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59 Possible Causes for Angular Cheilitis, Hypothyroidism, Koilonychia

  • Iron Deficiency Anemia

    Iron deficiency can often times be confused with low thyroid or hypothyroidism. Iron loss can contribute to a multitude of health problems – not just fatigue.[] […] causes Hemoglobinuria Hereditary hemorrhagic telengiectasia (Nose bleeds, GI bleeds) Clinical sequelae to iron deficiency anemia Asymptomatic until late Pica Angulostomatitis Koilonychias[] Symptoms of Iron Deficiency Anemia An iron deficiency anemia has the same symptoms than any other anemia: Image : “Angular cheilitis as marked by the oval” by James Heilman[]

  • Systemic Disease

    He had a history of macroglossia with 3 years of development, attributed to hypothyroidism. On physical examination, he presented an exuberant macroglossia.[] Other frequent systemic causes of koilonychia include coronary disease and hypothyroidism. 5 In addition, koilonychia is sometimes a normal variant in infants; it usually[] In addition, some patients may present with angular cheilitis (a lip infection caused by Candida albicans or Staphylococcus aureus ), which appears as erythema, fissuring,[]

  • Iron Deficiency

    Hypothyroidism if often missed—six in 10 people with a thyroid disease don't know they have it, according to the American Thyroid Association—so if you notice low energy levels[] A thorough physical examination to identify features of ID and ID anemia like pallor, koilonychia, glossitis and even high output cardiac failure should be performed.[] In those cases, treating angular cheilitis on its own—say, with cream or ointment—wouldn’t help.[]

  • Microcytic Anemia

    As contrast, he had low end normal ACTH, FSH, total T3, free T3, and estriol; high end normal prolactin (11.71 ng/mL), distinctly implicating hypopituitarism-induced hypothyroidism[] Koilonychia- "spoon nails" [koi-loh-nik-ee-uh] What does Plummer-Vinson Syndrome look like in severe iron deficiency anemia?[] cheilitis Dysphagia Pica – eating non food items including dirt, paper, hair etc.[]

  • Anemia of Chronic Disease

    The anemia can be secondary to chronic inflammation or infection, neoplasia, liver disease, hyper- or hypoadrenocorticism, or hypothyroidism.[] Rare symptoms & signs: -Glossitis or angular cheilitis -Dysphagia due to esophageal web (Plummer-Vinson syndrome) -Koilonychia; "Spoon" fingernails -Pica -soreness of mouth[] Differential diagnosis would include aplastic anemia, myeloid metaplasia, liver cirrhosis, hyperthyroidism, hypoadrenalism, hypothyroidism and, primary and secondary hyperparathyroidism[]

  • Vitamin Deficiency

    Thyroid disease resulting from low levels of iodine — which can lead to hypothyroidism — can cause fatigue, weight gain and brittle nails as well as puffy eyes.[] Iron deficiency has several dermatologic manifestations including pallor, hair loss, brittle nails, nails with a central groove and koilonychia (spoon shaped nails). 18 Additional[] […] or Angular cheilitis as it is seen in the angles of the mouth Glossitis : In simple terms, it is the inflammation of the tongue where the filiform papillae become atrophic[]

  • Malnutrition

    Goitre Hypothyroidism Growth restriction Iodine supplementation Fortified salt Seafood Vitamin A Eyes Immune system Diets poor in vegetables and animal products.[] Koilonychia (spoon-shaped nails ) may develop due to iron deficiency . Pale skin Due to iron deficiency.[] She also had angular cheilitis, glossitis, conjunctivitis and diffuse alopecia.[]

  • Fried's Tooth and Nail Syndrome

    Cracking and splitting can also be caused by a fungal infection or thyroid disease, particularly hypothyroidism .[] Swelling due to lymphatic system blockage (lymphedema) Jaundice related to reduced liver function Fungal infection Diabetes Spoon Nails Spoon-shaped nails (called koilonychia[] Less common features of PC include: Sores at the corner of the mouth (angular cheilitis). Teeth at or before birth (natal or pre-natal teeth).[]

  • Hereditary Koilonychia

    Some of the many things that may cause the disorder to occur are hypothyroidism, fungal or bacterial infections, Raynaud’s disease, severe sunburns and psoriasis.[] […] of Hereditary koilonychia signs or Hereditary koilonychia symptoms.[] Other associated features such as psoriasiform lesions on the knees and elbows, perioral erythema, angular cheilitis, arched palate and rarely malignant melanoma within the[]

  • Microcytosis

    Liver Disease Hypothyroidism Hyperlipidemia Alcohol Abuse Myelodysplastic syndromes aplastic anemia Fanconi anemia In normal metabolism what is B12 used for?[] Possible signs of iron depletion (although more usually seen in IDA) are: Angular cheilitis or angular stomatitis. Atrophic glossitis.[] […] painless glossitis angular stomatitis spooning/curling of nails (koilonychia) Dysphagia-Plummer-Vinson Syndrome Pica-eats stuff like laptops displaying quizlet webpage What[]

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