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358 Possible Causes for Angular Cheilitis

  • Cutaneous Candidiasis

    Candida can also cause infections of the nails (onychomycosis) and at the corners of the mouth (angular cheilitis).[] There are many different forms of Candidiasis, some of which include - Angular cheilitis, where the fungi infect the skin around the corners of the mouth Candida paronychia[] Angular cheilitis can be caused by candidal infection of the angles of the mouth and results in macerated skin with deep creases and crust formation.[]

  • Iron Deficiency Anemia

    Symptoms of Iron Deficiency Anemia An iron deficiency anemia has the same symptoms than any other anemia: Image : “Angular cheilitis as marked by the oval” by James Heilman[] Furthermore, it is characterized by glossitis, angular cheilitis and koilonychia (spoon-shaped finger nails).[] Nail dystrophy, glossitis (Hunter-Glossitis) and atrophies in the area of the mouth ( angular cheilitis ), throat and the esophagus, are typical symptoms for the Plummer-Vinson[]

  • Oral Candidiasis

    Most commonly caused by the overgrowth of Candida albicans, oral candidiasis can be divided into several categories including acute and chronic forms, and angular cheilitis[] For example, denture stomatitis at the same time as angular cheilitis.[] ANGULAR CHEILITIS.[]

  • Inadequate Diet

    Mouth Problems Cracking or inflammation at the corners of the mouth (a condition called angular cheilitis) can be a warning sign of either riboflavin (B2) deficiency or iron[]

  • Iron Deficiency

    ID can lead to anemia which can present with koilonychia, atrophic glossitis, fissured tongue, angular cheilitis, pica, pallor, decreased intellectual abilities, dyspnea,[] In those cases, treating angular cheilitis on its own—say, with cream or ointment—wouldn’t help.[] But people with iron deficiency may be privy to a specific type of cracking called angular cheilitis , which affects the corners of your mouth.[]

  • Syphilis

    cheilitis), aphthae, and vitamin deficiencies ( 25 , 225 ).[] […] confused with those of other dermatoses such as psoriasis, pityriasis rosea, and also eczema, herpes simplex, lichen planus, leprosy, mycoses, condylomata acuminata, perlèche (angular[]

  • Sjögren Syndrome

    Candida albicans infection accompanies angular cheilitis and exfoliative cheilitis very often observed in Sjögren syndrome patients.[] Oral candidiasis and angular cheilitis. Dry eyes tend to cause a gritty sensation. There is a predisposition to blepharitis and the eyes may be sticky in the morning.[] Clotrimazole or nystatin cream can be used if angular cheilitis is present.[]

  • Stomatitis

    Cracks at the corners of the mouth (angular cheilitis) are often a symptom of yeast infection, not vitamin B deficiency as is often believed.[] Angular stomatitis [ edit ] Inflammation of the corners (angles) of the lips is termed angular stomatitis or angular cheilitis.[] Also, angular cheilitis can be caused by a patient's jaws at rest being 'overclosed' due to edentulousness or tooth wear, causing the jaws to come to rest closer together[]

  • Plummer-Vinson Syndrome

    Plummer-Vinson syndrome (PVS) is the combination of dysphagia, angular cheilitis, atrophic glossitis, and esophageal webbing in the setting of iron deficiency anemia.[] AB - Plummer-Vinson syndrome (PVS) is the combination of dysphagia, angular cheilitis, atrophic glossitis, and esophageal webbing in the setting of iron deficiency anemia.[] Additional features are glossitis, angular cheilitis and koilonychia. Enlargement of the spleen and thyroid may also be observed.[]

  • Cheilitis

    angular cheilitis.[] Table of Contents How Long Does Angular Cheilitis Last Over the Counter Angular Cheilitis Treatment Angular Cheilitis Home Remedy Angular Cheilitis Natural Treatment How Longs[] How I Got Rid of Angular Cheilitis June 27th, 2011 Are you suffering from angular cheilitis?[]

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