal Dominant Larsen Syndrome

    PubMed View Article Google Scholar McPhaul JJ, Engel FL: Heterotopic calcification, hyperphosphatemia and angioid streaks of the retina.[] hip pain and stiffness that had become progressively worse over the last years.[] hip with multiple epiphyseal dysplasia/spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia. ( 21691226 ) Roy D.R. 2011[]

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