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433 Possible Causes for Anisocoria, Headache

  • Subdural Hematoma

    The period from losing consciousness to brain herniation presenting as anisocoria was very short-only 30 minutes in our patient.[] […] with headache (P 0.01).[] There are often signs of brainstem compression: miosis, mydriasis, nystagmus, anisocoria, flaccid or hypertonic limbs, and eye deviation.[]

  • Stroke

    Decreased levels of consciousness, hypertension, bradycardia and anisocoria may indicate a pathological rise of intracranial pressure due to cerebral edema.[] Slurred speech or dysarthria Double vision or other vision problems Headache Nausea and or vomiting This content was last reviewed on 08/16/2018.[] We report on two patients who presented with headache and mild hypertension after 4-FA use.[]

  • Cluster Headache

    Cluster headache is often confused with conditions of migraines, tension headache, sinus or the usual headache.[] Cluster headache (CH) is associated with the most severe pain of the primary headache disorders.[] Objectives The cluster headache is the most excruciatingly painful primary headache.[]

  • Ophthalmoplegic Migraine

    Figure 2 : Montage of the pupils show mild anisocoria in bright light , room light, and darkness, indicating a trace right efferent pupil defect.[] Recurrent painful ophthalmoplegic neuropathy (RPON), formerly named ophthalmoplegic migraine (OM), is a rare condition characterized by the association of unilateral headaches[] Showing 1-10 of 15 references Anisocoria cotidiana: epidemiología de la anisocoria en un centro de nivel secundario J González Martín-Moro , B Pilo de la Fuente , A Clement[]

  • Basilar-Type Migraine

    […] several days) Dysarthria, ataxia, slurred speech — FHM 79/M Unconsciousness Ataxia — FHM [9] 14/M Coma (3 days) Dysarthria, right-sided hemiparesis, ataxia Vomiting, fever, anisocoria[] […] thunderclap headaches; hypnic headaches; and new daily persistent headaches.[] headaches, secondary headaches, and neuralgias.[]

  • Carotid Artery Dissection

    After initial assessment and operative management, an anisocoria was diagnosed on the intensive care unit.[] A 56-year-old man presented for evaluation of right-sided headache and pain behind his right eye.[] A 47-year-old male presented with intermittent episodes of headache, blurry vision, anisocoria, and loss of taste sensation following a whiplash injury while body surfing.[]

  • Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis

    To describe a case of ophthalmic artery occlusion associated with anisocoria and revealing a cavernous sinus thrombosis due to sinusitis.[] We report a case of cavernous sinus thrombosis in a 55-year-old Chinese man who presented with headache, ophthalmoplegia and ptosis.[] The patient developed headache, rapidly progressive ophthalmoplegia, and signs of orbital congestion.[]

  • Arteriovenous Malformation

    Signs and symptoms of brainstem AVMs are not specific and may include diplopia, nystagmus, dizziness, ocular motor nerve palsy, gaze palsy, anisocoria, or pupillary light–near[] A sudden onset of severe headache is usually a sign of brain hemorrhage and immediate assessment is needed. For headaches, without hemorrhage, analgesics are used.[] This video demonstrates stereotactic-guided resection of a ruptured diffuse left temporal arteriovenous malformation (AVM) in an adolescent male who presented with headache[]

  • Epidural Hematoma

    Increased intracranial pressure leads to a decline in mental status and anisocoria , in which the ipsilateral pupil is dilated.[] Sub-acute/chronic epidural hematoma (EDH) may present with nagging symptoms of headache, nausea, vomiting, lethargy, etc.[] In certain cases of intracranial hypertension it might lead to Cushing triad involving respiratory depression, systemic hypertension and bradycardia. [5] Anisocoria: Unequal[]

  • Crouzon Syndrome

    There also have been rare occurances of nystagmus, iris coloboma, aniridia, anisocoria, microcornea, megalocornea, cataract, ectopia lentis, blue sclera, glaucoma and luxation[] The authors present a patient with CS who underwent posterior cranial vault reconstruction with internal distraction after multiple episodes of headache and papilledema.[] There rarely may occur nystagmus, coloboma of the iris, anisocoria, microcornea or megalocornea, cataract, blue sclerae, glaucoma and globe luxation (6).[]

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