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26 Possible Causes for Anisocoria, Complete Blood Count Abnormal, Exotropia

  • Varicella

    […] cataracts, chorioretinitis, optic atrophy Other neurological disorder: damage to cervical and lumbosacral spinal cord, motor/sensory deficits, absent deep tendon reflexes, anisocoria[]

  • Malaria

    T HIS IS AN INFORMATION RESOURCE for scientists working in malaria research. It contains a wide variety of information ranging from sequences to conference news. The information is freely available to any interested parties. Photo Tour Malaria parasites have been with us since the dawn of time. They probably[…][]

  • Vitreous Abscess

    Scleritis and episcleritis ( 379.2 ) Disorders of vitreous body ( 379.24 ) Other vitreous opacities Vitreous floaters ( 379.4 ) Anomalies of pupillary function ( 379.41 ) Anisocoria[] Confrontation visual fields: Full OU Motility (Figure 1): Exotropia and right hypertropia in primary gaze OD: Full OS: Severely-limited adduction, supraduction, and infraduction[] […] blindness Strabismus and other disorders of binocular eye movements [ edit ] ( 378 ) Strabismus and other disorders of binocular eye movements ( 378.0 ) Esotropia ( 378.1 ) Exotropia[]

  • Palmar Abscess

    血管平滑筋腫】 *angiomyxoma【血管粘液腫】 *angioneuropathy【血管神経症】(vasoneurosis) *angiopathy【血管障害】 *angiorrhexis【血管破裂】 *angiosarcoma【血管肉腫 管肉腫】 *angiotitis【血管性耳炎】 *anhydromyelia【無髄液(症)】 *anisocoria[] 本態性血小板血症】(略 ET) *exfoliative dermatitis【剥離性皮膚炎】 *exogenous toxicosis【外因性中毒(症)】 *exophthalmia/*exophthalmos/*exophthalmus【眼球突出(症)】(proptosis) *exophoria【外斜位】 *exostosis【外骨症】 *exotropia[]

  • Ayerza Syndrome

    Arch Ophthalmol. 2000;118:951-954 Clinically the anisocoria reversal, even when slight, was easily detected with the naked eye.[] ) 378.10 convergent (see also Esotropia) 378.00 divergent (see also Exotropia) 378.10 due to adhesions, scars - see Strabismus, mechanical in neuromuscular disorder NEC 378.73[] Instillation of apraclonidine into affected eyes produced mydriasis of 1.0 to 4.5 mm; baseline anisocoria reversed in all patients.[]

  • Ophthalmoplegia

    Ophthalmoplegia reversed much earlier and more significantly when compared to anisocoria.[] Routine blood examination including complete blood count, renal function test and electrolytes were normal. Chest x-ray and electrocardiogram were also normal.[] By contrast, control EOM from a patient undergoing strabismus surgery for a sensory exotropia in a nonseeing eye and a similar duration of deviation, showed normal muscle[]

  • Septic Bursitis

    […] impairment (殿) 【殿痛】*pygalgia 【殿部脂肪過多(症)】【殿部脂肪蓄積】*steatopygia (洞) 【洞炎】*sinusitis 【副鼻腔感染】*sinus infection ( 洞感染) (導) 【導管乳頭腫】*ductal papilloma (瞳) 【瞳孔異常】*dyscoria 【瞳孔左右不同症】【瞳孔不同症】*anisocoria[] […] alveolitis (略 EAA) 【外因性湿疹】*exogenous eczema 【外因性真菌症】*exogenous mycosis 【外因性中毒症】*exogenous toxicosis 【外眼筋麻痺】*external ophthalmoplegia 【外骨症】*exostosis 【外斜位】*exophoria 〈斜視の一種〉 【外斜視】*exotropia[]

  • Acute Pandysautonomia

    A 33-year-old white man developed premature presbyopia and anisocoria as initial manifestations of acute pandysautonomia.[] At laboratory studies, serum nicotinic AChR antibodies was negative, C-reactive protein was mildly elevated to 0.99 mg/dL but other laboratory studies including complete blood[] Ophthalmoplegia and Dissociated Nystagmus in Abetalipoproteinemia May 1976 · Archives of Ophthalmology • A characteristic pattern of acquired exotropia, progressive paresis[]

  • Tolosa-Hunt Syndrome

    Anisocoria, Physiologic (Anisocoria) Anisometropia Anisometropic Amblyopia (Amblyopia) Anophthalmia (Anophthalmos) Anophthalmos Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy (Optic[] Thyroid function test, fasting blood sugar, kidney function test and complete blood count were normal.[] We report a case of an 8-year-old girl who was admitted because of an ophthalmoplegia with exotropia and ptosis of the left eyelid, accompanied by diplopia and left sovraorbital[]

  • Rib Fracture

    When head trauma is considered, as it can be mistaken with anisocoria, this knowledge may help the surgeon in differential diagnosis.[] Physical examination revealed no bruising, swelling, abnormal marks or other signs of trauma. His complete blood count and basic metabolic profile were normal.[] 16 - Alive 9 15 Bougnères, 2008 [19] 2/- -/-/44 - No Yes Yes Yes No No Ganglio- neuroma No 149 34 12.4 - Alive 10 16 Paz-Priel, 2011 [20] 5/F -/-/17 25 - Yes Yes No Left exotropia[]

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