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49 Possible Causes for Angular Cheilitis, Headache, Koilonychia

  • Iron Deficiency Anemia

    Omeprazole Side Effects Patients taking omeprazole may experience common side effects such as stomach pain, diarrhea, constipation, gas, nausea, headache, vomiting and fever[] […] causes Hemoglobinuria Hereditary hemorrhagic telengiectasia (Nose bleeds, GI bleeds) Clinical sequelae to iron deficiency anemia Asymptomatic until late Pica Angulostomatitis Koilonychias[] Symptoms of Iron Deficiency Anemia An iron deficiency anemia has the same symptoms than any other anemia: Image : “Angular cheilitis as marked by the oval” by James Heilman[]

  • Syphilis

    A prodromal syndrome was seen in 27 patients (50.9%) and included changes in mental status in 14 patients (26.4%), seizures in 10 cases (18.9%), headache in eight (15.1%)[] cheilitis), aphthae, and vitamin deficiencies ( 25 , 225 ).[] Dr Redlich said that another condition, giant cell arteritis, an autoimmune disease which causes inflammation of the arteries, could account for Hitler's headaches, cardiac[]

  • Plummer-Vinson Syndrome

    Calcarea phosphorica – • Anaemic children who are peevish, and flabby • Heartburn, severe flatulence • Great weakness with headache Ferrum metallicum – • It is best adapted[] Plummer Vinson syndrome is a constellation of postcricoid esophageal webs, iron deficiency anemia, dysphagia and koilonychia.[] Plummer-Vinson syndrome (PVS) is the combination of dysphagia, angular cheilitis, atrophic glossitis, and esophageal webbing in the setting of iron deficiency anemia.[]

  • Iron Deficiency

    Abstract We report a case in an adolescent male patient with a history of chronic fatigue, headache and unexplained iron deficiency anaemia since 2007.[] A thorough physical examination to identify features of ID and ID anemia like pallor, koilonychia, glossitis and even high output cardiac failure should be performed.[] Headaches Headache , especially with activity, can be a sign of iron deficiency.[]

  • Chronic Alcoholism

    In the event of discontinuation of alcohol drinking, the patient exhibits anxiety, anger, sweating, nausea, headaches, limb tremor, in the most severe cases, hallucinations[] Koilonychia : the opposite of nail clubbing. Instead of bulging out, the nail plate is flat or sunken in (concave or spoon-shaped).[] The symptoms of acute alcoholism are headache , tiredness, hangover, anxiety, and other physical signs.[]

  • Microcytic Anemia

    She denied weakness or clumsiness in upper extremities, headaches, vertigo, lightheadedness, or loss of consciousness.[] […] varices Stomach Achlorhydria,Gastritis Koilonychia Dr.[] cheilitis Dysphagia Pica – eating non food items including dirt, paper, hair etc.[]

  • Cheilitis

    There can also be fever, headaches, and paralysis of the facial muscles. Cheilitis glandularis only affects the lower lip.[] Chronic iron deficiency may also cause koilonychia (spoon shaped deformity of the fingernails) and glossitis (inflammation of the tongue).[] Sometimes, the swelling is accompanied by headache, mild fever and other non specific symptoms.[]

  • Pellagra

    […] may be difficult to eat and drink, leading to further malnutrition Neurological Initially symptoms of apathy and slight depression may go unnoticed Other symptoms include headache[] This condition is termed koilonychia.[] ., and Nico Mousdicas, M.D. 10 Citing Articles Three months after undergoing Roux-en-Y bariatric surgery, a 32-year-old woman presented with glossitis, angular cheilitis,[]

  • Angular Cheilitis

    […] electric like shocks/pains shooting down arms, body, legs shooting down from neck movement clumsiness easy bruising MCV 93 first warning (93.1) RDW CV 11.7 (low) MCH 31.4 headaches[] Chronic iron deficiency may also cause koilonychia (spoon shaped deformity of the fingernails) and glossitis (inflammation of the tongue).[] C Migraine headache prevention Several studies suggest benefits of high-dose riboflavin in preventing migraine headaches.[]

  • Hereditary Koilonychia

    Some patients have cerebral involvement resulting in headache, seizures or epilepsy, intracranial haemorrhage and stroke.[] Other associated features such as psoriasiform lesions on the knees and elbows, perioral erythema, angular cheilitis, arched palate and rarely malignant melanoma within the[] We describe a family with keratosis pilaris and hereditary koilonychia, with an autosomal dominant pattern of inheritance.[]

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