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2,274 Possible Causes for anion

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  • Adrenal Insufficiency

    Diagnosis of hypoaldosteronism Diagnosis of adrenal hypoandrogenism Additional laboratory findings Hyponatremia Hyperkalemia and a normal anion gap metabolic acidosis Mild[] In adults, hypoaldosteronism is usually associated with a mild metabolic acidosis with a normal anion gap (i.e., a hyperchloremic acidosis).[]

  • Hypermagnesemia

    Abstract The serum anion gap (AG) is usually calculated by the equation: AG Na - (Cl HCO3), reflecting the difference between the total level of unmeasured anions (all anions[] Abstract Although hypermagnesemia purportedly lowers the anion gap (AG), we have shown previously that increases in the serum concentration of the unmeasured cation (UC) Mg[] A low anion gap (range-2 to 9) was present in 5. Most striking was the fact that despite clinical sequelae, the hypermagnesemia was unsuspected in 6 of the 8 cases.[]

  • May-Thurner Syndrome

    […] disorder in which patients have thrombotic manifestations and/or recurrent spontaneous pregnancy loss associated with laboratory evidence of autoantibodies that recognize anionic[]

  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

    We find that kosmotropic anions greatly accelerate whereas chaotropic anions impede its aggregation.[] Towards this, we have here examined effects of anions, acetylation and homodimerization on the in vitro aggregation of a C-terminal fragment (amino acid: 193-414) of TDP-43[]

  • Malnutrition

    Keto-acidosis is usually associated with uncontrolled diabetes and typically poses few diagnostic problems when presenting as hyperglycaemia, metabolic acidosis and a high anion[] The anion profile obtained on the chromatogram showed elevated levels of acetoacetate and hydroxybutyrate but no evidence of lactic acidosis, nor was the profile typical of[]

  • Cadmium Poisoning

    The present study suggests thus that cadmium can increase the urinary excretion of anionic macromolecules such as albumin by reducing the glomerular polyanion charge.[]

  • Exchange Transfusion

    Despite large amounts of sodium bicarbonate and potassium, severe hypokalemia, anion gap metabolic acidosis and aciduria persisted for 10 h.[]

  • Vacor

    49-year-old woman ate N-3-pyridylmethyl-N'-p'nitrophenylurea (PNU; Vacor) and was admitted to the hospital 12 hours later with a blood glucose level of 940 mg/dl and an anion-gap[]

  • Diphtheria Toxoid

    METHODS: DT-containing cationic liposomes or anionic surfactant-based vesicles were prepared by extrusion and sonication.[] RESULTS: Stable DT-containing cationic liposomes ( 150 nm) and anionic vesicles ( 100 nm) were obtained. Incorporation of Span 80 increased liposome elasticity.[]

  • Cholinergic Urticaria

    METHODS: The sweat antigen that induces histamine release from basophils of patients with AD was prepared by Con-A, anion-exchange and reverse-phase chromatography.[]

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