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153 Possible Causes for Anisocytosis, Large Platelets

  • Bernard-Soulier Syndrome

    We report here the case of a BSS patient who presented with persistent thrombocytopenia (31x109/L) and decreased surface expression of GPIb-IX-V on large platelets with anisocytosis[] In fact, some authors recommend manual counting of these large platelets, as they are often mistaken as lymphocytes by automatic counters.[] Bernard-Soulier syndrome is an autosomal recessive coagulopathy characterized by thrombocytopenia, prolonged bleeding time and large platelets.[]

  • Gray Platelet Syndrome

    There is variation in platelet size (anisocytosis), even though grey platelet syndrome (GPS) is classified under large platelet syndromes.[] Gray platelet syndrome (GPS) is a predominantly recessive platelet disorder that is characterized by mild thrombocytopenia with large platelets and a paucity of α-granules[] Gray platelet syndrome (GPS) is an autosomal recessive bleeding disorder that is characterized by large platelets that lack α-granules.[]

  • Autosomal Dominant Macrothrombocytopenia

    Platelet anisocytosis, increased percentage of large platelets and absence of leukocyte inclusions were observed in 26/30 (87%) of the examined blood smears.[] Inspection of blood smears revealed anisocytosis with a small number of giant platelets and electron micrograph images were reminiscent of those from platelets of a patient[] In several cases, May-Grünwald-Giemsa–stained blood smears revealed platelet anisocytosis, with a subset of platelets being abnormally large; however, blood films were not[]

  • Acute Megakaryocytic Leukemia

    The peripheral blood in APMF usually shows pancytopenia with absent or only rare circulating blasts and lacks the anisocytosis and poikilocytosis of CIMF.[] The presence of the micromegakaryocyte and dysplastic large platelet in a dog with circulating blasts and pancytopenia is compatible with a diagnosis of acute megakaryoblastic[] Circulating micromegakaryocytes, megakaryoblastic fragments, dysplastic large platelets, and hypogranular neutrophils.[]

  • Microcytosis

    About Anisocytosis 452 discussions Anisocytosis is a medical term meaning that a patient's red blood cells are of unequal size.[] MCV 100 Hypersegmented Neutrophils Platelets Large and decreased in # reticulocyte count low Serum folate low ** Elevated homocysteine but NOT elevated methylmalonic acid[] Abstract Red cell volume distribution curves have been used to measure microcytosis and anisocytosis in normal subjects, blood donors and patients with iron deficiency anaemia[]

  • Myelophthisis

    Characteristic changes in peripheral blood include anisocytosis, poikilocytosis, and excessive numbers of RBC and WBC precursors.[] In our case, the peripheral smear did not exhibit giant platelet as in classic ITP, but a few large platelets.[] In addition, anisocytosis, poikilocytosis, and polychromasia can be seen. Courtesy of U.[]

  • Bleeding Disorder Platelet Type 15

    Laboratory studies show decreased numbers of large platelets and anisocytosis, but the platelets show no in vitro functional abnormalities.[] […] data available for Polymorphic Variants from UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot for ACTN1 Gene - elite association - COSMIC cancer census association via MalaCards Bleeding disorder, platelet-type[] The initially adherent platelets release substances into the blood, notably thromboxane and ADP, and this results in the formation of a large platelets aggregate that serves[]

  • Heinz Body Anemia

    Red Cell Distribution Width (RDW) is a measurement of anisocytosis.[] Anisocytosis: unequal red cells sizes as indicated by increased red cell distribution width (RDW) Hemolysis leads to increased cell fragments.[] This abnormal slide shows the following: Thrombocytopenia Large platelet Giant platelet Pelger-Huet cell with agranulation and vacuoles Anisocytosis with schistocytes, bite[]

  • Sea-blue histiocytosis

    Peripheral blood smear showed red blood cells with anisocytosis, microcytes, and teardrop-shaped cells.[] […] associated with large-, normal-, or small-sized platelets.[] Macrothrombocytopenias are characterized by low platelet counts with consistently large platelets and represent a heterogenous group of disorders.[]

  • Microangiopathic Hemolytic Anemia

    Small schistocytes cause low MCV and high RBC distribution width (the latter reflecting the anisocytosis).[] […] thrombosis. • Endothelial cells elaborate multimers of vWF that remain abnormally large platelet aggregation. 11.[] […] vWF multimers Ultra large multimers have greater ability to react with platelets, causing disseminated platelet microthrombi Pathogenesis unclear in some cases Hemolytic[]

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