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94 Possible Causes for Anisopoikilocytosis, Poikilocytosis

  • Thalassemia

    A blood smear with target cells and poikilocytosis provides additional certainty.[] Blood analysis shows reduced Hb levels ( 7 g/dl), mean corpuscular volume (MCV) 50 70 fl, and mean corpuscular Hb (MCH) 12 20 pg, anisopoikilocytosis and presence of erythroblasts[] Peripheral smear shows target cells, teardrop RBCs, polychromasia, moderate anisopoikilocytosis, and basophilic stippling.[]

  • Primary Myelofibrosis

    Primary melofibrosis (Agnogenic myeloid metaplasia-AMM) is a chronic myeloproliferative disease characterized by splenomegaly, a leukoerythroblastic blood picture, teardrop poikilocytosis[] Images hosted on PathOut server: Peripheral blood: Moderate anisopoikilocytosis with dacrocytes and elliptocytes Postsplenectomy patient has marked increase in normoblasts[] First two patients have massive splenomegaly, leukoerythroblastic blood picture with tear drop poikilocytosis but no cytopenias.[]

  • Myelodysplasia

    Blood film characteristically shows dimorphic red cells, Pappenheimer bodies, basophilic stippling, dysplasia evidenced as erythrocytes with anisocytosis (varying sizes) and poikilocytosis[] Red cell morphology in the peripheral blood may be normal or macrocytic with anisopoikilocytosis.[]

  • Congenital Dyserythropoietic Anemia Type 1

    The peripheral blood smear examination revealed varying degrees of anisocytosis, poikilocytosis, hypochromia and tear drop cells.[] Anisopoikilocytosis with tear-drop forms, polychromasia, basophilic stippling in peripheral blood smear, erythroid hyperplasia with megaloblastoid changes, binucleated cells[] Peripheral blood smear examination showed prominent anisopoikilocytosis, basophilic stippling, and the presence of erythroblasts.[]

  • Hereditary Elliptocytosis

    In these three patients the blood smear showed pronounced elliptocytosis, poikilocytosis and a few small red cell fragments instead of the mild elliptocytosis observed in[] Hereditary pyropoikilocytosis (HPP) is a severe, congenital hemolytic anemia occurring almost exclusively in black persons and characterized by extreme red blood cell anisopoikilocytosis[] The red blood cells showed marked poikilocytosis and fragmentation.[]

  • Megaloblastic Anemia

    […] also atrophic glossitis, atrophic gastritis, neurologic disorders Histology Peripheral blood: normochromic macrocytic anemia, often pancytopenia, significant anisocytosis, poikilocytosis[] [ macrocytosis is the earliest sign in Vit B12 deficiency and can be detected even before the onset of anaemia ] - In severe anaemia in addition to macrocytosis, marked anisopoikilocytosis[] The smear shows macro-ovalocytosis, anisocytosis, and poikilocytosis. The RBC distribution width (RDW) is high.[]

  • Traumatic Hemolytic Anemia

    Blood film: moderate poikilocytosis, schistocytosis, and polychromasia may be present (see Table 20–1 ).[] The blood smear revealed marked anisopoikilocytosis, intense polychromasia, and abundant schistocytes (Figure 1, arrows).[] RDW is increased due to anisocytosis and poikilocytosis. Unlike other normochromic and normocytic anemias.[]

  • Congenital Hemolytic Anemia

    Aniso- and poikilocytosis were marked on a stained smear, and there were many small hyperchromatic cells of irregular shape.[] Hereditary pyropoikilocytosis is an inherited red cell membrane disorder with characteristic morphology: striking anisopoikilocytosis with red cell fragmentation and microspherocytes[] […] hypersplenism) Consideration to make for splenectomy All lobes should be removed RBC morphology in Congenital Hemolytic Anemia Hypochromic Microcytic Anisocytosis (size) Poikilocytosis[]

  • Extramedullary Hematopoiesis

    Peripheral blood smear revealed anisocytosis, poikilocytosis, along with target cells and contracted red blood cells.[] […] granulocyte and megakaryocytic series along with fibrillary and adipose elements Click here to view Further confirmation done by the peripheral blood film, which showed mild anisopoikilocytosis[]

  • Myeloid Metaplasia

    […] myeloid metaplasia, or agnogenic myeloid metaplasia (AMM) is a chronic myeloproliferative disorder characterized by fibrosis of the bone marrow accompanied by aniso- and poikilocytosis[] Images hosted on PathOut server: Peripheral blood: Moderate anisopoikilocytosis with dacrocytes and elliptocytes Postsplenectomy patient has marked increase in normoblasts[] The consequent myelophthisic peripheral blood findings include marked anisocytosis, poikilocytosis, teardrop-shaped red cells (dacryocytes), and left-shifted granulocytopoiesis[]

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